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  1. Behe has not scientifically demonstrated anything. Irreducible complexity is just another argument from ignorance. The concept does not lead to new knowledge. On the contrary, the concept promotes giving up and just saying "God did it". You never learn anything doing that. Improbable events happen all the time. In fact, every event in the universe is improbable. Everyone's lives is just a sequence of incredibly improbable events.
  2. And some people call Islam Mohammedanism. http://www.thefreedictionary.com/Mohammedanism That does not mean that the name is accurate. No, in both cases the name is used to demean that which they symbolize. Theists WANT to call the theory of evolution Darwinism as part of a disingenuous game to portray the theory of evolution as a religion. That's called propaganda.
  3. I like what Richard Dawkins says about blasphemy...it's a victimless crime. Perhaps the story of Adam and Eve is a myth, a metaphor, or a parable. Have you ever considered that? Humans did not evolve from chimps. They share a common ancestor from approximately 5-7 million years ago. Also, individuals do not evolve, populations evolve. You lack of understanding (willful ignorance, you don't want to understand) is astounding, but not uncommon. Many people don't want to understand things that might upset their world view.
  4. This does not answer my question. He talks about other faiths, but says nothing about people with no faith.
  5. A tax is compulsion. It's not the same degree of compulsion as a death threat, but it is still compulsion. I'd like to see verses from the Qu'ran that relate to the treatment of atheists, if they exist. And if they do not exist, I'd like to see some documentation regarding the current understanding(s) of how to treat atheists.
  6. What would happen to atheists if Muslims were able to establish a worldwide caliphate? Some people have told me that Muslims would kill all atheists, others have told me that Muslims would do nothing. Obviously, both of these cannot be true at the same time. What would happen to people like me if Muslims were to eclipse the West in political, military, and economic power? I'd like scriptural references if possible, not just random peoples' opinions.
  7. This statement is not only libel, it also demonstrates your profound ignorance. Just because reality does not conform to your ideology does not make it untrue. Evolution is a fact and the theory of evolution explains how it works, to the best of our current knowledge. The theory will be improved over time, as we gain more knowledge. Isn't the self-correcting nature of science wonderful? Without science you wouldn't have clean water to drink, air conditioning in your home, a computer to make anti-science internet posts, or any of the other amenities you take for granted.
  8. Theists (Muslims, Christians, Mormons, etc) believe morality is divine because they cannot explain the origin of morality. That's how it works with everything that theists cannot explain...God did it.
  9. There is no such thing as "Darwinism". No one worships Darwin just like no one worships Mohammed (or calls Islam Mohammedism). The existence of evolution is a fact just like the existence of gravity is a fact. The theory of gravity explains how gravity works just like the theory of evolution explains how evolution works.
  10. It could be fabricated, but I don't think it was because it wouldn't be out of character for a religious icon. Martin Luther King Jr was a philanderer, as was Ghandi. And that's just two I've named off the top of my head. I'm sure we could make a list pages long. It is not any easier for men to thwart their desire for sex than it is to thwart their desire for food.
  11. Incorrect. Islam tossed true scientific exploration aside nearly 1000 years ago, long before there was any European colonization. You can thank al-Ghazali for the fall of Islamic empire. His influence on philosophy, and how it relates to science, was the beginning of the end of Islamic superiority. Blame yourselves. The West dealt with this too, of course. The Catholic church was often a hindrance to scientific advancement. But the difference between the West and the Middle East is that the West woke up. The Middle East is still in a daze.
  12. Is The Unification where they reestablish the old boundaries of the empire? Will they conquer Spain?
  13. I'm amazed there are so many facial recognition experts on this forum. OBL had a porn stash, too. This isn't surprising. The more pious an individual tries to appear, the more they are hiding. This applies to every single human on Earth. http://www.cbsnews.com/8301-503543_162-20062676-503543.html
  14. This post does not refute the previous posters argument that Russian intelligence is not reliable. Your position seems to be loaded with confirmation bias.
  15. False equivalence. The Libyan people are not a terrorist organization. Also, what is happening in Libya was not originally a war. The protests were originally peaceful and there was no violence until Gaddafi tried to use force to stop the them. Gaddafi is the source of the violence, not the protesters. This statement does not even make sense. Violent civil wars ALWAYS result in genocide. I don't agree that oil is a huge factor. Media coverage is the primary factor. And the reason Libya was covered is not because they have oil, but because Gaddafi is nuts and he makes for good television (higher ratings equals more profit).
  16. There is so much propaganda out there, it's impossible to know what is true. I am skeptical of anyone who claims they "know what's really going on". I will say that the more complex the conspiracy theory is, the less likely it is to be true. My opinion is that this has little to do with oil. Westerners still remember how detente allowed Hitler to massacre millions of people. Gaddafi has basically said that he will kill all of the rebels, which means that if he wins it is possible that he would kill hundreds of thousands of people. At first, Westerners were hoping that the rebels would force Gaddafi out of power, but as it has become more clear that Gaddafi will win, pressure to intervene has mounted. There are certainly other factors involved, but in the US, the people are really tired of war and we're trying to balance our budget. Even the war hawks are ambivalent about this intervention. Just because these people have US currency does not mean that Americans put that money in their pockets. The US dollar is the world's reserve currency (certainly more valuable than the Libyan dinar). I'm sure Gaddafi has billions of US dollars from all of the oil he has sold, so he's using that to pay his mercenaries. This really isn't a difficult concept to understand.
  17. If that wasn't your point, then you should not have used that example. Religion and culture are perpetually intertwined. They mirror each other.
  18. Have the bulk of Muslims been ethnically cleansed from Saudi Arabia?
  19. Perhaps calling it the "center of the Muslim world" was not the best way to phrase it. It is symbolic. The nation where Mecca is located does not allow women to drive or vote. Are the people currently living in Saudi Arabia descended from the people who lived in the region 1300 years ago?
  20. Only males over the age of 21 are allowed to vote. Saudi Arabia had elections in 2005. Saudi Arabia is where Mecca is located. It's the center of the Muslim world.
  21. It would be more correct to say that the Western aristocracy lost its favorite tyrant.
  22. Iran is a theocratic police state. Iran is not a democracy.
  23. When there are Islamic nations where women aren't allowed to vote or drive, Muslims are making a caricature of themselves.
  24. It sounds like people have more of a problem with imperialism than nationalism or capitalism. Regarding the practice of capitalism in the US, the country has lost its way somewhat. The principles Adam Smith put forth in The Wealth of Nations are considered to be the foundation of the American economic system, but most people are unaware of the moral component. Adam Smith believed that the Invisible Hand (self interest) would only properly direct an economy as long as people were moral. Basically, if you have a bunch of thieves running the show, they're going to screw people over left and right, and that doesn't benefit society as a whole. The system needs morality to function properly. Now, this worked in his time (18th century) when most business was conducted face-to-face with people you knew. There was a social cost to being immoral. That doesn't really exist any more, and it's not because people are less moral, it's because business, itself, has changed. Most business is not conducted face-to-face anymore, at least not in the US. This removes a lot of the accountability. It's easier (no social consequences, you don't feel guilty) to screw over someone you never meet. This is a huge problem, in my opinion, and its one that isn't being addressed in the US. I don't think most Americans have even considered this...they're too busy watching reality TV, unfortunately.
  25. Not everyone is afraid. In the US, rednecks and neocons are afraid. Most Americans are really happy for Egypt and hope they succeed in establishing a free society. You seem to have a hard time distinguishing between the US government, media, and people. I wish the US government would just wish Egypt well and shut up. The more Obama talks, the more it looks like he's trying to influence Egypt. I doubt the Egyptian people really care what Obama says though, so good for them.
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