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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Its not an Islamic Lecture but if you know the Quran and you can link what he is saying. THIS WILL BLOW YOUR MIND. IT IS AMAZINGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG Watch Part one also if you have time.
  2. Salam My uncle has come overseas and is wanting to settle in Australia. He is a widower and looking for a Shia women aged between 40-50 for a serious marriage. Any suggestions would br great Ws
  3. Can someone please give me references please and why? Thanks
  4. Personally i believe that society is set up in such a way that we think that void can be filled by getting that big house or getting our pension, alot of people die before but for those people who get to that point in the life where they figure that nothing materialistic can fill that void they turn to drugs or start doing charity work, this is common amongst many in our society and celebrities. True. Bro i was making good money, going out every weekend, getting off my head, picking up so many girls bro everything society makes out to be "cool". I was never happy bro there was a hole inside of me. Its like life has made us delusional and promised us lies to fill this hole but nothing other then believing in God can fill this Void. Wallah bro if i was an atheist and i didn't see a point for my existence other then to live as long as i can, what would be the point to exist?
  5. Are you serious bro? I think that people turn to drugs when they have all the money in the world, or they start doing good deeds because they have a void in their life which cannot be filled without a religion.
  6. Generations programmed. Trying to fill our desires with materialistic products. Programmed to outdo each other. Nicer cars, clothes, houses. Destroying your brains with substances and alcohol for moments of pleasure. Yet you know inside of you, there is always a deep hole that money cannot fill. A sad reality the young do not understand and the old have discovered to late. Open your eyes. If we are just "matter" without Souls why do people have voids in their lives? ie Mid life Crisis?
  7. u there bro? hey you know how you said your mate took pics of that white like on the kaaba? My mates cuzn I seen the original foto far out trips me out man Bro I cried When I seen it Who said the light of an Angel cannot be seen???????????????????????????? gimme a hadith please?????????????? i know jinns cannot be seen but why are there so many sceptics on here Darda'il (The Journeyers), who travel in the earth searching out assemblies where people remember God's name
  8. I was watching a video of some guy who was a hafiz Quran. He remembered the Quran word for word in 2 years, he is one example of many millions of people who remember the Quran who dont even speak arabic. Isnt this a miracle in itself? Or what about the only book which has been preserved for over 1000 years without being changed word for word. And what about the verse which challenges us to produce a verse like the Quran if we are truthful.. You get people with limited knowledge doing this and saying "taaa daaaaa" i done it, however to produce a verse it has to meet so many criteria and till this day not even a sentence has been produced which makes sense in the same way the Quran was revealed........ Arnt these enough miracles for you?????????????????? Im not saying your questions are not valid but im saying from you questions im assuming you dont even speak arabic..............
  9. Are you reading the Quran in its orginal arabic? Do you know where each verse was revealed?
  10. They are not 28 problems they are 28 things you are misunderstanding. You have to see where the verse were revealed , should post this to a aalim. Ie in some places inthe Quran it says there will be no intercession on the day of judgement and then there is clear ayats which say Allah will allow some to intercede....... If you look at it from your lense you will say it is a clear contradiction however there were some verses revealed in Mecca and the others in Medina. The no intercesion relates to those who worshiped idols and those other then Allah.
  11. Angels are made of Light. Not a smokeless flame
  12. A friend of mine that lives locally has actual photos of this amazing event. Let the deniers deny but we know how great the Night of Power is..................
  13. King Pomba what im trying to say Is before the big bang as there was only energy. However we are here today debating. This means that from energy we have formed into material beings. So why is the concept of after life so hard to grasp when we came here from nothing. Should not people be more accepting of the afterlife... If we have come from nothing into material beings, why are we so reluctant to think that from material beings we are going to go to another life....... it should be easy concept to accept. From nothing into something = Miracle that we are witnessing because we exist. From existence into another existence = Not that much of a miracle but for some reason we find it hard to grasp.
  14. If you disbelieve in a creator what are your morals based on? Your morals have no basis.........
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