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  1. O son of Shabīb! If you were to cry over anything, then cry over al-Ḥusayn b. `Alī b. Abī Ṭālīb عليه السلام, for he was slaughtered like the ram is slaughtered. And eighteen men from the people of his house, the like of whom are not to be found on the earth, were murdered with him. The seven heavens and the earths wept over his killing. Four thousand of the angels descended toward the earth but they found that he had been murdered. So they shall remain dishevelled, dusty till the Qā’im ri...

  2. Ya 'LI' 'l-tharat al-Husayn

    1. phoenix


      loool i merely wanted to emphasise the 'laam' prefix (which was absent earlier) by capitalising it. you went and just c-ped that!

    2. phoenix
    3. La fata illa Ali

      La fata illa Ali

      Okay u are confusing me, so what should my profile feed spell out?

  3. Assalam: so whats the news? how is Mumbai?

    1. phoenix


      Wa 'l-salaam (you realise what i noticed? :-P)

      Mumbai is cooooooooooooooold!

    2. La fata illa Ali

      La fata illa Ali

      yes I believe you fixed my profile feed? Shukran...Im sure Mumbai is cosidered hot compared to canada.

    3. phoenix


      LOL yes Mumbai is cold because Mumbai doesn't have a winter but over the past two years we have seen temperatures plummet to degrees not having been observed in ages. The lowest temperature recorded this year was some 11.4 degree celsius. And allow us... since we never see a winter (just very pleasant weather), we don't have heaters and thermostats and what have you in our houses. So the chill can get to us at times ('cause we are not used to winter clothing either).

  4. Ya Saratil Hussain (as) !

    1. phoenix


      Ya 'LI' 'l-tharat al-Husayn

    2. La fata illa Ali

      La fata illa Ali

      thanks i will update...can u provide that hadith that talks about those angels and how they will use this call when Qaim (atfs) returns? shukran

  5. hey, u must be adam asaria...how are u liking Shichat???

    1. La fata illa Ali

      La fata illa Ali

      hey u got engaged! congratulations,

  6. hey hey hey Assalam....seems its ur birthday today, though u prolly think celebrating it is a bidah! LOL...happy birthday man

  7. eid mubarak !

    1. phoenix


      `eid mubarak! (yes it is `eid. it's friday! well eve of, here). my initial thought was to wait till the tenth of Dhu 'l-Hijjah to return the greeting :-P

      in sha' Allah matters are well (you need to give me a contact address elsewhere since i am very irregular over here. you never seem to be on Skype - i had left a message for you looooooong back on there but Skype messages work only when at least two people between whom messages are being exchanged are online to...

    2. phoenix



      ...online together - and i am not sure if you are on FB or Google plus or any other place outside of this.

    3. La fata illa Ali

      La fata illa Ali

      Assalam: I messaged u on skype. Hope all is well inshAllah.


  8. bismillah. salam, Sister. Eid Mubarak to you and your family. May Allah accept all your fasting, prayers, du'aas and amal. ws

    1. Hameedeh


      bismillah. salam, Brother. Happy Eid al Fitr. May Allah SWT answer all your prayers. Best wishes to you and your family. ws

  9. is on leave from SC...

    1. Nasiba


      Salaam. Why?

      I just came back =/ How have you been?

  10. this person is fareed from HCY, beware of any of his posts.

  11. hey where is the video for tying the turban

  12. Assalam: Who are u? are u Nader Zaveri's twin? same spelling style...

  13. Assalam: My condolences on your loss sister. inalilahi wa inailaihi raajioon...

  14. Bismillah Salam: when did u forfeit ur chat mod status?

    1. -Enlightened


      bismillah wasalam . a couple of weeks ago

  15. Praise be to Allah, who blessed us to be among -those who cling and hold to the "Wilayaat" of Ameer Al Momineen and all the Imams, peace be on them all.

    1. Shia_Debater


      alhamdulillahi rabbil `alameen :D

  16. Allah (aj) mujai lashkerai Mehdi (atfs) se milaadeh!

  17. Assalam: happy birthday, it seems u are now 91 years old...

  18. As7aabul Yameen is: Finally Employed!!! Shukranlilah!!!

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