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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Salam, May Allah always put you on the right path and reward you for your faith. There are many duas to read that have prewritten texts that help you make dua to Allah, using ahlul bayt (as) as the wasila. They are found in a book called Mafateeh el Jinan, which compains a comprehensive array of duas from the prophet (saww) and ahlul bayt (as) that are set for certain times of the year, or after certain prayers or to ask for certain things. You can also access those duas in english, arabic and transliteration in a book or website www.duas.org. whenever you start any dua, just send praises on muhammed (saww) and his family, and when you finish the dua say the same thing. they say anything between the praises on muhammed and his household (saww) will be accepted. with dua, theres endless possibilities if you want to ask from one of the imams, or prophet (saww) himself, or Allah directly, you can. in the end, your intention is what counts. :)
  2. Salam brother, I think if you repent and regret it with sincerity (which sounds you are), inshallah Allah will forgive you, as long as you never do it again. Do not stop praying because that will make it worse. Do alot of tasbeeh and istighfar and pray. Theres also dua al Tawbah if you read it, it will help you repent and make you feel better. A good way to purify yourself is to fast and do alot of worshipping during that fasting, it will make you closer to Allah and help with repetance. Another thing is to deal with the main reason that caused you to drink alcohol in the first place, if its bad friends then you should try to move away from them, and if it was desire, you have to come to terms with yourself and strengthen your Eman overall. The process of repentance is not just trying to make Allah forgive you, but to also reflect on what made you do that sin in the first place, how can you avoid it in the future, and how can you improve yourself as a person overall and as a muslim. All this for the sake of Allah. and that is what is considered to be internal Jihad. Inshallah Allah gives you the strength and patience. Wasalam
  3. Salam In what format does the toyota Sat Nav system read the GPS SD card? I have a genuine Toyota SD card but it has middle eastern maps, and I need australian maps. I have downloaded the Australian maps but it is in ISO. file format, and when I transfered it to an SD card and played it on my toyota sat nav system in the car, it didnt work (the sat nav system does not support DVD format). What do I do? Bit lost. What format does the toyota sat nav need to play and can I convert the ISO file? Anyone good at IT and knows what file formats are needed to work on the toyota gps system? The system that runs it i think is WhereIS. Any Help would be appreciated as I am very confused. Thanks in Advanced
  4. Salam I don't think the Sunnis think that, its more the Wahabis? There is no Hadiths, the Wahabis made it all up
  5. interesting, seems most of the old sc members have either changed their usernames or left....... its been a while.....
  6. baklava

    Chronic Time

    (bismillah) MASHALLAH!! wallah its beautiful............keep those poems rolling!! you should consider publishing or entering a poet competition... ^_^
  7. (bismillah) inshallah Allah protects all the followers of ahlul bayt (as) and all muslims, and takes away any evil or harm from their life. there is nothing stronger than the power of dua, and we brothers and sisters in other nations will raise our hands up and pray for you and your people inshallah. inshallah everything will be resolved and i leave you in Allah protection, in which there is no greater protector than He. wa ni3ma billah! (wasalam)
  8. interesting question......... i have no idea i always wondered what becomes of animals when they die... Allah yi3lam
  9. awwwwwww sooo pwetty!!!!! *hugs cat* i want one!!!!!!
  10. salam well if you have light facial hair, laser is not recommeneded because it actually thickens it by stimulating hair growth. but if you have thick facial hair then it is recommended but you need at least 10 treatments. its painful though, so good luck!! wasalam
  11. i dont get it *confused* who is it about?? :dunno:
  12. Lol thats what i said in my HP phase

  13. i am currently reading........................ your mind.............. :D
  14. Lol my harry pottering days are over

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