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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. S/A brothers. Thanks for the quick replies. With regards to the Al-Kafi book with grading, is there a way to get hold of it in a pdf format, Arabic or English is fine. What more books are available containing sahih hadiths from Al-Bihar or Al-Kafi for example? By the way, which of the maraji' can I refer to presently, online contacting preferably, in order to get the hadith's grading? Is it fine to just throw off a question at the site of Ayatollah Sistani for instance. :D
  2. (salam) There is a question that is looming over my head for quite some time. :wacko: Now, with regards to verifying a hadith's authenticity, what is the process in which I, as a layman, can know the grading of the hadith (i.e. sahih, da'eef, etc.). Apart from consulting a scholar, is checking the reliability of transmitters and, perhaps, pondering on the "mitn" (content) of the hadith, the only way to verifying what a hadith's grading is? I suspect there is a book where hadith numbers from certain books are listed side by side with the grading of the respective hadith, although I could
  3. Ugh, alright :( I will post them if I have any doubt, so the community can benefit too from it. Thanks for your help once again Br. Nader. (wasalam)
  4. Al (salam) Brother Nader, Thank you for your fast reply once again, May Allah bless you ^_^ As for Shakir Shaba', the information regarding his life or anything about him is scarce or none. Most of the narrations are fromreliable books such as Bihar-Ul-Anwar, Al-Kafi, Mustadrak Al-Wasael etc.. Though it does not give any isnad to the hadith or whatsoever. I will post any hadith that I doubt its authenticity ^_^ Once again thank you Brother Nader. May Allah bless you for these contributions and grant you closeness with Him & The Prophet & His Ahlul-Bayt. (wasalam)
  5. Salam Brother Nader and thank you for the informative reply. As for the book, I got the one by Shakir Shaba' published by Dar Al-Athar, Beirut. There are lots of these books I guess :wacko:. Because there was also another book by Shakir Shaba' named Tibb Al-Aimma. Do you think I should disregard all the "Ahadith" listed in the book and find the books of Muhsin Aqeel? Thanks in advance brother Nader, your replies are very informative and indeed helpful. (wasalam)
  6. (bismillah) Salam everyone, I recently bought a book named Tibb-Al Imam Al-Kadhim (as). It compiles ahadith regarding medicine, eating, and table etiquette. Here is the cover of the book in case of doubt. http://www.neelwafurat.com/itempage.aspx?id=lbb98402-58547&search=books For anyone who have read the book, are the chain of narrators and the narrations in this book reliable? This book seems quite interesting and I would like your point of views about this. Thanks in advance. (wasalam)
  7. I definitely should read the book... However, we people cannot be in a certainty about this matter, but if it happens to be true, then the world will observe another miracle of the Holy Qur'an. Year 2012 predictions are based upon Mayan predictions and numerology, so we cannot exactly take that as a source, Islam would be a much better source. Good job brother :)
  8. You cannot reach complete realization of Allah if you are not willing to think. How can your belief in Allah strengthen without pondering upon sayings of the Prophet and his followers. If you just take time to look around and think about the blessings that Allah has given to his humanity, then your belief will strengthen and the shades of doubt will be removed from your heart. Prophet (Saww) said: An hour of thinking is better than sixty years of praying. (Nahj al fasahah, Pg. 29) The Prophet (‘s) used to always love to be optimistic and to hate pessimism (Bihar al-Anwar, Vol. 92, p. 2).
  9. Here's a link I found about a list of sects with a small description. I'm sure there are more though :P http://www.alislam.org/library/73divisions/73-09.html
  10. (bismillah) (salam) -I will try to keep it short since it is my first topic :) (Samurai Jack) - Always be alert my son, for the prescence of evil sometimes is right behind you. - Evil is clever and deception is its most powerful weapon. (Ironfist Chinmi, مدرسة الكونغ فو) - أنت تبالغ في إجهاد نفسك فالحركة العنيفة تبطئ من سرعتك لأنها تفقدك التركيز - لن ترى الحقيقة كاملةً إذا نظرت اليها لعينيك فقط - نحن نتعلم رياضة الكونغ فو لكي ندافع عن الناس وانحميهم ونقف مع المظلومين - لم تنجح إذا تأخرت في التحرك, تحرك وفكر بسرعة - إذا ارهقت نفسك تنخفظ سرعت ضرباتك استرخي وركز قواك قدر ما تستطيع - القلب الص
  11. Interesting topic. ^_^ It seems similar to Astral Projection.Through deep meditation they manifest themselves out of their body and said to be able to travel to anywhere in this world. I am not sure of its validity but I know that it is practiced in Taoism and Buddhism. They have similar concepts as 'Tay Al Ard' which is that the soul must be purified and pass through several stages and that the person must have reached a high stage of knowledge. I believe it is one of the stages they pass through to achieve enlightenment and at that stage the matter around them are just illusions. Weird con
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