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  1. It's not sunnis who have a problem with visiting the shrine but wahabis Salafis. For years and years the visitation of shrines were a norm up until recently where it is questioned by the extremists
  2. SalamAlaykum Isn't there an issue with this sermon? It mentions that Imam Ali was the one who ordered the angels to bow down in front of Adam whereas in the Quran clearly it was Allah (سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى) Did Allah (سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى) use Imam Ali to tell the Angels?
  3. Yes that's correct. We cannot do Taqleed in Aqeeda. We need to study and root Aqeeda in our hearts with our own research.
  4. Brother if you wanna speak about this then you can add me on Skype ID : ItachiAli93 I'll be more than happy to speak you in Shaa Allah
  5. May Allah bless you my dear brother and May Allah (سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى) forgive the sins of your father and grant him Janat. I am almost in a similar position to yourself. I am also currently looking to know a pious sister. My previous marriage life has not worked and we unfortunately had to separate. There was too much ups and downs. I am currently on those dating apps but there are lot of time wasters. I pray the best for you brother. In Shaa Allah you find the right person and please also pray for me
  6. Okay I've just realised that the title is wrong How long did she (s.a) stay ALIVE for after the attack
  7. SalamAlaykum brothers and sister I'm sure this is an easy question but I would appreciate if anyone of you who is certain about it can please answer it Jazakallah
  8. The answer will be found in the Noble Quran.
  9. Yes brother Whatever Mahr u have agreed upon prior to the marriage, u will have to give it to her unless... She either forgives the Mahr (which she won't) or maybe if u talk to her she could possibly reduce the Mahr so then u could divorce her Of course working it out is much preferred than divorcing but both u know better where your relationship is heading to
  10. May Allah bless you the 2nd link was something i was looking for very imformative
  11. Thats very normal when you feel nothing. Look into NoFap and there are articles that will explain the different stages your body will go through when you quit M and P JUST KEEP IT GOING MY BROTHER!
  12. Do we have books from the classical scholars that explain the Aqeeda of the Ithna ashariyya in ENGLISH
  13. SalamAlaykum Brothers and sisters In Shaa Allah you are all well This question came in my mind when watching few debates between Sunnis and Christians. I hope @Nightclaw will also reply to my question in Shaa Allah How did Bukhari get compiled I mean were there any Manuscripts of the Hadith that are contained in it before Imam Bukhari. For example, during the Prophets times, were there companions who have written down the narrations on leather, bones etc? Or was it more orally transmitted. As we know Bukhari, has many Volumes so what I am trying to say is, if there were manuscripts before Bukhari of ALL HADITHS then where are they now? Same question is applied to Al Kafi And if there are any differences Please list them Jazakallah
  14. May Allah bless you brother I appreciate you taking the time to translate it I know you mentioned that you used Google translate which I appreciate. I will however also want to see and get it checked/translated by an Arab speaker who is able to give me the more accurate meaning of this Latmiya May Allah bless u brother
  15. ....... O Muhammad, O Ali, O Ali, O Muhammad, Give me enough, because both of you provide sufficiently. Help me, because both of you help and protect. O our master, O the living Imam, HELP! HELP! HELP! Reach me! Reach me! Reach me! At once, in this hour. Be quick, be quick, be quick, O the most merciful, for the sake of Muhammad and his pure children. DUA Azumal Bala
  16. SalamAlaykum Brothers and sister I pray you are all well and I wish you all blessed year ahead of us I am looking for the translation of a specific Latmiya/Noha of Bassim Karbalai and I will appreciate if someone could please translate this specific latmiya into English I am planning to In Shaa Allah upload it on youtube with the english translation and possibly Farsi too This is the Lyircs in Arabic روح الله ويـاك يـيـمـه الدنيه ما ترحم بـالـدنـيـه شـتـريـد إذا أولها تتيتم مـا كو غير الجروح...إسمع جلمتي و روح الــدنـيـه مـا تـرحـم يـمـحـسـن ثـالـث الـحسنين إسمك يـبـضـعـة فـاطـمـه و أمك تكلمك إذا عـمـري تـريـده الـعـمر أسلمك لـجـن يـولـيـدي مـا راح أبـقه يمك مـثـل هـالـدنـيـه لـتصدق ترحمك لـون بـيـهـا رحـم جـا رحمت أمك بـالـدنـيـه أولاد يـظـلمونه وظيفتهم و شـمـا جره إمصاب أساسه من سقيفتهم مـنهم قلبي مجروح ...إسمع جلمتي و روح الــدنـيـه مـا تـرحـم إلـك خـل أحـجـي يـا آخـر بـنيني إشـتـريـد إبـدنـيـه ما رحمت حنيني بـعـدنـي إبـزغـري و بـزهوة سنيني الـضـلـع مـتـكسر و لطمه إعله عيني صـحـت مـن سـقـطوك إبكل ونيني يـقـع قـلـبـي و لا يـوقـع جـنيني مـن فـكـرت بـيك قلت إسبقني للجنه بـالـدنـيـه لـتـعيش يتيم و تكبر الونه قـبـلي سلم الروح ...إسمع جلمتي و روح الــدنـيـه مـا تـرحـم يـورده إنـقـطـعـت إبـيـن الرياحين قـبـل مـيـلادك إتـعـنـى لـك البين جـدل خـل نـفـترض لو عايش إسنين الـدنـيـه إتـراقـبـك ما تغمض العين مـصـيـرك بـيـها بس واحد من إثنين لـو مـثـل الـحـسـن لو مثل الحسين لـو عـمـرك إيطول ييمه و ما متت بالسم وي نـحـر الـحسين وريدك لا تظن يسلم تـوقـع يمه مذبوح ...إسمع جلمتي و روح الــدنـيـه مـا تـرحـم و بـالـطـف لـو تـعـيش إتأدي بيعه رخـيـص الـدم لـبـو الـيـمه تبيعه قـبـلـمـا جـثـتـك تـوقع صريعه إبـدورك تـكـفـل الـحـره الـوديعه لـجـلـهـا إتـغـرق الـطف بالشريعه و تـالـي تـوقـع إجـفـوفـك قطيعه خـل يـاخـذ الـدور أخوك الما بعد شفته الـيـتـسـمه عباس و هو اليتكفل بإخته إبـعينه الثارك إيلوح...إسمع جلمتي و روح الــدنـيـه مـا تـرحـم أريـد إبـمـوتـتـك يـم عـتـبة الدار أواسـي حـسـيـن حـيـن إبطفله يحتار أشـوف الـكـربـلـه بـعـيونك آثار مـثـل عـبـدالله بـس الـنـبله مسمار بـجـيـت إعـلـه المصاب الما بعد صار مـثـل بـاب و خـيـم قلبي إشتعل نار أبـجـي إعـلـه طفلين و لا يبرد جمر قلبي مـن هـاي الأحزان أنوح و أشتكي الربي أدعي و دمعي مسفوح...إسمع جلمتي و روح الــدنـيـه مـا تـرحـم كـلـشـي عـمـره يخلص حته لو طال فـقـط وجـه الله بـاقـي إبحكم الآجال إمـن أقـلـك روح مـو بس جلمه تنقال أنـا أدري الـمـوت أرحـم كل الأحوال إلا إيـكـون تـحـمـل سـبـي العيال تـنـظـر وقـفـت إخـتك بين الرجال أرحـم لـك الموت و لا تنظر وضع زينب سـبـي و دواويـن شـماته و حره تتغرب زينب تبجي و إتنوح...إسمع جلمتي و روح الــدنـيـه مـا تـرحـم إبـسـكـوتـك يبني صرت أسمع جوابك أودعـك و الـمـهـد أصـبـح تـرابك عـلـه الـعـتـبـه إكتبت قصة عذابك شـهـيـد إبـروحـتـك و الجنه بابك يـمـحـسـن لا تـظـن هـيّن مصابك أعـيـش أيـامـي مـتـلـهـفه بغيابك بـس بـاقـي أيـام نـعـددها بمدامعنه يـيـمـه و الـمـوت عقب فرقتنه يجمعنه مـوعد يكتبه اللوح...إسمع جلمتي و روح الــدنـيـه مـا تـرحـم
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