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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Thanks, that solves the problem... I appreciate your help brother... Jazzakum Allah Khair
  2. I was reading this Book i while ago, it has recently been published... It has some really interesting information inside, its a book that needs to be read thoroughly and carefully. I suggest it for everyone who wants something that goes beyond the "new information" type of reading satisfaction. It is a book for contemplation. VERY MUCH RECOMMENDED If you want to read into it, you can through this link: Spiritual Quest Reflections
  3. (salam) Science is nothing but "Nature" (or what we know of it), that has been given a fancy name by us humans in order to feel like we have achieved something so great... Science did not give any beneficial answers to the this very day... YES it did DISCOVER some laws and structures of nature and this created existence, but it gave NO answers of the wisdom behind these discoveries... And thats were philosophy and religion play a big role... Science can only be used as a tool to fulfill correct knowledge of the wisdom behind this existence, ONLY if used hand-in-hand with Religion & Philosophy... Let me give you an example of what i think science to be: Let's say there is a Door, and the scientist wants to study this Door, so after thorough investigation and study, he reaches a conclusion that this Door is made of wood, and has a nob that can be turned, and etc.. Great!! Now we know every single detail about the door,but there is one thing left, WHAT IS BEHIND THAT DOOR?? Why did the scientist not open the Door?? The Scientist didn't open the door because he has obliged himself to work within boundaries he has placed himself (the boundaries of the materialistic nature of existence)... The only way to delve into the non-materialistic parts of nature (in order to get a full understanding of existence) is by returning to Religion and Philosophy... That is my simple opinion on Science
  4. (salam) According Imam Khamenei you are not permitted to backbite a person even if he permits you to do so: Source: From Practical Laws Of Islam--->Under "Rules Of Some Sins"
  5. (salam) I was wondering about the reason why it is mustahab to taste salt before eating a meal, and after finishing... Does anyone know the benefits of this act??
  6. Who said that its not an official title?? A scholar can only become an Ayatollah when has reached a level of knowledge were he can extract religious laws from their sources (the Quran, Hadith...)... This level of knowledge is called "Ijtihad", so this person would become a "Mujtahid" and would not need to do taqleed of anyone anymore, but rather will depend on himself to extract the religious laws... And it is not your choice to give this title to whoever YOU may think is more knowledgeable, for this title can only be given to a person by a "Mujtahid" (ayatollah), who has observed the ability of that person to extract the religious laws from it sources.... Ex. Ayatollah Sistani was given the title by his teacher Ayatollah Khoei, after Ayatollah Khoei found in Ayatollah Sistani the ability and knowledge to extract the religious laws from the sources. And i think, though not 100% sure, that the title of Ayatollah Al-Uzma is given to the Marja'... The Marja'ia issue is also another issue... But one thing concerning it is that the prerequisite of the Marja' is to have reached "Ijtihad"
  7. From the answer you got, it seems alright... It means that if she did an act or said something that contradicts the shahadatayn, then you cannot consider her Muslim anymore... Example: If she is originally a Buddhist lets say, and you saw her praying to her gods or swearing in the name of the gods, than that would obviously mean she is contradicting the deceleration of the shahadatayn... Thats how i understood it... Send them this question... What is gunah???
  8. Salam, I was wrong about being able to temporarily marry a Kaffir who recites that shahadatayn due to me wrong interpretation of the law... I sent the question to Najaf.org, here was their reply: Q: I have heard that a person may have a Temporary Marriage with a Kafir woman (not ahlel kitab), if she recites the Shahadatayn... Is that permissible in Sistani's view? A: In the Name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful A Muslim man is allowed to marry a Christian or a Jewish woman in temporary marriage. Based on precaution, it is obligatory to refrain from marrying a non-Muslim woman in permanent marriage. A Muslim man is not allowed to marry, neither permanently nor temporarily a non-Muslim woman who is not among Ahlul Kitab. Based on obligatory precaution, a Muslim man must refrain from marrying a Zoroastrian woman, even temporarily. As for a Muslim woman, she is not allowed to marry a non-Muslim man at all. Wassalamu Alaykum Please forgive me for any confusion on this issue... I would also like you of you to kindly delete your reply to my post so that no one would act upon what i have said and fall into haram because of what i have posted... I apologise again, and i wish you tawfiq with trying to avoid doing haram with that girl again... Salam
  9. No one is trying to find a loophole... You may be right akf... Listen, imconfused, just go ask your marja' for God's sake, and forget everything that anyone is saying, including what i have said (because i may be wrong)... This type of thing needs some faqih to give you an answer, not a forum, so AGAIN i tell you to ask your marja'...
  10. (salam) Can we please know who your marja' is, and if the girl is from ahlel kitab, so might have a better way of dealing with this problem jurisprudentially???
  11. Salam, Thank you... I have sent the question to najaf.org, im glad there is a site that answers directly, because Sistani's website takes too long to reply, so i thought i would post my question on Shiachat... Thanks again for the site....
  12. It is the Water Less Than Kurr... ãÇÁ Þáíá
  13. (salam) I see that you are from Lebanon... So, if u know arabic i suggest you read this interview with Sayyed Kamal Haydari that discusses this topic in breif: Kamal Haydari Imam (salam)
  14. (salam) Dear Quranists.... I will not use any Quranic verses or hadith in order to refute what you are saying (as many has already tried) about one needing only the Quran to understand everything, and that the person should extract the rules from the Quran by himself and not by using ahadith that come from the Purified Ones in order TO UNDERSTAND the Quran and not to COMPLETE it (For we all agree that the Quran is complete and the Quran itself has mentiond that it is complete)... Very good... This a question for you to ask yourself, please just free your mind of any hard-headed attitude, and just try to ask yourself this question, and think with your brain (reason), which is the most magnificent tool that God has gifted us with.... When you are in school, you are given these books that had information in them, all types of different subjects... Ask yourself, if there was to be no teacher in order to make you UNDERSTAND this information, what would be the result of YOU trying to understand this information??? The List of some results: 1.You will not understand a thing. 2.You will understand some information (because of some knowledge you gained in life), but it will be a distorted understanding and not the correct understanding (for it might be right or wrong). 3.You will Understand Everything (This is quiet impossible, only in the case were God will give you this knowledge free of charge<--- Not an option, FOR MAJORITY). If you study these results, you will see that result 1 and 2 would be the most logical results, and result 3 we shall put aside... Lets apply this concept to the Quran... You will have to be in one of these three categories if you dont have a teacher... If you are in category 1, that would mean you have not found the truth since you cant even understand this knowledge.... If you are in category 2, that would mean you may have found the truth or may not have found the truth, still risky (personally, I wouldn't want to risk my eternal life for a probability). If you are in category 3, that would mean your either a Messenger, a Prophet, or a Wali of Allah (i dont know about you, but i am certainly not in this category)... So who is this teacher that can teach us the truth, that is found in this Holy Book full of information??? That would be Mohammad (pbuh), and then Ali and his progeny afterwards... When using logic and reason we get to this conclusion... I might have said i am not going to use the quran, but i just want to point out the verse that proves this logical reasoning correct, when Allah (swt) says: "And We revealed to you (Meaning The Prophet) the message (Meaning The Quran) that you may make clear to the people what was sent down to them and that they might give thought." 16:44 I would just like to say, that i dont think anyone with a humble mind, and just a bit of logic, would choose to be in category 1 or 2... So i ask of you ask of the dear muslim brothers and sisters who call themselves Quranists (although the true Quranists are the prophet and his Household) to PLEASE re-think about what choice you are making, and think about the major consequence that may be a result of this HUGE decision you are making... May Allah(swt) guide us onto his right path, and may he forgive us and you... (salam)
  15. (salam) If One's body is mutannajis(متنجس) , and he/she takes a shower (using the shower-head) with qalil water... What is the hukum of the water going down on his/her body: Is it mutannajis thani(متنجس ثاني ) ?? And what is the hukum of the floor that is covered with water, does it become mutannajis thalith(متنجس ثالث ) from the water coming off the body???
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