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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Go ahead and debate, No one is afraid of a fair debate as long as its sensible.
  2. Salam, I don't know, Why don't you ask the half naked actresses dancing to their terrible taste of music cause they get payed to. Just because something is more decent than someothing else indecent it still doesn't change that the bolloywood movies are indecent..
  3. Aslamoalaykum Im really sorry for calling you bro sister haha. Thanks for the post :D.
  4. Salam brothers and sisters And when the Word is fulfilled against them (the unjust), we shall produce from the earth a beast to (face) them: He will speak to them, for that mankind did not believe with assurance in Our Signs. surah 27: ayat 82 Just wondering what this means because imam is the beast but im kind of confused. So.. yeah.
  5. Salam bro, But actually see the thing is that he does want to listen to what i want to say so umm... yeah.
  6. Aslamoalaykum brother, LOL you think i would be afraid? so what they planned and Allah planned. And Allah is the best of planners. Lots of people will die though when the true war starts. Then imam mahdi will come when the world really really really really really actually needs him.
  7. Aslamoalaykum Hes actually looking for miracles outside the quran.
  8. Aslamoalaykum brother, Thanks alot for answering. Im afraid i do not know this person personally he is just asking me questions on my youtube account -_-. So yes i don't mean miracles like prophet moses parting the red sea i mean things like blessing we have that make us not that there is a god that does exist.
  9. Aslamoalaykum brothers and sisters. So i am having a debate with an atheist and he wants to know some miracles of islam. Please tell me some. Miracles of islam meaning also miracles of Allah. Wasalam.
  10. Aslamoalaykum brother, Actually im only a child and when i created this name and shiachat account i was too innocent to know what that meant. Trojan to me was a class in a game called conquer. There was also archer, warrior. Thus i went on making stupid accounts named gangstertrojan cause it was my name and username.
  11. Aslamoalaykum brothers and sisters. I was just wondering if its true that Allah's geometrical number is 66. and if 666 is a holy number in islam. Please dont take offense to this because apparently it is a very strong number and satan made it seem evil because its very powerful.
  12. As salamoalaykum, When i found it on google translate it said Hossein gharib mather (mother i think) i love the master hub (hub probably meaning something in farsi but it said it meant wheel so im not very sure). Sorry brother i tried though :(
  13. Salam o alaykum brothers and sisters, I have a very important video to show you please watch it.
  14. Aslamoalaykum brothers and sisters, I was just wondering why free masons join islam?. Well i just want to know if anyone knows anything about this. Wasalam.
  15. Salam brothers and sisters. Thank you for replying. I have read all your comments and i will have spoken to my father before too. Bless you all.
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