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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. # Policies or actions by the ShiaChat team should not be discussed and made into a public debate, unless specified by a Moderator/Admin. If anyone is unhappy with the actions taken against them by the ShiaChat team feel free to contact the moderators and reasons will be given to them. Discussions of ShiaChat's internal affairs in a public manner causes more confusion and therefore will not be allowed unless initiated by the ShiaChat team.
  2. Sallam, Is it permissible at all for a wig to replace the hijab? Any hadiths to support this?
  3. Are there any videos that teach how to pray?
  4. Do the Imams(AS) control the universe in any way?
  5. I didn't accuse you of anything lol. I just took you as an example. But do the Imams(as) control the universe? Even as of now?
  6. THATS MY ENTIRE POINT!! BTW, what EXACTLY is a Ghulat?
  7. whose laughing or joking? We are simply discussing this view that some Shias hold.
  8. Why do you guys take every hadith so literal and think its up there with the Quran? What if I found a Quran verse to counter your hadith? You guys quote hadiths more than the actual Qur'an....
  9. I Choose Sistani as my marjae. Always respected him, great website with questions and answers. case closed. @)
  10. The Imams(as) are NOT the hands of Allah. Not literally nor metaphorically. Then what is Muhammad(SAW) then? The heart of Allah? Then what about the thousands of prophets? Do they also make up body parts? Then do we say Allah is part of us and we of Him? Don't wahabis think this way?
  11. so because of free will, Allah didnt create lightning?
  12. I said theres a verse in their that clearly says we are made of clay by Allah, but some tend to think that Science, through the rules of Allah, create us.
  13. Certain members of this forums argue that Allah doesn't create such as thunder, babies, or even feces for that matter. That Allah created the laws of science, and thus science creates these things. I believe that God created everything, whether sperm, urine, feces, animals, air, wind, thunder, disease, etc. Whats your opinion?
  14. Sallam, do Shia believe that Ali(as) and Ahlukbayt(as) control the universe and are part of Allah? What is this view called? How should we oppose this view or react to it? Here a member of this community posted this and I wonder how many people actually think this way:
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