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  1. that's a really good question and some things come to mind: 1) I have heard you should say bismillah before entering your wife 2) say salawat on three occasions, the slaughter, sneezing and intercourse 3) continuously saying certain names of Allah (aj) like al Musawiru for handsome and pious child anyways I have no references so I am looking forward to your research
  2. Shukran Any idea what type of wine vinegar they used to use back then? red wine vinegar or white wine vinegar? any idea on amount to be consumed daily/weekly/monthly?
  3. Assalam: Red wine vinegar, white wine vinegar, cider vinegar etc? Any specific types of vinegar mentioned in hadith? What are the benefits? Shukran
  4. Salutations on Muhammed (pbuh) AND HIS FAMILY!!!!! (wa ahlibayti) Please correct the translation. Shukran.
  5. Assalam: Anyone ever taken either if these supplements? Tongkat Ali: for men Kapic Fatimah: for women What did you experience?
  6. (bismillah) (salam) Do we have history that states Yazid (la) wanted Imam Hussain (as) to be killed??? Or was this ibn Ziyad (la) own doing?
  7. (bismillah) (salam) http://www.islamicinformationcentre.co.uk/karbala2.htm#4 ZUHAIR BIN QAIS WENT TO YAZID They were still on their way to Yazid when Zuhair went ahead to meet Yazid. Yazid asked him how he was. He replied, "I have come to you with some good news, Allah Most High has given us victory. Imam Husain and 18 of his close relatives and 60 of his friends and followers came towards Kufa. When we heard this we went to them as we thought they would create trouble; and we told them that either they swear allegiance to Yazid or we would have to go to war with them. They preferred to fight with us rather than compromise, so we had to get ready for war. When the sun came out we surrounded them from all sides. We attacked them with our swords, arrows and spears. They tried to save their lives by running here and there, in the trees, mountains and behind rocks; like pigeons would run if they saw a vulture. I swear by Allah Most High that their running and hiding did not make any difference and did not help them at all. Our sharp swords killed them and their bodies are lying there in the field with no clothes, or shade as we speak. If they have any shade it is the sun's rays and if they have any clothes it is the soil, and the strong winds of the desert are throwing their bodies around. The only people who are looking on them and feeling sorry for them are the wild animals." When Yazid heard this, his eyes filled with tears and he said, "I would have been pleased with you even had you not killed Imam Husain. May Allah's Most High wrath be upon Ibn Zaid who has done this to him. I swear by Allah Most High that if I were you I would have forgiven Imam Husain, may Allah Most High send his blessings on him." After saying this he became very quiet, and instead of giving him a gift, as it was customary to give the bearer of good news, he turned him away(1). I cannot tolerate this BS... Can anyone find such a reference in sunni history and whether the source is any good? Also, where can we find all of Yazid'a (la) statements and actions from both Shia and sunni sources??? Allahumal'an Yazid!!!!!
  8. here it is: http://www.shiachat.com/forum/index.php?/topic/235018473-arabic-words-with-signage-for-marriage-contract/
  9. (bismillah) (salam) For those who are born muslims and are married to converts...specifically white converts...what challenges did you face and what advice do you have? Are you still married today? What would you do differently? Shukran
  10. old on hold on....sistani.org says 'fil muddatil..' you have written ' lil muddatil...' fill muddatil: in the agreed time lil muddatil: to the agreed time So im assuming tt it shouldnt make a difference really but is this really an issue?
  11. (bismillah) (salam) I want to ensure that I am pronouncing this correctly so if someone can provide the araic text with the signs (Fattah, dhamma, kasra ...etc) that would be great (tried to search on google and couldn't find it). Zawwajtuka nafsi fil muddatil ma'lumati 'alal mahril ma'lum Qabiltu Shukran
  12. Assalam: Is the woman allowed to eat her own Placenta in Islam? http://www.calgaryherald.com/life/family/Healthy+disgusting+moms+Calgary+advocate+consuming+their/9107702/story.html Shortly after the birth of her daughter, Charissa Destiny Calverley had her midwife pack up the placenta into a bio-hazard bag provided by the hospital, and put the package on ice. Calverley then called Susan Stewart of Pure Birth Services and asked her to come and get the afterbirth. Stewart took the organ to her Calgary home where she steamed it, dehydrated it, ground it up and then encapsulated it so her client would be able to swallow placenta pills daily over the first the several months of new motherhood. Placental encapsulation, also called placentophagy (“placenta eating”), is growing in popularity as some moms look to their placentas — the organ that transfers oxygen and nutrients from mom to her growing fetus during pregnancy — to help them survive and even thrive during the exhausting weeks and months that follow childbirth. Proponents of the practice say eating the afterbirth helps with everything from enhancing mom’s milk supply to balancing her hormone levels and staving off postpartum depression, while critics argue there’s no scientific research to back up the claims of what could be an unsanitary — and therefore potentially unsafe — fad. Even though it sounded gross, as soon as Calverley heard about placental encapsulation she was intrigued and wanted to try it. “Everyone I knew had done it and I wanted to get the benefits from it,” says the 23-year-old Calgary mom. “There’s been a history of postpartum depression in my family so the biggest thing for me was trying to avoid that.” Calverley says taking three or more placenta pills a day during the first weeks after giving birth improved her energy levels, increased her milk production and kept her from feeling overwhelmed by the demands of a newborn. She never felt sad or weepy and took to calling the little capsules her “happy pills.” Her husband, who was skeptical of the practice at first, eventually came around. “He thought it was a crazy hippie thing to do, and he thought it was really disgusting. But once he noticed the difference when I took the pills, he was on board,” says Calverley. Calverley is far from the only mom pulling up a chair to this unconventional table. Earlier this year, the journal Ecology, Food and Nutrition published results from a survey conducted by anthropologists at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV) that asked 189 women who had eaten their placentas after giving birth why they did it and whether they would do it again. The majority (76 per cent) reported very positive experiences and said they would engage in placentophagy again after future births. Researchers noted, however, that further studies are required to determine whether the reported benefits extend beyond placebo effects. Susan Stewart would love to see more research conducted to back up her company’s claims, but the lack of science hasn’t affected business. Moms, like those surveyed, talk among themselves, and Stewart credits word of mouth with helping grow Pure Birth Services, which she founded in 2009 after experiencing postpartum depression when her eldest child, born in 2008, was six months old. Over the past four years Stewart has encapsulated the placentas of over 500 women in the Calgary area and she now fields calls for the service daily. She has even opened branches of her business in other cities in North America including Lethbridge, Moncton, N.B. and Fort St. John, B.C. in Canada, and Kennewick, Wash., Charleston, S.C. and Orlando, Fla. in the United States. “When I first started doing it, people were grossed out,” she says. “Now, I do it for lawyers and doctors — highly educated people.” Jaime Sanderson is one such mom. Trained as an accountant, the 36-year-old mother of three was leery of placentophagy at first. “You look at a list of all the things that (the pills) are supposed to help with and it sounds like baloney,” says Sanderson, who owns Babes in Arms, a local baby store with a focus on natural products. But after experiencing severe postpartum depression with her second-born Sanderson decided to try placental encapsulation after the birth of her third child, figuring it couldn’t hurt. And, what if it helped? “I asked a lot of questions,” she says. “Was it going to be safe?” The biggest concern for her was whether the individual cooking up her placenta had taken any blood safety training to learn how to handle blood products properly and thus prevent bacterial contamination. After doing her due diligence, Sanderson was comfortable with her decision, and thrilled with the results. She says she had more energy and focus after taking the placenta pills; they even helped her sleep better. More importantly, Sanderson says the capsules kept her from going in a “downward spiral” toward depression. “If doctors understood how beneficial placental encapsulation was, they would send women home from the hospital with their baby and some pills,” she says. Brian Hauck, an obs obstetrian/gynaecologist Foothills Hospital, will not be discharging new moms with placenta pills any time soon, if ever. “There is no science to support that there are any benefits to placental encapsulation,” says Hauck. “It’s a huge placebo effect. Placebo research has proven the placebo effect can be very powerful — if a woman really wants to believe in this, it will have an effect.” He says the claim that a woman’s afterbirth is a reservoir for hormones that help rebalance her in the weeks after giving birth — thus keeping the baby blues or postpartum depression at bay — is bogus. Hormones pass through the placenta but are not stored there, he says. “At best it’s a source of protein,” says Hauck. He lumps placentophagy in with other “faddish” trends like water births (giving birth in a bathtub) or lotus births (where the mom keeps the umbilical cord and placenta attached to the baby until they fall off naturally) — practices that do not take place in nature. Though many mammals eat their placentas after giving birth, as well as lick their young clean, he says this is a survival mechanism to eliminate the strong scent of afterbirth that could attract predators. Hauck also worries that placental encapsulation, which is not government regulated, could make someone sick if the placenta isn’t handled or prepared properly. The organ is delivered through the vagina, which is known to harbour harmful bacteria. “There are issues in regards to bacterial contamination and cleanliness,” he says. But, provided the placenta is safely prepared and delivered, there’s probably no harm in eating it. That’s just what Charissa Destiny Calverley plans to do when baby No. 2 arrives in February. To say she’s looking forward to another round of placenta pills is an understatement. When she found out she was pregnant again the young mom phoned her own mother to share the news — but only after she’d placed a call to her “happy pills” provider first. Lisa Kadane is a Calgary-based features writer. Follow her on Twitter or read about more of her parenting adventures at www.drink-play-love.com. © Copyright © The Calgary Herald
  13. Assalam: Please check to see if you are in the zone of the lunar eclipse. For TORONTO: Salaamun Alaykum, There is going to be a penumbral lunar eclipse in our region on Friday 18th October 2013; it will start at 7:50 pm and be visible till 9:48 pm. Salatul Ayat becomes wajib at that time for anyone who comes to know about the partial eclipse.
  14. No, due to a certain event, I realized that Shia's are terrible in supporting the converts and we should do a better job at this. Also if there are any female converts then I have a sister in faith that would help out in that respect...I am not looking to take advantage of anyone. Also very curious if there are any Shia lurking in Calgary and depressed thinking there are no other shia here.
  15. (bismillah) (salam) Any converts in Calgary? (wasalam)
  16. No need for her to work...because she was smart enough to marry a chemical engineer east African khoja! Oh what a lucky girl...she will be! Chemical engineers are smart and rich, oil and gas for the win!!!
  17. (Wasalam) You are not in janabat. Wash your leg...three times to purify the spot but if you have kurr water (water from the tap from your tub or the shower head etc) then wash it thoroughly once and it is sufficient.
  18. http://www.aljazeera.com/indepth/opinion/2013/09/201391564446453467.html Iran's 'invisible army' in Latin America Washington is concerned about Iran's supposedly growing influence in Latin America. When contemplating the logistics of a possible war with Iran, it is helpful to consult maps indicating the multitude of US military bases that already encircle a country under crippling economic sanctions. No similar visual aids are available for Iranian bases in the vicinity of the US, for obvious reasons. However, there are various ways to compensate for the lack of an apparent Iranian threat in the western hemisphere. One is to blame it on "invisibleness". For example, a recent headline on TheBlaze tabloid news site proclaimed: "Iran aggressively recruiting 'invisible army’ of Latin American converts to infiltrate US through 'soft belly’ of the southern border." TheBlaze - founded by political commentator Glenn Beck, who has somehow calculated that ten percent of Muslims are terrorists - attributes news of the "invisible army" to "US officials and national security experts". Of course, such alerts have been making the rounds for years courtesy of neoconservatives, Zionists, and other creatures concerned that the Islamic Republic is exporting radical Shia teachings to Latin America, and that the alleged proliferation of Farsi tattoos among imprisoned gang members in the southwestern US confirms the susceptibility of the US-Mexico border to penetration by Iran. According to TheBlaze, the "invisible army" is being forged via "one website in particular": islamoriente.com. As the site is currently inaccessible, it appears that the ruthless conversion campaign has been temporarily stymied, though the islamoriente Twitter account [sp] continues to spew dangerous rhetoric such as "Oposición de la mayoría de estadounidenses a la intervención militar en Siria' ["Majority of Americans opposed to military intervention in Syria]. TheBlaze article quotes a "US official" as reasoning: "Now what [iran] desire is a proxy terrorist group that can easily slip past US border security. Who’s going to suspect an illegal immigrant from Venezuela, Mexico, or anywhere else for that matter, of being a jihadist?" As if immigrants didn't already have enough to deal with before being thrown into the potential-jihadist bracket. Latin Americans 'crazy-obsessed' about Islam Unnamed "US officials and experts" also star in an August Washington Post report titled: "With lure of religion classes, Iran seeks to recruit Latin Americans." The article focuses on the trajectory of a former Mexican law student by the name of Carlos, who in 2010 travelled to Iran on a scholarship from the Iranian government for intensive Spanish-language instruction in Islam and Iranian culture. Nisman's determination to hold Iran accountable at all costs has been repeatedly challenged by... Gareth Porter, who in a 2008 report for The Nation questioned Iranian motives for bombing Argentina when the two countries were engaged in negotiations to revive suspended nuclear technology contracts. {C}{C}As the story goes, the seeds of the arrangement were sown when Carlos attended a reception at the Iranian embassy during his first year at the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM), "Mustering his courage, he introduced himself to Mohammad Ghadiri, the Iranian ambassador, and blurted out that he was interested in learning about Islam." And off he went to the Oriental Thought Cultural Institute in Qom, where he watched as some of his Latin American classmates reportedly became "crazy-obsessed" with Islam. According to Carlos, he himself was accused by the institute's staff of being a spy and was relieved of his cameras and tape recorders in March 2011, after which he returned to Mexico and is now in the US seeking asylum. In the second half of the Post article, we learn that "Carlos said he did not observe overt [iranian] attempts to recruit students for anything other than learning". The author also concedes that the US State Department "spends millions of dollars annually on officially sponsored US travel for foreign students as well as budding journalists, politicians and civic leaders". None of this has prevented the article from being cited in TheBlaze as further proof of Iran's efforts to infiltrate the "soft belly" of the US. Another item from 2011 - coincidentally also involving a former UNAM law student who had his recording devices and other gadgets confiscated after completing a course of study in Iran - underscores the permeability of Iran's own belly. This particular student, named Jose Carlos Garcia Tolentino, is one of the protagonists of a pseudo-documentary named La amenaza Irani ["The Iranian Threat"] - which aired on the prominent US Spanish-language broadcast network Univision. The network is owned by Univision Communications Inc, whose chairman Haim Saban does things like throw parties in honour of the Israel Defence Forces. Part of a UNAM group allegedly intent on exposing Iran's plans for cyber-terrorism and other attacks on the US via Latin America, Garcia Tolentino faked a conversion to Islam in order to travel to Iran. In a Univision interview bearing the title "That is how I infiltrated Iran", he recounts what he learned on his trip, for example: the Iranians want to replace all governments in the world with their own and that they love killing themselves and others in the name of Allah. The programme's attempt to paint an almost apocalyptic picture of Iranian designs is meanwhile countered by former ambassador Ghadiri, who claims in the film that the contingent from UNAM proposed a cyber-attack on the US to his embassy but that "we refused… they seemed to me to be CIA agents". The State Department's underperformance One product of the campaign to transform Iran into a direct threat to the US is the "Countering Iran in the Western Hemisphere Act of 2012", passed last December, which required the State Department to assess and formulate a strategy for dealing with Iranian behaviour in the region. According to the assessment submitted by the department in June 2013, "Iranian influence in Latin America and the Caribbean is waning". This was clearly not the answer sought by the act's author, Representative Jeff Duncan, Chairman of the Subcommitee on Oversight and Management Efficiency within the House Committee on Homeland Security. As Jim Lobe, Washington Bureau Chief for the Inter Press Service, has noted, Duncan - who "spoke on a panel on Evangelical Christian support for Israel at AIPAC's annual conference last year" - berated the State Department for its conclusions during a July subcommittee hearing indignantly titled "Threat to the Homeland: Iran's Extending Influence in the Western Hemisphere". In Duncan's view, the department had failed to take into account the conclusions of a 502-page report by Argentine prosecutor Alberto Nisman, which, as Lobe points out, was "released (perhaps not entirely coincidentally) just one month before the State Department was due to submit its study". The summary of the report specifies: "The cultural, religious and propagation activities conducted by [iran's] agents abroad… have its ultimate result [sic] in the construction of intelligence stations with the capability to provide logistic, economic and operative support to terrorist attacks decided by the Islamic regime." A study of Nisman's track record, however, reveals that his credibility was long ago forfeited. The chief prosecutor in the deadly 1994 bombing of the Argentine Israelite Mutual Association (AMIA) in Buenos Aires, Nisman's determination to hold Iran accountable at all costs has been repeatedly challenged by award-winning investigative historian and journalist Gareth Porter, who in a 2008 report for The Nation questioned Iranian motives for bombing Argentina when the two countries were engaged in negotiations to revive suspended nuclear technology contracts. In more recent reports, Porter demonstrates that Nisman's indictment of the Iranian government in the AMIA case was based entirely on allegations made by the Iranian Mujahedin-e-Khalq (MEK), a virulently anti-government organisation with "an unsavoury history of terrorist bombings against civilian targets in Iran", and by an Iranian defector described by the former head of the FBI's Hezbollah office as a money-focused fellow prepared to "provide testimony to any country on any case involving Iran". TheBlaze notes that, "n August, the US State Department decided to order a new review of Iranian terror activity in Latin America, based on [Nisman's report] on Iran's terrorist strategy in the region". After all, it's no fun going to war with an invisible army if it’s actually real.
  19. I knew it...hypocracy... death penalty for Maj. Nidal Hassan http://www.nytimes.com/2013/08/29/us/jury-weighs-sentence-for-fort-hood-shooting.html?_r=0
  20. (bismillah) (salam) Though the death sentene has NOT been given yet, they seem to want to lean towards it as much as they can: http://www.ctvnews.ca/world/u-s-army-maj-nidal-hasan-found-guilty-in-2009-fort-hood-shooting-rampage-1.1423890 But this guy only got life in Prison... http://www.ctvnews.ca/world/u-s-soldier-who-massacred-16-afghan-villagers-gets-life-in-prison-1.1423984 Now if Nidal Hassan gets the death penalty than we will have some serious issues here. Lets see what happens.
  21. Don't ever post on one of my threads ever again. Thank you.
  22. well isnt there a disticntion between grains and meat? even if the meat is halal? though there is no meat here, if ahlul kitab prepared food with halal meat, can it be consumed?
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