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  1. Thank you for such fast response. We will have to stop seeing eachother until the day of nikkah.
  2. Salam Alaykum. Im talking to a woman about getting married. We want to get engaged in october/november and do the nikkah to able to be with eachother before the wedding/party. We have a hard time holding the desires back, so we want to get married. But it has to wait because she just got out of a relationship (We cant make it official because of the guy she had been with before. He can be aggressive) We've been together before and have now found eachother again. Here is my story from before: So my question here is, can we get married without her fathers consent? She is not a virgin (zina) and because we have a hard time waiting we wanna just get married to stop committing sins.
  3. Salam alaykom! I have heard that if you have hade bad dreams you should give sadaqa to make the dream go away. Is this true?
  4. Salam alaykom. I have found what I think is a hadith, on this site but it is from a book Ganjhaye Manavi. It is a book in persian which says that if you have missed prayers and dont know how many you have missed, then you should fast on a monday and pray 25×2 rakats and all your missed prayers will be made up for. Anyone know anything about this? http://ganj-manavi.blogfa.com/category/187/دستورى-براى-نمازهاى-قضاى-گذشته-كه-فراموش-شده
  5. This only shows that I cant and dont want to be without her, because I love her. Thats my purpose with my posts.
  6. Which one of my posts shows otherwise? She has totally changed. Not at all the same girl I met at first.
  7. Hello stranger! I love her dearly, and want her desperately. I do not wish to punch anyone but myself for letting her slip away. I have talked to her, we talked for almost two weeks, 6h every night... and she wanted to see me because she was having a hard time at home and felt that I was the only one she ould talk to. She cant even talk to the guy she was gonna get engaged to. (The engagement was cancelled because he bought a bar and she doesnt want anything with him unless he gets rid of the bar...) I think I somehow made her think about the life she would have with me and with him. But we dont talk today because she felt guilty towards him... I feel there is a big chance of me getting friendzoned here, maybe I already am friendzoned. But I pray to Allah that she will come back to me... I cant see myself being with another person. So I really my big love to her attracks her into my orbit...
  8. I am not really under a cloak but my heart still desires for her presence.
  9. Salam alaykum! I am pretty sure I have read something on the internet about Allah, that He created equal spouses for us? If a person is a sinner, they will marry a sinner and if it is a mu'min, they will marry a mu'min. Anyone who has a clue? Wassalam!
  10. Salam Alaykom dear brothers and sisters! I'm in a very dark place in my life and I really need my duas to be answered, how do I make my chances bigger of getting my duas answered? Please help me!
  11. No sir...miserable! Yeah, I realised that afterwards.... Too little too late, but Im still hoping... I have tried to keep busy but cant shake this one off of my mind. She is in my mind constantly. I cant go outside without being afraid of that I might bump into her.
  12. I wish i had done it... I lost my chance I think...
  13. I'm 24. Yes, she was in all of my plans. Seems like I can't shake this off. I have tried many things and it's been 6 months now but I still want her the way I did before, if not even more....
  14. Thank you for your honesty. I want to do this, give it one last shot and if it doesnt work, move on with my life. Do you have this prayer in transliteration? my pronoucniation of the arabic language is not so good. I was thinking about the same thing, moving away or doing whatever just to get her attention somehow. But I dont know if it will ever work... I dream of her every night. Last night, for the first time I dreamt the she did NOT reject me. For the first time.... But we shouldnt let dreams play games with our minds, because they just might be what they are... just a dream...
  15. I cant reach her and ask her to see me. It somehow has tp be by "accident"
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