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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Salam, I got a reply from the Shirazi Marjah: (I got it a few days ago but I had no time to post it here) Salam alaikum Indeed, Chess is Haram. Playing chess, selling chess boards or buying them is also Haram. The Hadiths in this regard are many, of them are: 1- Imam Sadiq (a.s) said: He who looks at a chess board is equal to he who has looked at the private part of his mother. 2- When they brought the head of Imam Hussain (a.s) to Yazid, he was sitting down and playing chess. Wasalam. The office of the Grand Ayatollah Sayed Sadiq Shirazi The Holy City of Qum, Republic of Iran www.English.Shirazi.ir
  2. Asalamu Alaikum, Does anyone agree that we shouldn't be calling marjahs or any scholar 'Sayed' It's a word we use for the Ahlulbayt AS, Other words that should only be used for the Ahlulbayt AS are: Imam, AyatAllah, RuhAllah, Sheikh, HezbAllah, Those r just the main ones I see used everyday, If we call everyone with these titles, then that lowers the status of the Ahlulbayt AS, We all know that the Ahlulbayt AS r infallible and nobody can be like them,
  3. Salam brothers and sisters, I got a reply from 2 Marjahs, Fadlallah and Khamenei, My question was: Asalamu Alaikum, Is Chess Haram? If it is Haram, what is the reason making it Haram? Is it true that the enemies of the Ahlulbayt AS planned how they will kill Imam Hussain AS on a chess board? Khamenei reply: Istifta’ no.: 525169 Bismihi Ta`ala Salamun `alaykum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuhu If the mukallaf recognizes that nowadays chess is no longer a gambling instrument, there is no problem in playing it without betting. With apologies this site is reserved specifically for the sake of answering questions pertaining to the practical laws of Islam. With prayers for your success Fadlallah reply: (It's in arabic, not sure if it will post the same way I pasted it, but either way I'm getting a friend to translate it for me in English) بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم بإسمه تعالى: ج) ليست حراماً، إن كان اللعب للتسلية وليس بمراهنة مالية، ولكن الأحوط استحباباً اجتنابها مطلقاً. ج2) ليس صحيحاً. والسلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته
  4. For the sake of the sunnis, I think it's better it I pm u what it means lol
  5. Salam, I also have sunni friends, but none of them know the difference between Shia and sunni, They also say that they love both the Ahlulbayt AS and muawiya, yazid abu bakr, omar, uthman etc It makes no sense at all.. U can't love both, it's like saying u love both batman and the joker, Just the mention of them #BULB
  6. What's funny is that they follow people that used to learn from the Ahlulbayt AS, whenever they didn't know something, they would always ask one of the Imams AS, Something that's so clear, and in their own books, is the 'Calamity of Thursday', and many others, If they just read their own books, they will see the light of the Ahlulbayt AS, Imam Ali AS has divided people into three categories: “People are either scholars or students. The third group is comprised of those who are ever ready to respond to every call. They are like mosquitoes being swept away with the wind. They fly in the direction of the wind without anything like self-will.
  7. Interesting debate, I have not emailed any Marjah yet, I will be doing that now, and if it is Haram, then the reason behind it, If anyone wants another Marjah opinion other than the ones I mentioned above, then let me know,
  8. Interesting.. Have u ever heard of the enemies [edited out] planning on how they will kill Imam Hussain AS on it? So does that mean Khamenei allows playing games? I thought they all agree that we can't. [Note from moderator: Please refrain from inappropriate language].
  9. Asalamu Alaikum, Does anyone have any Hadiths on y chess is Haram? I'v heard that it's Haram because the enemies #BULB planned how they would kill Imam Hussain AS on a chess board, I'm going to email a few Marjahs that I listen to: Sistani, Fadlallah, Shirazi.. And I'll also be emailing Khamenei because many people like him, But I wanted to see if anyone knows any Hadiths first,
  10. Salam, Hadith al-Kisa is narrated by Jabir ibn Abdallah al-Ansari, which was a very loyal companion from the time of RasulAllah PBUH/HF until Imam Mohamed al-Baqir AS, SubhanAllah! Just the mention of RasulAllah PBUH/HF and the Ahlulbayt AS can brighton my day so much so it's not hard for me to understand the reason and love Allah SWT has for them, And I think that brother Journey of Truth is right when saying that if the other Imams AS were born then they would be included, Also there is a reason y there r only 14 infallibles, the other Prophets AS were not infallible, they did sin, we r all the kids of Adam, the first Prophet to sin, only the Ahlulbayt AS r perfect,
  11. Thank u for the advice sisters, the lecture is in a actual Masjid, not Hussainiya, I spoke with a local Sheikh, he said that it's Haram to go into the Masjid, he said all Marjahs say the same thing on this, and he also said reading Quran is Makrooh, so if we do decide to read Quran then we can't touch the words,
  12. My marjah will stay a few days to reply, and the lecture is tomorrow, I was thinking of just going, but then I feel guilty because it might be haram,
  13. Asalamu Alaikum sisters, Hajj Hassanain Rajabali is in Sydney for the Fatimiyya now and I really want to go see his lectures, I'v been looking forward to it for a while, I'v heard that a female can't go into a Masjid when she has her periods, but she can go into a Hussainiya, Is that true? Has anyone asked any Marjah before,
  14. It's more than 25 words, And after Friday the 13th, but at least it's about ' Black', It all went black, And I was taken aback, What did I lack, To cause this wrack, I'm beginning to crack, Becoming a maniac, I'v lost my track, Wanting to attack, Falling back, Becoming insomniac, From memories beginning to stack, Because you were my best friend, And you had my back, And I would always defend, From the gossiping yak and evil wack, I would always depend, Who wouldn't when you had a great best friend, Then came the clack, It all went black, No body else cares, To see the tears, All I see is swears And even more judgemental glares, But when I look upstairs, And begin the prayers, There is only One that still cares, When I'm here alone, I see the clones, Sitting on their 'thrones', Ready to disown, Their own flesh and blood and what is well known, We should wake up and atone, Yet after everything... Al Rahman remains the only One!
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