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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. I am going through a similar Dilemma..I recently had an Interview at Credit Suisse (a famous Swiss Bank) and the night before my interview I was feeling heavily guilty and i had a dream that I was eating Pork. I was totally freaked out. Never the less I did not get that Job. Now i am thinking of taking a safer career. Banking seems to be not a halal source of Income because banks core profit generator is Interest and no matter what Job the person does in a bank they are going to receive their salary out of the profits which banks generate. It would be helpful if any one can post a majlis on F
  2. <p>Let me assure..Ziyarat E Ashura will transform your lifeif you read it on regular basis. Its my everyday anthem now and waAllah i am closer to Allah more than ever. All my troubles work out..currently i am in trouble but i know that Imam Hussain (a.s) is the best of providers. </p>
  3. Man i follow all Majalis by Ammar Nakshawani and its sad to see that his lectures are not available online yet. I visited Zainab centers website and apparently they are charging for the video. Sadness :( :(
  4. Ruqayah you have explained the topic beautifully. I feel we need to hasten our guards against moral evils and strengthen our remembrance of Allah subhanahutallah and Imam e Asar (A.S). This really helps in a society which feeds you corruption through you senses like sight and hearing. Prepare for the ultimate and know that its not too far when we hear our Imams call.
  5. My tabarra is Limited to what is written in Ziyarat e Aashura. Kindly read it as i think it beautifully defines the guidelines on which to send La'an on enemies of Ahlulbayt (A.S) and humanity. Wsalam
  6. This problem is usually faced in areas where Sunni population is in Majority and they corner Shias by saying we curse Sahaba. Firstly we Do not curse Sahaba...We simply Curse a few characters, the 1st caliph, 2nd and 3rd later we openly curse Muawiya and Yazid. In Ziyarat e Ashura 1st caliph, 2nd and 3rd Caliph are Cursed along side Muawiya, Yazid, Abu Sufyan. For the crimes these people perpetrated a simple Lanaat is a small curse. May Allah guide and help Shias. Please read Ziyarat e Ashura and you will know who to curse and who not to curse. Check the origins of Ziyarat e Aashura and know
  7. Mashallah, May Allah grant success to the project and it helps better the image of this beautiful religion we follow. We must prepare for the return now, there is not much time left.
  8. Salam..I am Kazim..Moving to Singapore in Nov 2011. Can You guys tell me the location of Imam bargah in Singapore and if i any residential area is close to it. I like to be integrated in the Shia society and offer prayers at the bargah with my shia brothers.
  9. People in Malaysia dont really know whats going on in Bahrain. The PM is obviously going to favour the sunnis
  10. Man i wish i could help these poor people somehow
  11. Salam o alay kum. Im Kazim age 22 originally from Karachi Pakistan. Currently Studying in Malaysia..Any contacts will be welcomed.
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