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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Bismillah Salam, could any of the brothers /sisters kindly mention the names / references of the books by Imam khomaini ra and by ayatullah tabatabai Whose contents are being discussed regarding the paths to perfect man /haqiqa and if available in English ???!!! Someone mentioned that the books are available in Urdu .. kindly help Somebody in this thread said “.. tauheed is a journey..” the concept is v intriguing and answers a lot of questions but how do we stop the concept from slipping into the realm of becoming a relative concept itself & a piece of poetry !!?? Isn’t Tauheed the absolute truth so should look the same from every angle & time & to everyone .. so shouldn’t change with requirements of age & stage? Just wondering & processing, in a state of awe at His (سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى)’s mysteries ! If we replace the term wahdat al wujood with the term wahdat-al-moujuud .. does it resolve the issue of creator /created etc .. could any of the brothers /sisters kindly mention the names and references of the books by Imam khomaini ra and by ayatullah tabatabai Whose contents are being discussed regarding the paths to perfect man /haqiqa and if available in English ???!!! Please
  2. if u could shed ur blindness then you will realize that I’m saying that its 'a guy thing’ in the context of your retarded Question….. & also it is a Guy thing like for example using Weapons in War is and always has been, slaughtering the sacrificial animal on Eid has been and is a guy thing (to do) etc. or do u send ur women to do these things?
  3. its hard to answer your question, not bec it has any depth in it but bec your question is of such low level-IQ that its mood-spoiling to dip so low .. to a normal guy a simple answer would have sufficed that zanjeer/tatbir is "a Guy thing” but since you don’t get that I’m constrained to have serious doubts about whether you are male or female ,,I’m guessing that you are in between somewhere so you can’t figure out ur identity therefore such pathetic arguments are creating confusion in your mind… your gender-IDentity crises is at the source of the chaos in your head. get medical help, get a surgery..
  4. U missed the whole philosophy of the event that you are referring to.. i doubt that you have any idea of what truly transpired in Kerballa !! you must b some kind of a Kid. koi nai bachay, get educated if u wanna claim to b the follower of the Babul ilm (a)
  5. u keep coming up with one lowborn argument after another! ur prolonged Constipation & agony on the under discussion topic, is your Curse , for the bughz-e Hussain ibn Ali (a) which u harbor in your nefarious heart.. i mean, test it with a lie detector, you will say that you love Hussain (a) and the lie detector will say u r nothing but a big plump Liar & a Fabricator .. test it and then Reflect on it..! OR go to Hell !
  6. such juvenile comments, they r not even arguments..!!!
  7. all those who cannot digest the concept of zanjeerzani or tatbir need to kindly look-up the meaning of the word “REENACTMENT” .. the world must not forget the Qayamat-like events which occurred , nothing less than Qayamat-like,,, then the Ishq-e Hussain (a ) just tears our hearts out on the REENACTMENT of the ashoora, the blood you see is our Hearts bleeding for our Imam (a ).. .. its nothing !! .. the day that is being reenacted is a day full of blood,, if it were the blood of the yazeedi forces then We’d have used Ketchup to show their blood in the ‘reenactment’,,, but the contrary occurred and the blood of our Leaders (a ) was spilt ,,,so we don’t use ketchup ,,,we use our blood.. .. the logicinfested shias (*claimants) fail to grasp that Ishq, has its own logics.. so think from ur hearts to understand…. the lil neurons might short-circuit but aren’t gonna b of any help..
  8. … true sunni, pl do share with us now who this lucky guy was who damaged you so deeply & crucially, i mean the guy you keep referring to as ‘malang’ .. what did he do to you ?? don’t b shy,, tell us.. p.s. your illogical and retarded arguments deserve an equal response
  9. by ‘honorable Marje’ i didn’t imply what you presumed, its your own underdeveloped mind…. what i said was that all the Marje are honorable due to the wealth of knowledge that they consume and hence possess.. given the kind of venom in ur heart against all Syeds and zanjeerzani …even if the honorable Syed Sistani says to you face-to-face that its allowed, you’d probably still not believe him. ..you are a beyond-local-repairs (BLR). its not your fault, you r just blind
  10. wait for the ruling if u wish,, but giving a ruling on an act performed in love of Hussain ibne Ali (as), is quite Beyond the domain or scope of any honorable Marje , they wouldn’t dare.. Hussain (a s) is not known to us through the honorable Marje, but actually its the other way around
  11. salams, ..if you think that prior knowledge is a more prestigious for the Propher (pbuh), then believe this.. otherwise; .. if you believe that no-prior knowledge is a more prestigious thing for Muhammad (pbuh), then please believe this.. the prime consideration should be that the prestige of the Lord of all the Messengers (pbuh), the most beloved creation of the Almighty Allah swt. .. this is probably a centuries old debate ,,,, .for those who can’t digest the concept of prior Knowledge, Allah swt knew about them,,, so Muhammad (pbuh) lived a life of a common man and endured extraordinary sufferings instead of simply wishing them away,,, ,,, so that His (pbuh) ummat would not think that He was privileged so what would He know,, or that He was a magician or an illusionist (tauba ..) …, like the previous ummats of Prophets did… so the point is that Muhammad (pbuh) didn’t proclaim Himself to the umm’at through miracles or extra-natural-feats .. so belief in no-prior-knowledge is not wrong either.
  12. salaam, DEATH by itself is not an unnatural occurrence, its Allah swt ’s design, y on earth would they not let ppl die, then in your scenario the ppl of that age would have been still alive, had They (as) wished for ppl to not / never to dye… the question is in itself wrong bec you are presuming that DYING was/is something unnatural, which the Muhammad (pbuh) or the Imam (as) had to CURE by using their knowledge which is infinite only relatively to your or my knowledge.. There is no argument on this that onlyAllah swt is ALL-KNOWING, but we believe simply that the quantum of knowledge that Allah swt shared with Muhammad (pbuh) and the children of Ali (as) is soooooooooooooooooooooooo much more than even the greatest of all-time honorable Marje.. also ,,, remember that the Imam e waqt is the imam of all living and nonliving so only Allah swt is ALLKNOWING but Muhammad (pbuh) and his children (as) know tooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ..much more than you or me, infact sooo.. much more that you can easily multiply it by infinity.. safely ..
  13. the answer to all your questions is a big YES, under the above circumstances..
  14. Never, not even if she deserves or needs it...
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