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    adnan121 got a reaction from Marbles in Kashmiri Students In India Expelled For Cricket   
    I am kashmiri myself and I know majority in kashmir will always support pakistan be it shia or sunni 
    At the end Kashmiris want freedom ,not to be with pakistan.
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    adnan121 reacted to ghadir786 in Reply To Haq Chaar Yaar Site   
    May Allah's peace be upon Muhammad (P) his family and his righteous followers of all generations.
    New article has been uploaded......
    Under the section of "Our refutations"
    To read all our other articles, please visit our website on www.ghadir786.com
    All articles are written by UTT (Universal Truth Team)
    Next article will uploaded on friday insha Allah
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    adnan121 got a reaction from race in Question 1 Regarding Piety   
    I was just reading this book called  The major sins volume 1 by ayatullah daste ghaib , interestingly it starts with the word  piety
     The Reality of Taqwa
    The word ‘Taqwa’ is derived from the root ‘waqaya’which means ‘to safeguard’or ‘to abstain’. In the Islamic terminology it is defined as the actionof restraining oneself from disobeying the commands of Allah(S.w.T.). When Imam Ja’far as-Sadiq (a.s.) was asked to elaborate on themeaning of the word, ‘Taqwa’ he replied, “Submit to the command {ofAllah (S.w.T.)} and do not go near the prohibited.” It means that oneshould endeavor to fulfill all the commands of Allah and abstain fromthe prohibited things. On the basis of this, Taqwa is classified into twotypes:The first type of Taqwa consists of compulsory obedience to Allah(S.w.T.) in fulfilling the compulsory duties(Wajibat) and not leaving evena single duty unperformed. The obligatory commands (Wajibat) are thosewhich, if not carried out, invite the wrath of Allah (S.w.T.). Also, as far aspossible one should try not to forgo the recommended acts(Mustahabbat).The recommended acts are those, which if performed earn blessings butif not carried out do not make one liable for punishment.7
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    adnan121 reacted to Aquib Rizvi in Speciality Of 40 Days!   
     وحدثني أبي رحمه الله، عن سعد بن عبد الله، عن أحمد ابن محمد بن عيسى، عن الحسن بن علي بن فضال، عن ابن بكير، عن زرارة، عن عبد الخالق بن عبد ربه، قال:سمعت أبا عبد الله (عليه السلام) يقول: ﴿لم يجعل له من قبل سميا﴾ (4) الحسين بن علي، لم يكن له من قبل سميا، ويحيى بن زكريا (عليه السلام) لم يكن له من قبل سميا، ولم تبك السماء الا عليهما أربعين صباحا، قال: قلت: ما بكاؤها، قال: كانت تطلع حمراء وتغرب حمراء   And narrated to me my father (رحمه الله), from Sa'd bin Abdallah, from Ahmad ibn Muhammad ibn Isa, from  al-Hasan bin Ali bin Fudyal, from Ibn Bukyr, from  Zuraarah, from Abdul-Khaliq bin Abd Rabbah, who said: I heard Abu Abdullah ( عليه السلام ) said:  {“We have not given this name to anyone before.”} (19:7). Husain Ibne Ali’s name was not given to anyone before him and Yahya Ibne Zakariya’s name was also not given to anyone before him. And the heavens did not weep over anyone for forty days except for two of them. The narrator asked, “How did the heavens weep?” Imam ( عليه السلام ) replied, “The heavens became red at sunrise and sunset.” Source: Kamil al-Ziyarat by Ibn Quluwayh,Ch 28,Pg 182,H 10Grading:Sheikh Asif Muhsini: "Mo'tabar" (Masharat Behar al Anwar 2/156)  
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    adnan121 got a reaction from eThErEaL in The Difference Between The Soul And Allah?   
    I not 100% sure but the soul is some what the same as our body and the face structure will be the same as ours -its in hadees books that we will be able to recognise each other in heaven so it has to be same as the body according to Islam.
    Jism = Body
    Nafs = Soul
    Ruh = Spirit
    The nafs is the soul, this is our true self, the part of us that will live forever. The ruh is the spirit, this is the completely holy and pure entity that Alllah has blown into our nafs, this guides us and informs us whether something is good or bad, it is the electricity that powers our soul to Allah.
    Get one think CLEAR. The ruh is NOT part of Allah. Allah does not have parts. You cannot associate anything.
    nafs is then divided into 7 parts !
    The seven levels (Nafs) are as follows:
    1) Ammara (Nafs-e-Ammara / Commanding Soul): There are various verses in the Holy Qur'an relative to the existence of this kind of Nafs. This Nafs commands us to commit sin. It is lower than animals because they behave according to the demands of nature. When a lion or tiger devours another animal it is because it needs food. And once an animal is full it does not pursue another animal, while a man is capable of swallowing the whole world and still be hungry. Man can kill thousands and still long for more blood. There are lots of factual accounts which are indicative of the existence of Ammara, one of whom was the late Shah of Iran; the more he killed the thirstier he became and the more he stole the greedier he got. Saadi, the famous Iranian man-of-letters recounts the story of Mahmoud Shah Ghanzanavi who was at the threshold of dying but he would not die. Eventually he commanded that his royal jewels be mounted on mule backs so the caravan could pass in front of his eyes. Once this was done, he died comfortably. These are a few samples of men who became so degraded that they sank lower than any animal. Man tramples upon his nature and behaves relative to the demands of his desires and whims for which there is no limit. In short, Ammara is lowest of all the Nafs and Dr. Shariati has compared it to mud.
    "Nor do I absolve my own self (of blame): the (human) soul is certainly prone to evil, unless my Lord do bestow His Mercy: but surely my Lord is Oft-forgiving, Most Merciful." (Holy Qur'an 12:53)
    Imam Ali (as) has said that: "The Nafs is like a wild horse and you are riding upon him, if you move your attention for one second, he will throw you off." "The restraining the soul (or self) from its appetite is the greatest holy war." Here, Imam Ali (as) is referring to the Nafs-e-Ammara.
    Bade Moozi Ku Mara, Nafs-e-Ammara Ku Gar Mara Nahang o Azdaha o Sher-e-Nar Mara To Kya Mara?
    2) Lawwama (Nafs-e-Lawwama / self-accusing soul): This word is derived from 'Lom' which means to 'reproach.' At this stage Nafs reaches a point that if it commits a sin its conscience wakes up and criticizes the doer. This is the first indication that man's Nafs is wakening up and perhaps most men in the world are at this stage. When common men commit a sin they awaken and become sorry and sad. It is this self critics that forces some criminals to give themselves up (or it allows the psychologist to find them). Nay! I swear by the self-accusing soul. (Holy Qur'an 75:2)
    3) Agheleh: At this stage Nafs posses the power of thinking and reflection and so, it bases its actions upon logic and thinking and does not fall prey to extremes of sentiments, rage, whims, and fleeting desires; it calculates. Not too many people reach a stage where they can ponder over the consequences of their own behavior before acting.
    4) Malhama (Nafs-e-Malhama / Inspiring soul): Malhama is derived from Elham (inspiration). The person who reaches this stage receives inspiration from the Lord. Namely, he is so virtuous and devout that he has developed the aptitude to accept the Lord's inspiration. God's light shines upon all, but this particular Insan at this stage is capable of absorbing the Divine's light and comprehends it.
    There are beautiful definitions for Elham and Wahy (inspiration) which must be clarified at this point. Elham is from low to high, while Wahy is from high to low. Specifically, in Wahy God establishes communication with man, while in Elham Insan establishes communication with God. Of course, Elham depends upon the extent to which a personality has evolved while Wahy is not subject to such rule; it is God's command that descends to man. And since Wahy is from the Lord, it is absolute and perfect and there is no doubt in it because He wants man to receive the message in it entirely. However, this is not true about Elham which is always incomplete since it depends each man's aptitude and personality. The stronger and more perfect man is, the more perfect will be his Elham. But since men are not perfect, often times Elham appears as lightning in the sky in a dark night, so quick that man gets a chance to perceive the truths very briefly.
    5) Mutmainnah (Nafs-al-Mutmainnah / satisfied soul): At this stage Nafs reaches the stage of certainty; it will neither collapse nor will it retrogress. It is sure of its evolutionary cycle and its meeting with the Lord. It can commit a fault or sin but it is so ahead that it is certain it will never backslide.
    "O you Tranquil Soul, return to Your Lord, well pleased, and well-pleasing unto Him! Enter you, then, among My devotees! Enter you My Heaven!" (Holy Qur'an 89:27-30)
    This is the stage, which is the goal of this life. To reach the stage of total contentment with Allah سبحانه وتعالى. To commit no sin knowingly and to take pleasure in doing good acts. It is this soul, which was called on the day of Ashura, when Imam Hussain (as) put, down his sword and heard the voice saying "Oh soul that is content! Come back to your Lord, well pleased (yourself) and well pleasing to Him."
    6) Raziyah: This is derived from satisfaction. In its evolutionary cycle Nafs reaches a degree that becomes satisfied with its own position.
    7) Marziyah: At this stage not only Nafs is satisfied with itself but also the Lord almighty is satisfied with it too. Now Nafs is a lover of the Divine. This is the last stage in our Islamic theosophy in the Nafs cycles. There are many verses which contain various Nafs I discussed here.
    What I want to mention here is that from the Qur'anic Point of View, Nafs (from Ammara to Marziyah) requires an evolutionary cycle and man must discipline himself for this evolution. We know when a Nafs has reached the Marziyah stage it will share some of the attributes of Rooh. However, I emphasize that Nafs is different from Rooh; the former has a corporeal condition while the latter is abstract. Thus, the two are not of the same essence. Further, Nafs is a kind of energy which is equivalent to matter subject to physical lava. Matter is the condensed form of energy, so the internal psychological stimulations such as actions reactions, sentiments and feelings are all forms of energies equivalent to matter. We can say that Nafs has a material tendency.
    Rooh is God's behest; it is His knowledge and His power and it is conscious of the past and the future. Therefore, Nafs in its evolutionary journey becomes live Rooh and establishes communication with the Lord and becomes a part of His manifestation. At this stage we can say that Insan has become a God-like, By this I do not mean that Insan is God, rather he radiates God's manifestations. God has one thousand and one attributes such as Jamal, Kamal, Rahman, Rahim, Elm... When such attributes appear in man, he becomes God-like or His viceroy on earth. If God is wise man becomes wise and if He is powerful, his vicegerent becomes powerful also. At this stage there is constant communication between Insan's Nafs and his Rooh and anytime he wishes he can establish communication with the Lord through his Rooh, ask for advice and seek answer to his inquiries. At this level nothing will remain vague and insolvable to Insan.
    Imam Ali (as) said: Surely God has characterized the angels by intellect without sexual desire and anger, and the animals with anger and desire without reason. He exalted man by bestowing upon him all of these qualities. Accordingly, if man's reason dominates his desire and ferocity, he rises to the station above that of the angels, because this station is attained by man in spite of the existence of hurdles which do not vex the angels.
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    adnan121 got a reaction from eThErEaL in The Difference Between The Soul And Allah?   
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    adnan121 got a reaction from peace seeker in #1 Imam Ali Ibn Abi Taleb (as)   
    I wonder at the man who searches for his lost things but doesn't care to recover his lost self. " IMAM ALI !
    I will be patient, till even patience tires of my patience - Imam Ali AS
    "your remedy is within you, but you do not sense it. your sickness is from you, but you do not perceive it. you presume you're a small entity, but within you is enfolded the entire universe. You are indeed the evident book, by whose alphabet the hidden becomes manifest. Therefore, you have no need to look beyond yourself. What you seek is within you, if only you reflect."
    imam Ali ibn Abu Talib (a.s)
    Do not talk about knowledge with the foolish so that they deny you, nor with the ignorant so that they find you oppressive, but talk about it with those of its people whom you meet who will accept it and understand it. Imam Ali a.s
    Blessed is the man who always kept the life after death in his view, who remembered the Day of Judgment through all his deeds, who led a contented life and who was happy with the lot that Allah had destined for him.
    Saying From Imam Ali (a.s)
    "Do not take someone's silence as his pride, perhaps he is busy fighting himself." - Imam Ali (as) (((you rule my heart ya ali)
    “The learned man understands the ignorant for he was once ignorant himself. The ignorant man does not understand the learned for he has never been learned himself.” -Imam ALi !
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    adnan121 reacted to Sapphire in Why Are Sunni,s So Anti Shia   
    As far as I know, I find many Sunnis unaware of Islamic studies. They do not go to the roots of Islam and study it. If we compare a Sunni child with a Shia child then you will find that a shia child is more knowledgeable in the matters of religion. And I have encountered this situation countless number of times. I find that the Sunni Muslims are afraid that their beliefs will be wronged if they study in depth into Shiaism. Hence, they have constructed this idea in their minds that Shia Muslims will brain wash you. And they are "kafirs" etc etc.
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    adnan121 got a reaction from Durr-e-Najjaf in Umar Al-khattab's Knowledge.   
    and much more
    12. Umar Al-khattab taking right of Imam Ali (as)
    13. Umar Al-khattab dint have any knowledge misguided the umma !
    14. Umar Al-khattab taking land of Fatima(SA) and admitting it on his death bed (Sunni source)!
    15. Umar Al-khattab Runs from battle field more then ones , becomes kafir , doesn't take shada ever again .
    16. Umar Al-khattab
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    adnan121 reacted to Replicant in Good News For Shias   
    The good news for Shias will be when he dies and has to explain his comments about Imam Hussain (as) to RasoolAllah (pbuh)
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    adnan121 reacted to Ali-Reza in Another Ayah Of Quran About Imams!   
    So I was studying and I came across this Ayah which supports Imams and even better revelation to them!
    وَإِذْ أَوْحَيْتُ إِلَى الْحَوَارِيِّينَ أَنْ آمِنُوا بِي وَبِرَسُولِي قَالُوا آمَنَّا وَاشْهَدْ بِأَنَّنَا مُسْلِمُونَ
    Shakir 5:11
    And when I revealed to the disciples, saying, Believe in Me and My messenger, they said: We believe and bear witness that we submit (ourselves)
    I don't think Allah (swt) was talking about all the companions since there were thousands of them. It was about Ahlulbayt (as)
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    adnan121 reacted to abdurahman assami in How To Increase Ones Intelligence?   
    Softening the heart to the to the remembrance of Allah(swt). I believe the heart is the key to intelligence. In the position of sajda we are closest to our Lord(swt) it is only then that the heart is raised above the brain
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    adnan121 got a reaction from Rasul in Who Murdered Hussein (Ra)   
    baby talk !
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    adnan121 reacted to Ratohnhaketon in Losing Sincere Intentions! Help Meeeee   
    Insha'Allah you won't be making the one for January.
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    adnan121 got a reaction from Ali-Reza in I Think I Know Why People Don't Accept Ahlulbayt   
    very impressive mashallah .
    No one is perfect thu , in fact at time's i felt too to go other side but what kept me holding was battle of karbala ,hussain (As)make me come back every time,i remember hassanin rajab ali also saying it this year in muharram "when people ask me i am confuse ,i say look on to karabala and you will know in a sec where you are"
    i was trying to understanding Salafi bit and i find they have kept islam to hallal and haraam ,there nothing els they know ,its very easy way where you just have to know halaal and haraam and yes a jumma ooo yes and bida.
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    adnan121 reacted to mohammad_mahdi in Write Your Letters To The Imaam Of Our Time (as)   
    Oh Yousef of Zahra (as)
    It is me again, the insolent disobedient slave. I am the one whose deeds you review every Thursday night, deeds which only add to your grief and pain of this world. Oh Imam i try, but my ignorance and forgetfulness has overtaken me at times. It is with a heavy heart that i return to our Lord ever day, begging Him in His Infinite Mercy to forgive my betrayals, and to hide the ugliest of my deeds from you. If you have not seen much disobedience from me, it is only by the mercy of our Beloved One.
    Oh Abu Saleh, i bear witness that you are the estranged one. I bear witness that you are more so than your slaughtered grandfather on the plains of kerbala. I say so my Master, because Abi Abdillah (as) had his Abbas (as), he had his Ali Al Alkdar (as).... where is your Abbas? where is your Ali Al Akbar? I swear to you my Master, my existence, and every other being that walks this earth, is not worth a spec in a single tear drop which you shed, so how can we justify the tears of blood you have shed every morning and evening for over a thousand years?
    Oh my Imam, I claim that my soul, nay my very existence, be a sacrifice for a spec of dust under your feet. I know my actions do not reflect this claim, and i beg The Almighty to make me sincere in what i say. We all die one day, but i want to live, by shedding the blood of my heart serving and protecting you, and to paraphrase the words of my master, Ali Al Akbar (as), wa la ubali, lowil mowtu waqa3a 3ala Mohammad, ow Mohammad waqa3a 3alal mowt (and i do not care, were death to befall Mohammad, or wether Mohammad would fall to his death)
    Oh Aba Saleh, mata tarana, wa narak.....
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    adnan121 reacted to Brained in Thoughts (2010-2016) [ARCHIVE]   
    And Merry Christmas everyone :D
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    adnan121 reacted in Thoughts (2010-2016) [ARCHIVE]   
    :cry: that was soo touching,
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    adnan121 reacted to al-`Ajal Ya Imaam in The Shia 12Th Imam   
    That has to be the shortest lived moron to enter the site.
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    adnan121 reacted to Ethics in Why Stop At Only 12 Imams? An Intellectual Query   
    If you are talking about the number of Imams then, purely in my opinion from an intellectual way, you cannot deduce this intellectually because there are things which only Allah know, like why is there male and female, why does a human have two eyes, why is there only a day and night. But, there has to be a beginning and an end. Starting from Adam till Imam Mahdi A.S., that is all that is needed in Allah's plan. Look around you. now Islam alhamduillah is prevalent, and every doesnt just believe, they want to know intellectually why they believe. Subhanallah! Still, Islam proves to be the most intellectual religion. But if you are wondering why Imams stop at 12, because after Imam Mehdi A.S its the day of judgement. But you ave to understand the reason between Imam Mahdi's disappearance and his return. At the same time human kind is advancing, but we are losing what makes us human, morality, ethics, piety, truthfulness, justice, freedom, these are all going downhill and there will be a time where there will be consent bloodshed and injustice done upon innocent people. Islam will be the target, there would be no peace at all, this is when Allah commands Imam Mahdi to come and to restore Justice and Peace and Tranquility upon the world with the will and help of Allah. You can think of it as utopia, after this, there is no need for Imams protecting the religion because it is said when Imam Mahdi comes all will be Muslims(Shia). True Islam will be established. This is why only twelve is needed.
    Hope I helped alittle...Wa Salaam
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    adnan121 reacted to Ali-Reza in I Think I Know Why People Don't Accept Ahlulbayt   
    I have been thinking about this for quite sometime. Why is it that people (Muslims following other secs) to this day don't accept the authority of Ahlulbayt and follow them. Even the ones that claim they love them, and some include some of their teachings (like Sufis) yet they dont' fully adher to their teachings and view of Quran.
    Of course besides their parent's way and what they are used to, but this time and age, parents are less influential on their kids specially here in west.
    Even when you bring them proof, from both Quran and hadith, as well as good logical analysis, they will fail admit ahlulbayt has authority and their methods of interpretation of Quran is the good one and everything else is invalid.
    I really wondered for a long time because a lot of them are good people. They are dedicated to what they believe is right, they pray, they fast, they give charity, they try to stay away from sins, at least the major ones, but still fail to admit to our Imams and Ahlulbayt even after you bring them Quranic and hadith proofs.
    It is their EGO
    It is their ego that is holding them back from admitting ahlulbayt are their boss! Most of these guys memorize a few chapters of Quran, read a few hadith, then they think they are scholars of Islam. Even their scholars, who knows their hadith books are very corrupt and know the authority of Ahlulbayt, they will continue to overlook it.
    We live in time of information is accesible so many people get their hands on whatever information they are looking for, but that doesn't mean everyone is going to be wise (and purified) enough to fully understand and adher to that information hence people start using their limited wisdom and intellect to analyze God's religion.
    If one really believes Islam is from God and Quran is his revelation, and God is infinit all wise all purified then one should know that God will guide whoever he wants then one should be humble enough not to talk with certainty and seek answer from learned ones not only reading a few verses of Quran.
    Unfortunately,those that don't believe in authority and guidance of Ahlulbayt, end up not following them and get misled hence misleading others.
    I remember those days, where I read the translation and limited interpretation of Quran and thought I knew it all (very close to Salafis but difference was that I still loved Ahlulbayt and Imams) . Alhamdulliah, after years of being lost and confused, I came back to Ahlulbayt. I am stil not fully guided but Alhamdulliah I am on the right path of admitting who are my true teachers of the faith. How do I know?
    They are the true key holders to Quran. I even dreamed about it but can't give my dream away :)
    Anyway I wanted to do a public tashahood again so it is out there.
    I (Ali Reza son of Ahmad) witness there is no god by Allah (swt), and Mohammad (pbuh) is his messenger (السلام علیک یا نبیالرحمه) , and Imam Ali السلام علیک یا امیر المومنین(as) is waliullah, rightly successor of our dear prophet and an Imam whom I follow along with 11 of his sons and grandsons & descendants.

    السلام علیک حسين السلام علیک حسين السلام علیک حسين

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    adnan121 reacted to Rasul in Attack On House Of Fatimah By Umar And Abubakr   
    You Sunnis did not have problem with 'weak chain' while believing in 'story of Ibn Sabah' which is taken from History of Tabari? Why are you Sunnis such hypocrites?
    Here is (Hasan) hadith in 'Jami al-Ahadith by Jalaluddin Al-Suyuti, Volume 13, page 101,' where Abu Bakr confess his attack on Ahl al-Bayt (as) house.
    also here ( Hasan ) hadith

    فَأَمَّا الثَّلاثُ اللَّاتِي وَدِدْتُ أَنِّي لَمْ أَفْعَلْهُنَّ : فَوَدِدْتُ أَنِّي لَمْ أَكُنْ كَشَفْتُ بَيْتَ فَاطِمَةَ أَوْ تَرَكْتُهُ ، وَأَنْ أُعَلِّقَ عَلَى الْحَرْبِ

    al-Ahadisul Muxtara by Ziya al-Maqdisi, Volume 1, page 90,
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    adnan121 reacted to Jaysro in Clarification Needed From Shias! Is This True?   
    1) No
    2) Hell No
    3) Dude...
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    adnan121 reacted to Panzerwaffe in Are All The Shia Here Going To Be Doing Matam?   
    mein tu aap ki kam aqli ka matam karoon ga ....
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    adnan121 reacted to guest 34193 in Type Ashura Into Google Images   
    True, it's not good, but then google image for "Muslims" and the images aren't all that great either. Keep in mind these negative type images aren't being put out by us, but by those who are opposed to us. And, when you're talking about a vast group of people, it's not going to be too hard to dig up some uncomplimentary picture here or there and post it all over the place. Also let's be honest, for all the huge amount of discussion that goes on about such things as tatbir and other more bloody acts, how many of us have actually ever seen it? Sure it goes on no doubt, but I think we hugely exaggerate on how much of it really occurs.
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