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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. what do you guys think about some of the muslim athletes not fasting? Is it even a reasonable excuse to not fast according to the Ja'fari madhab? I heard that the Egyptian team has gotten permission from some of their scholars not to fast and to make it up later and/or pay to feed a poor person a day for each day missed? Say for example someone was a miner working in such a physical job, in an underground, hot environment, where they may well get very ill if they fasted, would they be able to not fast if this is their only means of livelyhood? What if they had other options for work(whether it was easy or difficult to get another job or not) Does this then apply to olympic athletes? who could then make up the fasts at a later date? This is their job after all? Would this apply to all sports, or just ones where their is more physical elements such as long distance running, or wrestling? what about sports such as swimming and diving which inevitably involve imersing the head fully in water and therefore breaking the fast? As for my favourite sports to watch during the olympics, I like gymnastics and tae kwan do-It is so inspiring to see the female martial artists with hijab taking part in such a strong and difficult martial art! I also like to see the muhajjabahs who do archery, not so keen on the muhajjabahs who do running in really tight outifts that are not really hijab and show too much of the woman's body shape, don't see why they can't sacrifice a little bit of possible wind resistance and just wear looser clothing... no point in representing muslim females if you don't do it properly... Salams and duas inshallah Oh and as for teams I support, team GB, team Iran and team Iraq
  2. Salam, there is Cricklewood mosque, they have english lectures and programmes in English as well as iftar daily and a great youth committee-they are calle the cyc-Cricklewood youth club. Also, there is the Islamic centre of England on Egdware road in the made vale area. Here are some addresses for mosques in different areas of London- Al-Asr Education & Community Centre Address: 22 Portugal Road, Woking, GU21 5JE Webiste: www.imam-alasr.com Telephone: +44 (0)20 8572 8960 Al-Zahra Centre Watford 81 Fearnley Street, Watford, WD18 0RB Website: www.alzahracentre.org E-mail: info@alzahracentre.org Telephone: +44 (0)1923 231257 Fax: +44 (0)1923 231257 Dar Al-Islam Foundation 61 Anson Road, Cricklewood, London, NW2 3UY Telephone: 0208 452 3220 Fax: 0208 208 4354 Hussaini Islamic Centre – Stanmore Wood Lane, Stanmore, Greater London, HA7 4LQ Website: www.hujjat.org Telephone: 020 8954 6247 Fax:020 8954 8028 E-mailhujjat@hujjat.org This one definitly usually has english lectures etc Hussaini Islamic Mission 19 Thornbury Road, Isleworth, London, TW7 4LQ Website: www.hussainiislamicmission.org.uk E-mail: info@hussainiislamicmission.org Hussainiat Al-Rasool Al-Adham 120 Cricklewood Lane, London, NW2 2DP Website: www.karbalainlondon.co.uk Telephone: 020 8452 3822 E-mail: hussainiah@yahoo.co.uk Hyderi Islamic Centre 26 Estreham Road, London, SW16 5PQ Website: www.hyderi.org.uk Telephone: 020 8769 7553 E-mail: hyderi@hyderi.org.uk This one also definitly has english lectures etc Imam Khoei Islamic Centre London Clevening Road, London, NW6 6TN Website: www.alkhoei.org Telephone: +44 20 7372 4049 Fax: +44 20 7372 0694 E-mail: info@alkhoei.org Islamic Centre of England 140 Maida Vale, London, United Kingdom, W9 1QB Website: www.ic-el.com Telephone: +44 (0)207 604 5500 Fax: +44 (0)207 604 4898 E-mail: icel@ic-el.com Markaz AhlulBayt 11-13 Edgeley Road, Clapham, London, SW4 6EH Email: www.markaz.org.uk E-mail: moulana@markaz.org.uk Hope I have helped! Any more information you need just ask! Welcome to Islam and may Allah(swt) bless you, and multiply your blessings this month of Ramadhan and may you carry forward all the gains that you make throughout the coming years inshallah!! Nice to see another revert named Maryam! Salams and duas inshallah!
  3. Salam, not sure about Sayed Khui(ha), but according to Sayed Sistani(ha) swallowing thick dust will break the fast, and according to most marjas smoking cigarettes will break the fast. So in line with this, I would assume that being close to a bbq and inhaling a lot of smoke and dust may break the fast, get a proper fatwa from the al-khui(ra) on this specific matter, in the mean time maybe cover the nose and mouth when having to be near to a bbq... better to be safe then sorry when it comes to fasting! Salams and duas inshallah and I hope that you find the proper answer to your query
  4. Salam, thanks for that info, have heard of these sir names, and I am from the UK lol! I did used to think that it would be great to live in Dearborn... not so sure now... I assume the Iraqi community has a hard time with these people? Dearborn is such a unique situation, I don't think I have heard of an immigrant situation quite like this any where in the world... Although you do get issues with older immigrant communities being racist towards newer ones though, that is quite common here in the UK. Plus you do have a situation in the Iraqi community where certain families from Najaf feel like they own the Iraqi community and have more rights... but Dearborn sounds 10 times worse... I hope Allah(swt) doesn't class what you are saying as gheeba, but seeing as these people we are discussing are being open about what they are doing, even going on TV, then they obviously don't care who knows... I agree that Nina Bazzi is not half as bad a as the hypocrites that you describe, at least she is being honest and if people are being nasty to her, then that is disgusting regardless... how is that meant to help... I really hope that Allah(swt) guides all these lost souls back to himself and following Islam, and that he guides us all in our efforts to be better people and muslims inshallah. Salams and du3as inshallah.
  5. Salam, I agree that us women can be jealous lol, but this is just rediculous... there is nothing to be jealous of, these revert sisters have a lot more things going for them then I do... and I don't really get this problem from non reverts-maybe because they are more comfortable in their identity... I don't think all women 'hate' each other, but in some instances you have a point! Salam Abu hadi! Thanks for your perspective! nice to know the goings on of Dearborn, wonder if you have seen the 'revert' from the show 'All American Muslims' lol how is he doing? lol. I had a feeling that this was mainly a women's issue, nice to know that the brothers don't have this problem alhamdulillah. Also nice to know that you don't go around investigating the sisters, ofcourse I get why that would be the case. I really hope that my experiences with female reverts changes, funny how it's mainly revert brothers, and born and raised muslim brothers posting on this thread... Salams and duas inshallah
  6. Salam, I think this is mainly a female problem, most male reverts that I have seen, seem to be very humble and not have this problem alhamdulillah. Thanks for your reply and your perspective, maybe us sisters can learn something from the brothers. Not sure I can or should meet up with sisters from online, unless by accident at a majlis or something lol. Salams and duas Salam, thanks for your reply! Even though your a baby revert, you still have a lot to offer, a nice fresh perspective! I am so pleased to hear that you know so many people who have become muslim! Not sure I want to go and speak to the resident Aalim of the mosque about it, these sisters all attend different masjids in different parts of the UK, and in different communities, it's not like anyone is ganging up on me lol, they don't really want to be in a gang lol, that's the point! I think I will just have to try and be even more nice and friendly inshallah and see how that goes lol. By the way, even after 10 years or more you still feel like a revert lol! you never lose the title lol! Oh and these reverts either know I am a revert because I look like one(though most born muslims who don't know me think I am arab or something lol) or they know that I am through mutual friends lol. Salams and duas, and may Allah(swt) continually guide you on thie glorious path that you have undertaken inshallah! Salam, I don't really experience these things from non-reverts, that is why it is weird... if it was coldness from a variety of people then I would understand, not everyone is going to like you.... so I don't know... salams and duas, and hope people don't keep being cold towards you inshallah!
  7. Salam, a hole called the UK lol, we haven't really had as bad of a problem with wahabis as Australia has it seems... so I was shocked to hear that this violence is happening, not because I think wahabis aren't known for their violence, but because they aren't known for violence against shias in the UK(at least not to my knowlege). Sorry that I am not that aware of these things in Australia, the worst we really have in the UK is university Islamic societies being taken over by wahabis, and then telling everyone how to pray etc... unless you count the terrorism that is usually committed by wahabis against general society(not really focusing on shias) such as 7/7, in colusion with the British and American government, and mossad... Yeh there is a load of hate mongering online, but I have never heard of it escilating into violence in the UK, America, or any other western country, until reading this thread about Australia. Sorry for not being so clued up about wahabis, and Australia
  8. Just because someone doesn't support the 'free' syrian army, doesn't mean they support Bashar al assad either. The situation in syria is not as simple as Bahrain, Egypt, Yemen or Libya, there is much more too it. As shi3a, we shouldn't automatically support someone because they seem to be right, or seem to be or support shi3as, we need to keep an open mind and understand before we support anyone, even the A'imma(as) expected this and they were ma'soom and chosen by AllahÓÈÍÇäå æÊÚÇáì.
  9. Salam, I love du3a Makarim al akhlaq, I find it to be one of the most effective du3as arround! It has so many beautiful lines, and the one you picked is so amazing and has so many lessons,if you connect it to the hadith where Imam Ali(as) says something like (paraphrasing) 'when poverty enters the door of a house, faith leaves out of the window' not sure if exact words-so if anyone knows please correct me! But you can understand what he(as) would mean by this, if you read the line of the du3a that you posted! Du3a makarim al akhlaq has so many lessons and it really suits it's name! anyone who wants to learn good akhlaq and how to be a good muslim, this du3a is almost sufficient to do that! salams and du3as inshallah
  10. Salam, Aw thanks for your reply! and Happy birthday in advance lol! Can't wait to hear your thoughts tommorow! salams and duas inshallah
  11. Those jeans seem modest for women, but the trousers for men look like elf trousers... so unless you live in a culture where men often wear stuff like that then I wouldn't suggest a man to wear them... lol
  12. What's with Pakistanis disrespecting Iraqi food! ofcourse they have a cuisine! Pakistani food is way too spicy to have every day, large amounts of chilli every day can actually erode the stomach lining and cause stomach ulcers and in some cases cancer of the stomach, intestine or colon. So having a rest and actually tasting what's in the food, with beautiful subtle herbs and spices that enhance the flavour of the food rather then hide it, is really what Iraqi cuisine is all about! I hate the way Pakistanis try and insist that their food is the best and is the only one with flavour, you don't have to blow your head off with chillis to have tastey food! I love a bit of daal etc as much as the next person, but come on! Even some Pakistanis refuse to eat anything other then Pakistani food... and if they do eat other food, then they have to put chilli powder or sauce in it... what the hell... Instead of insulting Iraqi food in this thread, go and make your own thread on pakistani food!
  13. I have noticed this issue for a while now, and just wanted to get some peoples experiences and thoughts on this issue. It might just be me, but I have noticed that reverts don't tend to befriend one another, I mean they do on shiachat, but not at mosques, Islamic centres, community gatherings etc. I have noticed from some fellow reverts that they don't seem to want to talk to me, it's not like I am going to be annoying and start only talking about us being reverts. I have a couple of speculations, but I don't want to be negative and make assumptions or generalisations. What I have noticed about some reverts, especially young reverts of a similar age to me, they SEEM to want to be the only 'special' and 'unique' person amoungst their friends and that as a fellow revert I would steal the 'limelight'. I know for a fact alhamdulillah that I am not trying in any way shape or form wanting or trying to do this, and I am not the type of person to want to be centre of attention, I have noticed here on shia chat that most reverts just want to blend in and be treated like any other muslims, that is exactly how I feel and alhamdulillah I have managed to do so in many instances. Another theory I have is regards to some reverts who have become muslims because of marriage, I am not talking about those women who genuinly found Islam due to their husbands influence, whether before or after marriage; just those who display behaviour and attitudes that shows their lack of real love for Allah(swt) and the truth of Islam. The funny thing is, that those who are married to a muslim man and haven't reverted have no problem with me, just those who have reverted to Islam. Other reverts are neither trying to be in the limelight or muslim for marriage, but they just look at me in this horrible and seemingly judgmental way.. one was even a well know revert who does a lot of work as a muslim scholar and speaker... It can't be because I don't dress and act like a muslim who really wants to be muslim, though at the same time I don't dress like an Alima... but I have been muslim for over 10 years, and so I don't exactly talk like an inexperienced newbie that doesn't know or care what I am doing or saying... These reverts don't exactly make comments or say anything outright, they just keep giving me dirty looks, and I don't know why... I try and be nice and friendly, but not too in your face... but they just don't like me. I reall want to make good connections with other reverts, not just online, but in real life... due to shared experiences and identity... not that I am going to get on with every revert I meet, but just at least one, who isn't middle aged and has a number of children, someone like me... Oh and if any of you have any theories or know of any reasons why this might be happening, please let me know. If I am doing something wrong then I would rather know so that I can make it right, and if I am doing nothing wrong, then I would rather know so that I can carry on as I am.
  14. Salamu alaykum, When people always stare at you... both muslims and non muslims.. When you pronounce Arabic words and letters better then some Arabs and born and raised muslims When your muslim name is similar to your old non muslim name, just Islamfied... When people keep on calling you by your old non muslim name... When shop keepers etc talk to you really slowly like you don't know English... then the shock and awe when they realise that you speak it better then they do. When muslims forget that you are a white person, and that you didn't convert your race, just your religion, so they start making racist jokes and comments and forget you are there, and will be offended... When people constantly stare at you with a puzzled look, clearly tryng to work out your ethnic background...Just Ask for god's sake! When you eat a lot of middle eastern and south asian food... When you mix arabic and english together, and sometimes forget the english equivalent for words... When people patronise you with basic knowlege of Islam, that alhamdulillah you already know... When people say'you should learn urdu!' :dry: When after years of being muslim, a friend asks you whether you know all the names of the A'imma and where they are buried... in front of a whole bunch of other family and friends, to embarrass you :angry: When people assume that as a female revert, you have to act and dress like a mujtahid's wife to be properly religious... so annoying! When you worry about whether your family will respect your right to a muslim/shia funeral or indeed a muslim/shia nikkah ceremony and wedding.. When you have to negotiate your family either being considered najis, or the fact they have a najis dog, or they insist on alcohol at every meal and occasion, haram and najis food drink and how it contaminates plates and cutlery... When parents and family refuse to eat halal meat, because it's cruel to animals... When choosing a name for your children, you worry about whether at least one of their grandparents will take the micky, or pronounce it terribly! There are many more, but this is just a few... lol... of my suggestions! :D Salams and duas!
  15. Salam, wow, wow, wow... never knew that Australia was so badly affected by sectarian hatred... I ofcourse knew wahabis hate us shias, and that they commit acts of violence against us in muslim majority countires... but never heard of such hatred escilating into violence in a non muslim majority country such as Australia... Tell me, is Sheokh Jihad still resident Alim at one of the main Islamic centres in Sydney? I heard that at the centre where he is Alim has a mixed jama'ah of both sunnis and shias, has he had anything to say about this wahabi campaign of hate?
  16. Salam, just to correct you on something, samarra is actually in Iraq, not Iran. Also, there is the shrine of Imam Ridha(as) in mashad, just as you mentioned, but there is also the shrine of his sister Masumah(as) in the holy city of Qum in Iran, as well as many other graves of special relatives and friends of the Ahlul bayt(as)-these are also located in various middle eastern countries other then Iran as well, particularly Iraq. From what I can gather, no ma'soomeen is better then another, and so visiting any one of them is a great honour and reward if one can do so. I have read and heard of many merits of visiting them all, and so it would be hard to destinguish which is better, it is like asking who out of Ibrahim(as) or Musa(as) was greater then one another in the eyes of AllahÓÈÍÇäå æÊÚÇáì. I would suggest that if financing a visit is a big issue for you, then choose the one that is most affordable and accessable for you, I am going to Iraq fist because I have gained the oppertunity to do so first, and because I have family there, so it is the easiest one for me to do first inshallah. Whoever you decide to visit, I would suggest that you make a firm decision to do so, and make all the necessary preperations in order to do it. Whether that be spiritual preperations such as improving performance of wajibat acts, avoiding haram better, reciting more Qur'an, du'a, ziyarah and mustahabat acts, learning more about Islamic history and the ahlul bayt(as) and their friends as well as their enemies etc. Also, practical preperations, how will you travel to the place of ziyarah, will you go with a group guided by a sheikh?, will you go with family and friends? who with and where will you stay whilst there? Do you have any responsibilties in your family and community to take care of before travelling? etc. All these things and more need to be well thought out and planned, and in any case, if a ma'soom invites you to visit them, then nothing will stop you from going, so long as you have the blessings of Allah(swt) and his beloved representatives on the earth, the ahlul bayt(as) inshallah. I hope and pray that you manage to go for ziyarah inshallah, eventually to all of the ziyarahs of the beautful pious ones inshallah. salams and duas.
  17. Salam, thanks for this, does it contain all the ziyarahs for Iraq? including those to be performed at wadi as-salam? and all the burial sights of the Imams and there relatives and helpers?, but I need a hard copy, so do you know of somewhere I could get one online? I can't really print off a whole book and take it to Iraq so an actual copy of the book would be much more useable inshallah. Salam, Which particular book on this website do you suggest, that has all the ziyarahs for Iraq, with the English translation, english transliteration, and the original Arabic script? Thanks Salam, thanks for advice, but as I said in my original post, I don't want to print anything off as that wouldn't be very practical, that's why I want a book with everything in it. Also, I can't read Arabic that well, and I want to have the transliteration(Arabic written in english letters) as well as the translation in English(the meaning) and the original Arabic script, all parallel to each other in any book I would use. Do the books in the harams that you mention have all this included? because I have never heard of that, and that would be brilliant! I don't want to assume that they have this facility, and then arrive to do ziyarah without anything that I can read and understand in order to do that, sot me know, so if you could let me know, then that would be great. Thanks Salam, thanks for the links, does the book from Amazon(supplications,prayers, and ziyarats;call on me, I answer you) have all the ziyarahs for Iraq in it? Is it a complete translation to english meaning, transliteration to english alphabet, as well as the original Arabic text of Mafatih al jinan? or is it selections from it? the description on the websites doesn't really say, so any info you have on it would be great thanks.
  18. Hopefully we can get unesco to recognise some of the important religious sites in Saudi arabia befoe aale saud destroy them all! Does anyone know how we can get in touch with unesco about it? Especially as we have more evidence for the religious significance of places such as jannatul-baqi, then christians do for the place that they believe Jesus(as) to have been born in.
  19. Salam, I love 'oh he whose pleasure i quickly achieved, forgive him who owns nothing but supplication, for thou doest what thou wilt' I also like 'waf albi ma anta ahlu, wa la taf albi ma ana ahlu' 'Allahumma salli alaa Muhammad wa aali Muhammad wa ajjil farrajjahum' (obvious one but still beautiful)
  20. Salamu alaykum to everyone, I am inshallah going for ziyarah in Iraq later this year, does anyone know of a good comprehensive ziyarah, a'amaals, ettiquette of ziyarah book, I would need it to have the english translation, the arabic in the english alphabet(transliteration), and the arabic in the original script. Usually I use a smaller shortened version of mafatih al jinan and a couple of other books, or I go online to duas.org or al-Islam.org, but clearly this wouldn't be possible whilst actually going to ziyarah in Iraq. Even if it's a big heavy book then I don't mind carrying it around with me. I have been doing some research and brushing up my knowlege of the different religious sites in Iraq, and what the ettiquettes of entering the harams and which ziyarahs to do, but especially because I wont be going with an English speaking expert or sheikh, or a mawkib, and because I don't want to rely on others to recite for me, I would like to have all the relevent information to hand, without having to print a whole load of things from online and carry them around loose with me. So a complete book with everything in(especially important stuff) would be much better. So if anyone can suggest a book and where to get it, that would be much appreciated. Also, does anyone know where I can get a list of all the religious sites in Iraq, the harams of the a'imma, the burial places of the friends and family of the Imams, the burial places of prophets, the important masajid, and any other places of shia Islamic significance?
  21. Salam sister, welcome to Islam and may Allah(swt) guide you further and bring you nearer and nearer to his proximity inshallah. I became muslim around 10 years ago and haven't looked back since, I am now married to a lovely Muslim spouse and I just love the spiritual journey and growth that you go through with Islam. Like others have said, take things at a moderate pace, as much as you are comfortable with. Check out al-Islam.org as it has lot of information and books about various issues regarding Islam, also check out duas.org as this also has a lot of info. If you could elaborate and state what you have already learned on this thread, then maybe shiachat members could help you further and give you some more detailed information that elaborates on what you already know, as opposed to u patronising you with basics that you already have a grasp of inshallah. Salams and all the best, any help you need please ask, we are here for you on shiachat.com x
  22. wow really sad... another khoja that either doesn't want to be khoja, or doesn't want to look khoja... It's like a lot of the khoja girls I know who are trying desperately to look like an Arab or an Iranian... nothing wrong with appreciating other people and their cultures, but I dunno... I guess I am a hypocrite lol, cus I take it as a huge compliment when people think that I am Lebanese lol... but that is mainly because that means avoiding all the questions about, 'so how did you become Muslim?' lol
  23. It is narrated from Imam Al-Baqir(as) 'It is makruh that a man engages in sexual intercourse with his wife if, as well as them, there is someone else in the house' This hadith would be one good reason not to have a joint family, the privacy is severly hindered so how are a husband and wife supposed to fulfill their desires on a regular basis living in a joint family home, that most likely has thin walls and is not going to be a huge house with proper private sections for each married couple, as well as rooms for all the children. Also, there is usually an issue with hijab, it is quite a burden if there are cousins, or brothers in law, or uncles in law etc around all the time, unless there are private quaters for each couple and A LOT of trust between non mahrams. The practicality is just not feasable, unless you are talking about living with just parents, but even then there is still the issue of privacy for intimacy etc.
  24. Do you do taqlid of any scholars? If you do then check out their website and it should have all the rules about what's what when it comes to sexual relations during menstruation, other times of irregular bleeding, bleeding after child birth, and other kinds of discharge, and how to recognise the types of bleeding and discharge. There is also other info on what ibadah is permissable during times of bleeding or vaginal discharge. You would be surprised at some of the hadith regarding marital relations and how graphic the prophet(sawas) and the a'imma(as) were, this book has some in it, http://www.al-islam.org/heavenlypath/ this book talks about sexual ettiquette between husband and wife in Islam. It also includes advice on matters around starting a family, you may or may not want to read these chapters on becoming or being a parent, though they are quite beautiful even if you are not currently trying to concieve. All the best with your study in to this topic area, and may Allah(swt) bless you for being concerned about his laws and advice on matters pertaining to intimate relations, and female matters. salams and duas inshallah
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