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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. It's horrible what is being done to these people and others in North Iraq. Someone should put these ISIS animals down once and for all.
  2. My blog with personal texts and reflections: http://sarastro-lucis.tumblr.com/
  3. The Pope has spoken out against American plans to invade Syria in the past. It is nonsense to believe that the Catholic Church is allied to Western politics. About Stalin and the Pope: the role of John Paul II in the collapse of communism is quite famous and well-known really.
  4. This week I've read the book "The Perfect Man" by Ayatullah Murthada Mutahhari as Imam Ali as a perfect example of ethics. What a brilliant book about philosophical anthropology!
  5. Thank you! I am very happy that you like it. I've decided to put the poem on a blog site ( http://sarastro-lucis.tumblr.com ) and sign it with the pen name "Sarastro Lucis", simply to be able to sign the poem without having to give my own name. You are free to share the poem as you see fit but please put the pen name underneath it. :) Thank you for your reaction! No at the moment I am not a Shia. But when I study the Ahlulbayt my souls burns with a great joy and so I want to express this love to them in my own limited way. But who knows what the future holds. :)
  6. Thank you. I am happy you appreciate my writing. :)
  7. The second poem I wrote. I just like to share it with you without pretending that it would have any special merit. This poem is inspired by my contemplation of the person of Lady Fatimah al-Zahra (as) and the peace that gives to my soul. My soul contemplates Lady Al-Zahra (as) As I walked the roads of many lands, I saw the beggars of this world stretching out their hands, People desiring wealth and glory they can possess, believing their happiness lies in wealth and fine dress. Long have I ponderd which way to follow, for the promises of this world often prove hollow. Power, might and r
  8. Just my primitive attempt to write a poem I inspired by my reading of the Nahjul-Balagha. :) My heart speaks to Imam Ali (as) I greet you o Light that shines from the East, of all the men who walked this world I am the least, Lacking am I of true piety and hence, my only hope is to hold myself to the pillar of your eloquence. I greet you o Light that shines through the ages, knowing that at the end God will pay us our just wages, It will be during that Day of righteous Judgement, that you will retake of all the faithful the command. I greet you o Light that shines in all lands, tes
  9. The good manners and eloquence of the Ahlulbayt is far removed from the attitude of the first post of this topic. This doesn't help any form of debate or dialogue.
  10. It´s in the Bible in the book of Revelation which discusses the situation of Christians in the Roman Empire and was a message of encouragment to them.
  11. 666 refers to Emperor Nero, who was responsible for persecuting the Christians in Rome. All citizens of Rome where obliged to worship the emperor. The Christians refused to worship the emperor and so they were persecuted. The sign of the beast is the document someone would receive as proof that he had fulfilled his obligation to sacrifce to the emperor. This was called the sign of the beast because from the Christian perspective it proves that a person had lapsed into idolatry.
  12. Thanks for the links to the lectures. I watched the first one of the ones by Sheikh Dr. Mohammed Ali Shomali, certainly very intestering. Great scholarship! God bless, Leto
  13. Thanks all. A lot of fascinating reading material! Thanks for the video Grief; it certainly connects a lot to where I am at at the moment. I just want to find a way to live an authentic moral life, finding true piety and connection to God. My instinct tells me that coming closer to Ahulbayt is the path to advance towards these goals. But I need help and guidance. Peace, Leto
  14. Hi all, I am not a Muslim but for a longer time attracted to the Ahlulbayt; based on what I know they are examples of ethic life and true spirituality. But I feel I don't know enough at this moment. I have studied philosophy for many years and I am well acquainted with the history of Western philosophy. But starting to know more about the Ahlulbayt I feel that maybe here I have found a treasure of great worth; something that can really help me to grow more from just knowledge to understanding and wisdom. Can anyone help me to find some resources to deepen my knowledge. A good comprehensi
  15. I'm positively interested because I think there is a lot of wisdom there every reasonable person can see. Also contemplating the lives of the Ahlul Bayt I feel the attraction. But what is the step from attraction to actual faith? That is the question I am trying to answer.
  16. Just wanted to say I love your signature of Imam Jafar al-Sadiq. Beautiful quote which makes one think a lot!

    1. Ali Musaaa :)

      Ali Musaaa :)

      Sorry, I had no idea I received a comment here. Thank you for taking the time to do so. The credit goes to the Imam [a] himself. It is an amazing Hadith. I'm glad you enjoyed it. :)

  17. Placid: Just a question: if you accept the Qur'an as true revelation of God why do you remain Christian and do not convert to Islam? Your current position seems very ambiguous; being a Christian but using the Qur'an to prove your points. You take the Qur'an serious but not serious enough to accept its full truth? What is going on there?
  18. No offence taken at all! I can understand your reaction against "LOVE LOVE LOVE" which indeed makes little sense; and I think nowhere in my posts have I used that phrase. Three points: -I am not denying history. I fact I was referring to several historical facts with regards to the crusades to come to understanding of history. That is the opposite of denying; namely inquiring, researching and understanding. -You do not know my faith or my opinion about these matters since nowhere have I given them except in the one comment that I don't think the crusades were a positive thing. You seem to p
  19. It is interesting to hear this and I wonder whether it is true. It is not so much Christianity that I am talking about but more the general philosophical principles that quite universally underly the codifications of law. Revenge has never been the underlying principle of most law systems; punishment and justice are something different than revenge. Revenge leads to endless cycles of violence; justice contains and breaks it. Can anyone who is familair with Islamic law and punishment explain me how the concept of revenge functions in Islamic jurispudence? Please with reference to quotes so no
  20. The motives of the Popes that lived in that time to proclaim the first crusade were to protect the Byzantine Empire from being destroyed by the Turks and to protect the pilgrims in Jerusalem. Nowhere did the Pope summon people to "murder entire villages in Jesus' name" or to kill infants. A silent nod seems speculative to me; we are speaking about the Middle Ages were it tooks months to travel from Europe to the Middle East, not the internet era of today were you know exactly what is going on. Nobody claims that war and conquest are without violence. When the Muslims originally conquered Jer
  21. I think with Islam too you need to understand historical context to appreciate the meaning of history. I think in reality many people misjudge Islam because they have little appreciation of just that. That has little to do with the pope or islam but just with common sense I would think. What you say about the Pope giving orders to "Christian soldiers sent into villages to kill people in the name of Jesus". You have any sources for that? Or does it come for the same source as those 400 years? Or are facts just more "bla... bla... bla"? You speak about contradicting nonsense. Where in what I
  22. Hi Solitair, The Crusades: 400 hunderd years of Crusades? There were several very distinct military campaigns called crusades that took place between 1095 and 1271. This isn't a "400 years of crusades" like one massive block; it are different wars over a period of 176 years. They were military expeditions that initially started off as a reaction to two situations: -a request by Emperor Alexios I Komnenos to Latin Christianity for military aid against attacks of the Seljuq Turks on the Byzantine Empire -enabling pelgrimage to Jerusalem, because there were many stories of pilgrims being ki
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