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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Iran is a corrupted area. They kill girls who where raped.. Stone for no Hijab. For Gods sake Hijab ISN'T EVEN ISLAMIC! The Hijab is man-made. Khomeni made a new religion diverted people. The only source of Islam is the Quran. Don't blindly take info.
  2. Now while Adultery and Forcination is not allowed. As stated in the Quran. But have I yet to see it say, Hugging, Kissing etc isn't allowed. Though the term Forcination means sex before marriage it could have the same meaning as "leading to sex". So I still Question the thing is dating really allowed? And no I won't listen to hadeeth or anything that doesn't have authentic Quranic proof. As the source for Islam is in the Quran.. So that's why i'm still clueless on is it allowed or not?
  3. MASTURBATE! I see no place in the Quran where it says not to.
  4. Calling me fake is calling God fake. I've citated the Quran you chose not to believe it go ahead. Also back then Hijab was just to show you weren't a [Edited Out] or slave. But after Muhammed died that verse no longer counted.
  5. 24;63, Do not treat the prophets like a normal. It doesn't mention a prophet. It's all prophets..
  6. There is no Mahdi; the secret that was revealed is the mathmatical code in the Quran.
  7. No. I follow the Quran.. Muhammed was a human a messenger. He isn't equal to God nor am I told to worship him. My message isn't to convert but to express the burried jewl. 24, I'll read my self again.
  8. Kimr means cover just cover. 24:31 It said cover your Bossom, chest not head. Is raas(Head) shaar(Hair) in the verse NO. "They shall not reveal any parts of their body except for what's necessary". What is necessary is for you to decide. In Quran it says dress modestly, again up to you to decide. As God is aware of all cultures. So you aren't pleasing the lord with niqab/hijab. It's man made, where for culture.. Since it is culture.
  9. Islam has fallen to corruption. First you worship God alone. But how did Muhammed get in Contact Prayer let alone Ali? I challenge you all to tell me the correct way of salat. You all follow your leaders blindly. You know, Karbalah was to try and keep Gods word alive, Quran. As meccans added false verses. 9:128 and 129, broke the lock. Mathmetical miracle, as God said his words can't be corrupted. And if you trusted and belived the lord you would read his words.
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