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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. You can live track the satellite, http://www.n2yo.com/?s=25544 Currently it's above Indonesia/Malaysia
  2. Pr. Ahmadinejad was needed, now it is time for Mr. Larijani.
  3. The sanctions & embargoes, coupled with a world wide physical war against Iran for eight years, and continued soft war... have really been a blessing for us. Every single threat or attack against Iran has turned into Iran's advantage. With God's aid, nothing can stop Iran.
  4. Salam, "istekhara" seems to be the new hip thing these days. Anyway, what's your ethnic background? What society are you talking about?
  5. Just so you know. If you're nice to a guy (e.g. show interest, etc), he will think you're interested in him and want to be with him. It reminds me of this one girl that used to soften her voice when talking to me, to the point that she sounded horny. (others noticed it too, when i confronted her with this, she said she never realized and is "very embarrassed").
  6. You're 26 bro, time for you to look for a wife and get some kids.
  7. If you ask me, involving anyone into any quarrel one might have, will almost always result in a worse situation. Impartial people who mean well to both, genuinely want to solve a situation for the well being of both parties, while getting the most out of a situation for both sides... and also have the skills and wisdom to solve it... these people are very rare... It usually ends up with the daughters father protecting her daughter, regardless of how unjust she might be... and the husband's family supporting him, regardless of how unjust he might be... and let the fighting begin... lol I wish you well... salam.
  8. The survey is incorrect and none of the people here seem to know what they're talking about. Time for some education: 1) A "PC" is a word used to refer to a computer for at home. 2) "Mac" is short for "Macintosh", an operating system. 3) The above two words are not in the same category, one is software ("mac"), the other is hardware ("PC"). In other words, a "Mac" operating system is installed on a PC or a Laptop... Now "Apple" is a company that releases this stuff. This is an Apple Laptop: This is an Apple PC: Internally these exactly the same things as any other average PC or laptop you come across with Windows or any other operating system. Now to answer your question as to what I prefer... I prefer Linux, which beats Mac at anything any time.
  9. As promised. Ruling from the office of Ayatollah Khamenei:
  10. These swimsuits are not permitted to be worn by women where men will see them, I have the the ruling on this and will post it later. However, it has been posted here before, so you can search for it too.
  11. Ghaddafi is a disgusting animal, I do however hope his army manages to shoot down as many of these NATO & PGCC air force attacking them. If he manages to stay in power, it'll also add a nice little new twist... the guy will feel even more betrayed by Arabic speaking countries he already hated so much.
  12. This could be all in his mind, but it could also be due to how you behave or dress/make-up yourself. Since we don't know either of you two and only know your side of the story, there isn't much to say really. Have you asked him what specifically bothers him and has he explained? Though there is always a reason for something. In other words, there must be grounds for what he said... if there are no grounds, then he must be mentally unstable... * You could be an attractive woman and guys look at you... which would bother him. * He could be not attractive and feels insecure. * The way you dress/make-up makes men look at you, and he is bothered by that. * You actually do look at other men, and as passive as you might think you are with regards to you looking at other men, it would bother him. * Many men (just like many women) become jealous when their wife mentions good/attractive things about other men. * etc... there is always grounds for these things... it's just that those grounds might seem unreasonable in some cases.... in other cases they're very reasonable.
  13. It's difficult to say anything about her or her parents. Though generally many foreigners in the west are ignorant of the laws of the land and/or any loopholes that could be used. She, as an adult married person with, I presume, higher education, needs to take some responsibility and check into these laws and possible loopholes and if necessary involve her parents into it financially to get her husband there. Either that or she just waits patiently.
  14. I don't know, is it free enough? You know you can get drugs and prostitutes and dirt cheap prices right here in the Netherlands. Either way, freedom is relative to the person experiencing it. For example, I feel absolutely free in Iran, while I feel restricted in the Netherlands. My ideological, political and true religious beliefs would get me persecuted in the Netherlands, to the point that I wouldn't be able to get a job anywhere, and at the same time cut off from social welfare. So "freedom" is very relative and open for debate. However, I do believe that in terms of media, the U.S. is a closed society comparable to what we see in North Korea. Which the only difference that the U.S. has hundreds of TV channels and newspapers, and North Korea has only several... which makes the restricted life more obvious than in NK. The difference between these so called liberals and hawks that you talk of, is that the liberals like to sugar coat the same aggressive approach, with good intentions. It all has to do with the target group they're going for. Then there is of course the out right lying in U.S. politics. A simple example... Obama repeated almost daily that his very first act as president would be to get all U.S. soldiers out of Iraq. He never did, in fact, his very first act was to increase soldiers by thousands. Then they started replacing their soldiers with mercenaries, which they conveniently don't designate as U.S. soldiers, while they're fully armed and protected by U.S. law from any persecution.
  15. 1) In the netherlands anyone below the age of 18 can get married with parents consent, in fact I know examples. See if there similar laws wherever you live. 2) Your husband can be brought with a different type of visa, e.g. tourist, study, etc. It's only a matter of money, which I think might also be one of your problems.
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