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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Basra Are you sure about your sources? They are not coming from Iranian news agencies, so I don't know how you can trust them. It seems like you only want to drink from the Kool-aid when it satisfies you.
  2. So if the majority wants to eliminate the minority, that would be okay with you? What a sick individual you are! Then I should never see anything in your posts or quotes about the poor Blacks, Hispanics, or Muslims in the US. If you are one of those, then you should just grin and bear whatever is coming to you. Obviously you live in a very closed off world in your mind. I feel sorry for you. Only if you are one of those sheep that wants your Mullah to decide how you live your life, eat your food, how you dress, which sock to put on first... then I guess that is for you. You are the joke because they have created an intolerable, intransparent, and oppressive society. At least you can have your opinions in the UK. That is not possible in Iran, because the mullahs of hate lock you up and want to hang you from a crane. Are the rights of minorities not important? That is what is lacking in the IRI. If the UK started cracking down on muslims for rediculous reasons, would you not stand up and have a voice?
  3. Now Iran is experiencing true Islamic terrorism. The Sunni Tallyban probably considers them heretics and worse that the infidels.
  4. A Sharia state is a racist state. Iran will never see the Light until they recognize "Iran for all Iranians".
  5. This area is called Jerusalem, not al-quds. Extremists who think this is also another one of their holy lands should also remember that the Hebrew religion was also present in this region. It seems all they think about is their own views. Islam has enough "holy places", they don't need any more. If Muslims are so concerned about Jerusalem, they should be consider the other religions that have a tie there as well.
  6. Why should they leave Iran? Is it not their country as well? Why can't the hard-line, narrow-minded clerics step down and let the people decide? The people of Iran should have the right to protest the government without harassment. They should be able to have an opinion that is different from the IRI beliefs.
  7. May Allah free the people of Iran from oppression as well.
  8. Seeding clouds/rain and stealing them are two different things. It seems like if you seed them over your own territory, the rain will fall on your land hence you get the water not your enemy. The only practical way of stealing water is for the Arrogant countries ones to build giant fans to push the clouds into their areas and then seed them to get the water. There was no mention in this article of any Iranians seeing giant fans lying about.
  9. Why are you discussing human rights issues on a religious website, clown? Shouldn't you be praying, reading the Koran, or worshiping your Supreme Leader?
  10. When have you seen or heard from an IRI controlled media source reporting about something negative about Iran? It just doesn't happen. They would be shut down. Look at all the reformist newspapers that have been closed by the mullahs for being "anti-islamic". If they were to report on the truth, the Ministry of Communications would have a fit! They would be so angry their turbans would catch on fire. This would also anger the IRI's Propaganda Division as well as the Department of Kool-Aid.
  11. This report damns itself. It points out that a majority of Americans does not believe that a muslim can be president. Can a non-muslim be the supreme leader in Iran? This is the ultimate in IRI/PressTV hypocrisy. Kind of like racism in Iran with Sunnis having to pray under Shia instructions. Jeez, Basra. You are not helping yourself.
  12. There is nothing intelligent about al-Shahab. Surely you know they would hang you for being Shia, a heretic in their beliefs. Do not trust these evil doers. In Singapore, it is a cleanliness issue (not a racist or religious descriminatory). And then they don't kill you but give you a fine and citation, which is quite different than what al-Quaeda (al-shaabab) would do. Yup, that sentence of yours convinced me! You must know what you are talking about. Yes i forgot. People like you hate Jewish rule or Jewish self-determination. I wish I worked for the CIA!! They pay well, but they probably would never take me. When have I ever insulted Shias? My beef is with the mullahs and the mullocracy that is biased, oppressive, hypocratic, and evil. I am against extremism and blind faith. Are you a sheep or a person that can think on your own two feet without the need for an Ayatollah to tell you what to do, think, wear, or how to put on your socks in the morning? I am for freedom and justice. Basra, every time you post something, you make yourself look less intelligent. You are too centered around Shia theology to even remotely be considered reliable in a reliable source of an opinion. You are on equals with Glen Beck, Pat Robertson, or Newt Gingrich. There is a World out there that does not involve Shiism and you should respect that. Maybe if you traveled more outside of Tehran you could open your eyes more and see Reallity, but that is probably too much to ask for you to do. I think you would rather sit in your apartment at your PC all day and work on your Manifesto against anything that is Shia. Am I correct?
  13. Thank you. You have just revealed yourself to the World.
  14. Just for the Koran or Muslim beliefs even recognizing slavery today is ridiculous. The thought of anyone "owning" another person is reprehensible. Don't try to justify your religion by quoting these semi-justifiable beliefs by using scripture! Slavery by any form is wrong. You should be against it whether your holy book or prophet tells you otherwise.
  15. And so the cycle continues.... Shias oppress Sunnis, Sunnis oppress Shias. I guess we will be seeing the same thing a million years from now, if we survive.
  16. Another racist propaganda ploy from the IRI media platoon. Of course they cannot present proof of this. It just makes them look like paranoid clowns. Please don't drink the Kool-Aid. It is bad for your health.
  17. Are you an expert on this? Being born gay or being born in the opposite gender's body are two different things. You need to do more research on this. And by research I mean studying from science and not the Koran, extremist beliefs, or mullah's fatwas. Me too. It brings out the hypocrisy in people. And thus emerges an adherent supporter of the Tehran school of tolerance and extremism.
  18. Yeah Unity... As long as you do everything MY way! LOL This is shameful. Iran always complains about the human rights of Shias in other countries. This is a great example of their hypocrisy.
  19. You sound like a hypocrite. Do you not see that what you are saying makes you sound like a bigot and racist? Even if it comes from your scripture, you should have enough intelligence to see if it is wrong. I am praying for you to see the light of your errors. Yes of course, if somebody White supports Human Rights, they must support the oppression of Basra and his minions. Geez. Democracy means nothing when you do not support minority rights. What good is it if the majority elects to send the minority to the gallows? A true and just society is one that can have the interest of all its citizens at heart.
  20. Go home and serve your husband. I guess you like serving oppression and injustice as long as it serves your goals.
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