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  1. MohammadAli1993

    Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) scared of Angel?? The Shia View

    Yeah I understand brother, what about the Shia View?
  2. MohammadAli1993

    Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) scared of Angel?? The Shia View

    I can see that Lady Maryam (s.a) feared the encounter of the Angel. If you can explain further brother, I would appreciate it.
  3. MohammadAli1993

    Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) scared of Angel?? The Shia View

    Brother I don't see any connection. Unless u can enlighten us
  4. SalamAlaykum brothers and sisters In shaa Allah you are all doing well This is something that has been bothering me for a long time really but never got the opportunity to ask it on this forum. What is the Shia Ithna Ashari view towards the reaction of the Prophet encountering Angel Jibareel (a.s) in the Mount Hira when the first Chapter of the Quran was revealed onto him. (Surah AL Alaq) From what I can remember, the Sunni explains that the Prophet was scared with the encounter of the Angel and wasn't sure what to read when the Angel mentioned IQRA We as Shia Muslim believe that the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) was a Prophet before he was actually born in a physical sense but are there any Hadith maybe talking about the event of his First encounter with the Angel and the first revelation. I would be so grateful if someone could share a Hadith. May Allah bless u all.
  5. MohammadAli1993


    https://www.al-islam.org/islam-and-religious-pluralism-ayatullah-murtadha-mutahhari I'd recommend you to read this book. It's really good. In the end it is in Allah's hands to decide who will be in Hell or Heaven
  6. MohammadAli1993

    Temporary marriage

    Please explain brother. Why go for the kill?
  7. MohammadAli1993

    Prophet Yunus REJECTED Wilayat????

    Here is another Hadith: Muhammad Bin Al-Hassan Al-Saffar, from Al-Abbas Bin Marouf, from Sa’dan Bin Muslim, from Sabah Al-Mazny, from Al-Haris Bin Haseyra, from Habat Al-Arany who said, ‘Amir-ul-Momineen asws said: ‘Allah azwj Presented my (asws) Wilayah upon the inhabitants of the sky, and upon the inhabitans of the earth, and the one who accepted it, accepted it, and the one who rejected it, rejected it. And Yunus (as) paused (with regards to) it, so Allah (azwj) Captivated him (as) in the belly of the whale until he (as) accepted it’. Reference: Basair Al Darajat
  8. MohammadAli1993

    Prophet Yunus REJECTED Wilayat????

    Yeah bro I agree with you to a certain degree but look at this part of the Hadith Yunusas said: ‘How can Ias befriend someone whom Ias have not seen and do notrecognise?’ And heas went away in anger. So Allahazwj the High Revealed unto me: “Swallow up Yunusas but do not weaken hisas bones You can clearly see that Yunus a.s didn't want to be Imam Ali a.s friend and he left angry. Then Allah SWT sent a whale to teach him a lesson. In my mind, that doesn't make any sense. Just think about it
  9. Salam sister. I think he should look into Islam and see if he finds it convincing. At least that way you heart will be at more Peace
  10. MohammadAli1993

    Prophet Yunus REJECTED Wilayat????

    It would be nice if we could all stick to the topic please. Respect
  11. MohammadAli1993

    Prophet Yunus REJECTED Wilayat????

    Why should be reconsider Isma with narrations like these that don't make any sense.
  12. MohammadAli1993

    Prophet Yunus REJECTED Wilayat????

  13. MohammadAli1993

    Prophet Yunus REJECTED Wilayat????

    Yeah I've actually seen a big scholar in Iraq quoting this Hadith too. It really doesn't make sense in my mind. Someone knowledgeable might be able to shed light on this narration
  14. SalamAlaykum Brothers and Sister, I pray that you are all well :) I came across this narration where it mentioned Prophet Yunus (a.s) being presented with the Wilayat had paused and due to the Pause ,Allah سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى punished him by the whale swallowing him. I would to know if this narration is even Reliable. The Hadith: Ibn Shehr Ashub – from Abu Hamza Al-Sumaly who said, ‘Abdullah Bin Umar came up to Aliasws Bin Al-Husaynasws Zayn Al-Abideenasws and said, ‘O Ibn Al-Husaynasws! Youasws are the one who is saying that, ‘Yunusas Bin Matta faced in the belly of the whale what heas faced because the Wilayah of myasws grandfather was presented to himas, so heas paused with regards to it?’ Heasws said: ‘Yes, may your mother be bereft of you’. Abdullah Bin Umar said, ‘So show me a proof of that if youasws are of the truthful ones’. قال: فأمر علي بن الحسين )عليه السلام( بشد عينيه بعصابة، و عيني بعصابة، ثم أمر بعد ساعة بفتح أعيننا، فإذا نحن على شاطل بحر تضرب أمواجه، فقال ابن عمر: يا سيدي، دمي في رقبتك، الله الله في نفسي. فقال علي بن الحسين )عليه فقال عبد الله بن عمر: أرني إن كنت من الصادقين. .»؟ أردت البرهان « :) السلام (The narrator) said, ‘So Aliasws Bin Al-Husaynasws him to cover his eyes with his fingers, and my eyes with my fingers. Then after a while, heasws ordered us to open our eyes. So it was as if we were upon the seashore, being struck by its waves. So Ibn Umar said, ‘O my master! My blood is upon yourasws neck’. (I said), ‘Allahazwj, Allahazwj’, within myself’. So Aliasws Bin Al-Husaynasws said: ‘You wanted the proof?’ Abdullah Bin Umar said, ‘Show me, if youasws are from the truthful ones’. فأطلع الحوت رأسه من البحر مثل الجبل العظيم، و هو يقول: .» يا أيتها الحوت « : ثم قال علي بن الحسين لبيك لبيك، يا قال: أنا حوت يونس، يا سيدي. »؟ من أنت « : ولي الله. فقال Then Aliasws Bin Al-Husaynasws said: ‘O you, the whale!’ So the whale raised its head from the sea like a great mountain and it was saying: ‘لبيك لبيك، يا ولي الله ’ ‘Here I am, here I am, O Guardian of Allahazwj!’ So heasws said: ‘Who are you?’ It said, ‘I am the whale of Yunusas, O my Master!’ قال: يا سيدي، إن الله تعالى لم يبعث نبيا من آدم إلى أن صار جدك محمد )صلى الله عليه و - .» حدثني بخبر يونس « : قال آله( إلا و قد عرو عليه ولايتكم أهل البيت، فمن قبلها من الأنبياء، سلم و تخلص، و من توقف عنها، و تتعتع في حملها، - لقي ما لقي آدم من المعصية، و ما لقي نو من الغرق، و ما لقي إبراهيم من النار، و ما لقي يوسف من الجب، و ما لقي أيوب من البلاء، و ما لقي داود من الخطيئة، إلى أن بعث الله يونس، فأوحى الله إليه: أن تول أمير المؤمنين عليا و الأئمة الراشدين من صلبه، في كلام له. Heasws said: ‘Narrate to measws the news of Yunusas’. It said, ‘O my Master! Allahazwj the High did not Send a Prophetas – from Adamas until it came to yourasws grandfathersaww Muhammadsaww – except that there was Presented to himas yourasws Wilayah, the Peopleasws of the Household. So the one who accepted it from the Prophetsas, was safe and sincere, and the one who paused from it, and was hesitant in bearing it, faced what Adamas faced from the disobedience, and what Noahas faced from the drowning, and what Ibrahimas faced from the fire, and what Yusufas faced from the well, and what Ayoubas faced from the affliction, and what Dawoodas faced from the mistake, until Allahazwj Sent Yunusas, so Allahazwj Revealed unto himas: “Youas have to befriend Amir-ul-Momineen Aliasws and the righteous Imamsasws from hisas posterity, in youras speech’. أن التقم يونس و لا توهن له « : قال يونس: كيف أتولى من لم أره و لم أعرفه. و ذهب مغاضبا. فأوحى الله تعالى إلي لا إله إلا أنت سبحانك إني كنت من « : فمكث في بطني أربعين صباحا يطوف معي البحار في ظلمات ثلاث، ينادي » عظما فلما آمن بولايتكم أمرني ربي فق فته على ساحل .» الظالمين، قد قبلت ولاية علي بن أبي طالب و الأئمة الراشدين من ولده البحر. Yunusas said: ‘How can Ias befriend someone whom Ias have not seen and do not recognise?’ And heas went away in anger. So Allahazwj the High Revealed unto me: “Swallow up Yunusas but do not weaken hisas bones”. So heas remained in my belly for forty mornings, circling with me in the sea in triple darkness. Heas called out: [21:87] There is no god but You, Glory be to You; surely I was of the unjust ones. Heas had accepted the Wilayah of Aliasws Bin Abu Talibasws and the righteous Imamsasws from hisasws sonsasws’. So when heas believed in yourasws Wilayah, my Lordazwj Commanded me to throw himas out upon the coast of the sea’ Source: Al Manaqib 138:4