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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. I am kashmiri myself and I know majority in kashmir will always support pakistan be it shia or sunni At the end Kashmiris want freedom ,not to be with pakistan.
  2. One Must Fear the Acceptance of His Prayers If a prayer is not accepted it should be feared that (maybe) it is because of our sins. And if it is granted, it may be that one is so disliked by Allah (S.w.T.) that He could not stand his invocation again and again and has thus accepted his prayers immediately. Delay in the Acceptance of Prayers Causes Nearness to Allah (S.w.T.) Prayers May Not Be Accepted Due to Sins Sometimes the sins of a person come in the way of the acceptance of his prayers. At other times Allah (S.w.T.) may delay the acceptance due to some hidden wisdom. This would com
  3. I was just reading this book called The major sins volume 1 by ayatullah daste ghaib , interestingly it starts with the word piety The Reality of Taqwa The word ‘Taqwa’ is derived from the root ‘waqaya’which means ‘to safeguard’or ‘to abstain’. In the Islamic terminology it is defined as the actionof restraining oneself from disobeying the commands of Allah(S.w.T.). When Imam Ja’far as-Sadiq (a.s.) was asked to elaborate on themeaning of the word, ‘Taqwa’ he replied, “Submit to the command {ofAllah (S.w.T.)} and do not go near the prohibited.” It means that oneshould endeavor to fulfill a
  4. NOT ONLY THE NUMBER "40" but NUMBER "7" also has importance they keep coming in hadees and quran .
  5. Can any one refer me some books on dream interpretation ?
  6. (i m not talking about turban) I don't think wearing hat is wajib?(any one can correct me on that ) secondly I don't think i look good in it , nor any one comments i look good in it nor i think some one looks good in it , why would Allah want to see me in some thing that's not good looking ,when he made such beautiful things like rose or he him self calls him al-jalil or al-majid or al jalal ,this being said , i don't mind any one wearing it ,if he thinks that symbol of piety .
  7. I think you have to understand tabiya and fitra first , see this lecture by kalil jaffer ,inshallah it will help.
  8. Abu Bakr Muḥammad ibn al-Ṭayyib al-Bāqillānī ! I am not sure but i think he has written the most on defending sunni madhab !
  9. I THINK THIS FITS IN THIS TOPIC ! In his sermon entitled "Qase'a" Ali mentions the attention paid to him by the prophet and says: "Do you know, that due to my relationship and on account of my worth and merit, what were my relations with the prophet. [*] The correct position is this that Abu Talib and the members of his family or the ways and manners of the time or the environments had no influences on the prophethood of Muhammad or the Imamate of Ali. These things were related with divine inspiration and neither Abu Talib nor the members of this family shared the secrets of prophethood and Im
  10. I wonder at the man who searches for his lost things but doesn't care to recover his lost self. " IMAM ALI ! I will be patient, till even patience tires of my patience - Imam Ali AS "your remedy is within you, but you do not sense it. your sickness is from you, but you do not perceive it. you presume you're a small entity, but within you is enfolded the entire universe. You are indeed the evident book, by whose alphabet the hidden becomes manifest. Therefore, you have no need to look beyond yourself. What you seek is within you, if only you reflect." imam Ali ibn Abu Talib (a.s) Do not talk ab
  11. Yes its good to give to 3 world war countries ...but that doesn't solve the problem , poverty will still remain till there is greed in the hear of people !
  12. I seriously recommend you that you see lecture from kalil jaffer "End of negative suffering "
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