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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. im not talking bout the sticker ones! im talking bout the ones engraved on ur skin with a needle!! since i heard it was haram.... :dry: but omg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! dudeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee or girl :S whichever gender u are ............ u made my life by saying tatoos arent haram :!!!: .
  2. i get the thing that you cant get tattoo anywhere on ur body cuz of ghusl and wudhuu!! :cry: but you can get your tongue tattoed right ??? :D i might b wrong ... so please tell me wht u think.... n let me know if im right or wrong??
  3. im not able 2 go 2 the chat room :S
  4. If you have an objection about a decision made by a mod/admin send them a private message- that is the right way of asking and the only way you'll get a response.
  5. the baby with a flower head isnt cute lol !!!
  6. WOW!!! :huh: After so many years , my mom just found out i use tampons....... and she freaked out ! :o ! like madly!!! :dry: she is like its haram and all... dont use tampons.... :dry: !! moms like its alright if u use it after marriage :huh: but b4 its haram..... please tell me wht she's saying isnt true!! :cry:
  7. well i said western countries cuz countries like pk and all obviously get rid of the child due 2 an excuse called "honor" and grls in west actually have a choice 2 abort of not since its part of world clearly stated as " free countries* ... so i didnt mean 2 say that they're arent any cases like that in east side... :dry:
  8. 1 )i need 2 knoe if a girl is sexually harrased... does she have the same level of respect and rights in islam as she did when she was a virgin??? or she has 2 go through some punishment or some sort of purifying thingy :S ?? 2 ) if a girl gets raped and gets pregnant... would her child be haram?? would it be haram 2 give birth 2 that child? this might b an inappropriate question .... but some grls are srsly going through this problem in western countries.... :unsure:
  9. normal discharge isnt najis lol ... but make sure ur not having 2 much discharge , that can cause hairfall and and weakness and these are the symptoms of anemia. so its good if you just go consult a doctor to be on the safe side
  10. so a girl shouldnt leave the house ? isnt that a direct way of suicide if she's getting threatened..
  11. belly piercing isnt haram as long as a girls doing it for you lol , its covered no1 can see it , i did it cuz i liked it and its this cute little thing i have all to myself , i have my belly pierced!! and for girls who're asking if it hurts lol yes it does .. u have to take proper care of it for atleast 3 months. the way its done is .. first they spray antispetic , the just hold ur navel with a tweezer type of thingy an insert a needle (it just feels like pinch) but the pain starts later after ur over all ur nervousness :rolleyes: .
  12. I eat fries with poutine :D its a chicken gravy sauce .... very common in canada :S
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