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    Papples got a reaction from Northwest in Nationalism: The Destroyer Of Islam   
    It sounds like people have more of a problem with imperialism than nationalism or capitalism.
    Regarding the practice of capitalism in the US, the country has lost its way somewhat. The principles Adam Smith put forth in The Wealth of Nations are considered to be the foundation of the American economic system, but most people are unaware of the moral component. Adam Smith believed that the Invisible Hand (self interest) would only properly direct an economy as long as people were moral. Basically, if you have a bunch of thieves running the show, they're going to screw people over left and right, and that doesn't benefit society as a whole. The system needs morality to function properly. Now, this worked in his time (18th century) when most business was conducted face-to-face with people you knew. There was a social cost to being immoral. That doesn't really exist any more, and it's not because people are less moral, it's because business, itself, has changed. Most business is not conducted face-to-face anymore, at least not in the US. This removes a lot of the accountability. It's easier (no social consequences, you don't feel guilty) to screw over someone you never meet.
    This is a huge problem, in my opinion, and its one that isn't being addressed in the US. I don't think most Americans have even considered this...they're too busy watching reality TV, unfortunately.
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