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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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    Jafar Hussain got a reaction from theaamirarshad in Muawiya.   
    I Am A Sunni Muslim.But I Don't Like Muawiya Ibn Abusuffiyan.Why Do Sunnis Love Muawiya?
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    Jafar Hussain got a reaction from BrockLesnar in Imam Ali Face Of God.   
    Hazart Imam Ali is the servant of god.
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    Jafar Hussain got a reaction from titumir in Major Protests In Turkey   
    i think Turkish are zionists and athiest.Aren't they muslims? Why do they protest about shariah law? they want to kiss with their sex mates in public.they want to drink alcohol.i think Turkish are zionists.
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    Jafar Hussain reacted to Yabnul_Taha in Some Shiites Hate Towards The Sahaba, Why?   
    We don't hate "the companions". We just don't think that meeting the Prophet (pbuh) makes you infallible. There are good and bad people. There are good and bad "Muslims". And there are good and bad companions. We try not to paint them all with the same brush; good or bad. Doing so would be a great injustice.
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    Jafar Hussain reacted to Muslim2010 in Some Shiites Hate Towards The Sahaba, Why?   
    Shia do not have blind eye view on the companions of the prophet, there were righteous companions like Ibne Abbbass, Salman Farsi, Abuzar ghafari, Huzaifa yamanai, and similar ones. They followed the prophet in their life and even after his demise.
    There were companions who were not sincere in their actions in the life of the prophet and even after his demise their actions were not according to Islam.
    There were others who openly violated the laws and rules of islam and they became apostate after the demise of the prophet. They killed the thousands of innocent muslims and made innovations in religion.The traditions inside bukhari confirm this fact.
    This is the difference of opinion. There is no hate present for all of the companions. The Quran and hadith has outlined the path of the religion and prophet has ordered ummah to follow the quran and ahl al bayat. This is the most authentic source for following the holy prophet and the religion.
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    Jafar Hussain got a reaction from titumir in Muslims Blood Is Cheaper Than Water In Myanmar   
    Today,13 innocent Hafiz students are killed by Buddhist terrorists.Their age are between 10 and 17.Muslims in Myanmar are killed by Buddhist terrorists everyday.Please pray for us.We are very sad.
    Myanmar government lies that it is wire shock.It is definitely arson.

    Thirteen Children burnt to death at the burning of an Islamic Religious School
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    Jafar Hussain reacted to Replicant in Touching Speech About Karbala By Wahabbi - Unity?   
    That's all well and good, but their refusal to condemn Yazid makes that null and void.
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    Jafar Hussain reacted to Zulfiqar786 in Touching Speech About Karbala By Wahabbi - Unity?   
    I came across this short lecture by a Wahabbi/Deobandi preacher about Karbala and found it to be pretty accurate recollection and very moving. Obviously, I am usually pretty skeptical about anything that comes from Wahabbi, but was just wondering what you all thought about the speech and whether this is a small step between Sunni/Shia reconciliation or unity?

    ........and the minute after I post this asking about unity, I see a news update on Al Jazeera about a bombing of my fellow Shias in Karachi that has killed 30+ people!
    Very Sad :(
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    Jafar Hussain reacted to Ali-Reza in Who Are Responsible For Spreading Islamophoebia?   
    Ignorance of Muslims about their own religion causes this. And that is why we are divided into so many sects and groups. An intellectual person would never commit any of these crimes and nonesense they are doing in name of Islam.
    We are first humans, then Muslims. We need to use our brains. Many don't!
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    Jafar Hussain got a reaction from Hameedeh in Imam Khamenei's Remarks About Muslims In Myanmar   
    We(Myanmar Muslims) are stand with Iran.Thanks Uncle Khomeini.
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    Jafar Hussain reacted to Ali_Hussain in Zionist Regime Attacks Gaza   
    Yes, lets see what Morsi does, a man who has closed more tunnels into gaza in his short term, than mubarak, the dictator and open ally of israel did in all his years in office.
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    Jafar Hussain got a reaction from Abdul Qaim in Lying About Burma   
    I am mad at this topic.@jiraffe@ u dont know burma's systematically crackdown about muslims in myanmar.
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    Jafar Hussain got a reaction from Chaotic Muslem in No Eid Al Adha In Myanmar(burma)   
    Anti Islam Riots Are Spreading In Myanmar.In Yangon,Myanmar Buddhists and Monks Are Protesting Against Muslims.In Rakhine State,Many Muslims Homes and Mosques Are Burnt Down.Today, In Rakhine State 5oo Muslims Among Children,Elder People and Women are Killed By Buddhist Extremists.In Karen State 1Old Muslim Man is seriously Beaten and Killed By Buddhist Monks.Pregnant woman,Her 4 Children and Her Husband Were Killed By Buddhist Monks.
    Ulema Council In Myanmar Declared ' No Eid Al Adha In Myanmar Because of Crackdown On Muslims'
    There is No Security For Muslims In Myanmar.Anti Muslims Riots are Spreading Around The Country.
    Please Pray For Us.
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    Jafar Hussain reacted to shiaaliibrahim in No Eid Al Adha In Myanmar(burma)   
    This is terrible news. May the Muslims there organize and find ways to protect themselves and their families. I wish the IRI could send gunships to the coast of Myanmar as a message to protect the Muslims there.
    May Allah Protect and Save The Muslims of Myanmar!
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    Jafar Hussain reacted to guest 34193 in Muawiyah Better Than 4th Imam Onwards   
    Let's pretend there was someone who in the last few days of the Prophet's (sawa) life, converted from Jahiliyya to Islam and just once, for say two seconds, saw him. Prior to that, pretend he'd been a sinful idol worshipper. Now according to the Sunni criterion, this would be a sahabi. Let's further pretend he stayed on Islam until his death, but that he died only one day after the Prophet (sawa) did. So, are you saying that this hypothetical companion would forever be superior to all Muslims ever to come in the future? So, you would say this person would be superior to not only our Imams, but also all your Imams (Abu Hanifa, Ibn Hanbal, and so on) al-Ghazali, Ibn Taymiyya, and whoever else up to and including the Mahdi? Does this really make sense to you and you expect us to believe such a thing?
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    Jafar Hussain reacted to titumir in Myanmar Monks Attack Mosque   
    Myanmar Buddhist monks set fire to a mosque in Sittwe town, the capital of Rakhine state and desecrate copies of the holy Qur'an, Press TV reports.
    Press TV has learned that the 800-year-old ancient mosque called “Sawduro Bor Masjid” in the western town was burnt down by extrimist Buddhist monks, with the help of military personnel on Sunday.
    The fire, which continued for two hours, also damaged several houses around the Mosque, owned by Rohingyas Muslims.
    The Buddhist-majority government of Myanmar refuses to recognize Rohingyas and has classified them as illegal migrants, even though the Rohingyas are said to be Muslim descendants of Persian, Turkish, Bengali, and Pathan origin, who migrated to Myanmar as early as the 8th century.
    The silence of the human rights organizations towards abuses against the Rohingya Muslims has emboldened the extremist Buddhists and Myanmar’s government forces.
    According to reports, thousands of Myanmar’s Rohingya Muslims are living in dire conditions in refugee camps after government forces and Buddhist extremists started burning down their villages on August 10.
    Reports say some 650 Rohingyas have been killed in the Rakhine state in the west of the country in recent months. This is while 1,200 others are missing and 80,000 more have been displaced.
    The UN human rights authorities blame Myanmar’s security forces for the violence, who are believed to have been targeting the Muslims rather than bringing the ethnic violence to an end in the country.
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    Jafar Hussain got a reaction from Hameedeh in Please Help Me   
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    Jafar Hussain reacted to Kaniz e Zahra in The Sources Of Documentary "'innocence Of Muslims"   
    Who says marrying at age of nine is insult?
    Read the other stuff in those books with unbiased approach. We know they are jealous of Him(saww) so would do it anyways, but why to give them more fuel to fire?
    Wow its a blasphemy to say wrongdoer a wrongdoer, so calling wives of Noah(as) ,and Lot(as) bad is insult to their husbands? Stop reading Surah E Tahreem then. Allah don't give them any respect as well. He says in Surah al Ahzab , He can punish them twice if they do something wrong. Where did they get immunity from His wrath?
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    Jafar Hussain reacted to Kaniz e Zahra in The Sources Of Documentary "'innocence Of Muslims"   
    Which Shia source says sodomy is allowed? Your books do have such stories.
    They do attack Shias too though not Shi'ism in form of their enmity with Iran, infact they are not worried about your coward saudi arabians.
    Why don't they attack your umar then? If they are so scared of khilafat? Very weak arguments that means he was nobody then.
    If they don't insult our Imams(as) its because we don't portray them in a manner as you do with our Prophet(saww). Moreover Shias don't believe in killing innocent people around. Your fellows have filled so much hatred in their hearts against Islam with their violent attitude that they have started resorting to this filthy tactic of attacking His(saww) pure character .
    They don't attack Shia version of Islam, its an answer in itself, because it has nothing to find faults with .
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    Jafar Hussain reacted to Just the truth in Did Abu Baker Succeed Prophet (sunni View Point)?   
    Yes imam Ali was wazeer to prophet during his life time there is no doubt about this, but brother it's not that simple there is soo many other things that need to be discussed in order to understand this topic, I'm not trying to derail the thread/topic but I'm going to point out a few things which convince me that Imamate is not part of Islam, but everyone has his/her own opinion. If any brother/sister feels as though I'm derailing thread then I'm happy to open a new thread regarding the points which I'm going to state below.
    1. Ali swore allegiance to Abu bakr after 6 months why would he if Imamate is usul ad din is he not risking his own faith their by doing something unislamic. The only issue Ali had with Abu bakr was regarding fadak not caliphate as Ali had no greed for imamaat.
    2. It is a well known fact Ali used to advise Umar on Islam, why would Ali advise an apostate regarding how to rule Muslim community.
    3. Ali took part in shura when third caliph was made caliph, why would Ali take part in something unislamic when according to Shia belief imamaat is core belief of Islam, he also swore allegiance to uthman. Amat bin yasir and another companion (can't remember exactly which 1 were waiting outside and Wer e desperate for Ali to become caliph, why didn't they boycott this unislamic event.
    4. Salmon al Farsi and amar bin yasir were both governors for Umar, why would Umar make people who don't like him governors.
    The main answer I get from Shia regarding above is they did it to spread Islam. Which Islam Sunni or Shia, dud Umar sit back and let them spread Shia Islam (obviously not). 
    5. Salman al Farsi was governor of a city in Persia (present say Iran) now we need to look back in history and see when did Shiism become prevalent in Iran.(during Safavid empire read up on this and all other above points).
    6. Ali married Abu bakr wife did she regard her x husband apostate because Ali would never marry an apostate.
    7. Ali bought up muhammad ibn ani bakr like his own son and he was one of his most faithful followers and he loved Ali very much. The question here is did Ali say to him your dad was an apostate and he just agreed with him?
    8. Ali gave his daughter to Omar umm kulthum bint Ali they had a son and a daughter son name was zayd ibn Umar and was referred as (son of the two caliphs) Ali and Umar. I've heard Shia argument that Ali did it under force, but how can we degrade Ali soo much that he would give his daughter to an apostate astagfirullah.
    9. Why did amar bin yasir take part in jihad waged by Umar (I think it was conquest of Persia where amar bin yasir was badly wounded I think his ear was cut off or something read it along time ago either he was wounded badly or he lost a limb I'm sure it was his ear).
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    Jafar Hussain reacted to ShiaBen in Buddhist Killing Muslims   
    I thought it was racial/ethnic violence. But Jafar says it is based on religious extremism. If that's the case that's pretty pathetic. It contradicts Buddhist beliefs. I guess the practitioners in that nation should get their heads checked.
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    Jafar Hussain got a reaction from Chaotic Muslem in Please Help Me   
    I am shia muslim.but my parents are sunnis.my whole family are sunnis.i love one shia girl for 6years.but she don't love me.i love her extremely.i want tomarry a shia girl.if i can't marry with her.i will die.please tell me duas and zikrs what u know for love and marriage.mayALLAH bless u
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    Jafar Hussain got a reaction from Hameedeh in How To Cure Depression - I Found A Solution   
    Thanks Infinity For Your Post.You Are Habibullah .
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    Jafar Hussain got a reaction from Philip in Prophet Mohammed (صلى الله عليه وآله وسلم) [OFFICIAL THREAD]   
    My lovely Prophet Mohammed (SAW) said that Bida'ahs and Sheriks are enemies of muslims.
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    Jafar Hussain got a reaction from Shia_Debater in How To Cure Depression - I Found A Solution   
    Thanks Infinity For Your Post.You Are Habibullah .
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