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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Assalamualaykum

    1. *Sayyeda*


      Shahr Ramadan mubarak :)

    2. 786YaMahdizamana


      walaykum salaam! Ramadan kareem to you sister.

      how has your fast been today? :)

    3. *Sayyeda*


      Alhumdulilah, it went well, InshAllah they are accepted. I hope yours are going well?

  2. haha well im hoping its the person that I think it was.. because I was with a girl and she told me that on shichat this was her username lol. but lets see :D . I sent a reply to your message and it says who I am in there :blush: . and I haven't talked to her in a while because she said she was going to like Iran and Iraq I think etc. loll
  3. (salam) Sister, I am truly hurt by what he did to you. :cry: :donno: :no: :angry: He has no idea that not only is he hurting you, your baby, family, but other people around him and many others in the process. We inhabit the same planet..there is always some cause and effect to this around the world. you are definitely in my prayers. 'And never think that Allah is unaware of what the oppressors do' (14:42). let me just say he is not only hurting you but oppressing a bunch of us. he is pushing you down to your knees while a bunch of us could have met you one day and not have had the true essence of your existence on this earth just because of this man. Trust me there's a bunch of people who fall down when they if they hadn't fallen down they could have been a prime factor in someone's life but some unhumane individual is torturing them in the process & oppressing them with many others getting hurt by it (while he thinks that he's torturing only one or two people). Just please don't feel alone without Allah's help. His help is always coming in the most unique and mysterious ways. There may be a barrier or obstacle because of this man...but try your best to show Allah and his representatives..and esp Imam Mahdi (as) that you are ready to come back to being happy no matter what because of them. Imam Mahdi (as) should be your source of happiness from now on...just remind yourself that Imam Mahdi (as) is wanting you to stop crying and smile and take care of yourself. :blush: I know its hard not to cry and but for your baby because it can effect the babies mind development in the process. if you are shia of Ahlulbayt (as) then remember they always got your back no matter what. :rolleyes: :) take care fi aman Allah
  4. (salam) Thanks. That's what I felt was Islam.. but this person told me that some of the things happening in my life were as a punishment because of that. And that wasn't processing inside me nor making me feel good about myself. But yes, pureethics I really honestly did not know. Insha'Allah I will worry less...layman Dua Kumayl was what helped me understand more clearly when I first starting researching. Just what is bothering is when this person said they did 'tawassul' through Sayeda Zaynab (SA), it scared me. He said that he was told many reasons from the problems I was having or why I fell sick all of a sudden. one reason he mentioned was that I didn't go to school with hijab? And that made me cry a lot..because back then early 9th grade and earlier years there was no one who informed me of hijab and that it is was wajib. When I researched myself after a number of experiences that led me to towards reality (Allah) was when I found out. its funny because earlier this year, on my trip to a foreign country, there we had gone to a shia masjid to ask about how to solve my problems. There I was told it was a type of black magic and something else was done to make me fall behind. the other magic or whatever it is was for ex. like for instance someone wants to get married but a certain person is not letting this person get married maybe because they want to get married to them it causes many problems for the individual. but the moulana who said that never told me what mine was done for. :wacko: Like the moulana there gave me a bunch of things to combat it..like dua jausahan kabeer to put in my room and then two other things, plus saffron water that has a bunch of duas read on it. and this dua or surah to be worn on me. idk though...im so confused because the person who did tawassul is all like theres no black magic. while the moulana who told us is very aged and has been doing this for a while, said there was. well Allah knows...and jazakAllah for giving me help.
  5. (wasalam) yes...I have that's why I started...when I found out the truth a few years ago...I had repented and started through research. before I didn't know about it....but I don't understand why im going to get or was or getting punished after wearing the hijab and I started back in freshmen year of hs...so I don't know...maybe im getting punished for the 5 years before..taht? but I had no clue then...I swear I didn't know
  6. (salam) is it true that I will get punished because I didn't wear hijab before? when I didn't know about it...and started when researched about it and found out. someone said that I will & I am getting punished.....they did tawassul for me through Zaynab (SA)..my mom didn't do it eithernor did anyone tell me to....I started on my own .and I wanted to know how to deactivate on here..please someone let me know how to... :cry:
  7. (wasalam) Wait I just saw they extended it!!!to July 23 2013. Who is applying right now? any of you? I've been told by many to do college first then do hawza but this is so perfect. please let me know who applied and what the process is if anyone knows. :D
  8. (salam) OMG no way. I was with you at UMAA. :) that was so much fun.. you're a great friend. azizamz :D. like GREAT MASHA'Allah. You blessed me so much that I can't forget that black abaya at all..nor that noor filled face. it's stuck to me...like a blessing. :wub: I'm so lucky to have met you. :angel:
  9. (salam) My life is like yours but just that...I don't have sisters but older brothers lol. I have the same exact problem...which is the hardest to deal with for me. Allah will reward you though...mysteriously He is, I bet :). I'm 18 though...and started hijab three years ago so I know how hard it is. Like living with siblings that kind've have the upper hand in the family...its tuff. I'm trying to find a solution my self for that..and I think it's either marriage or if the wait is hard then..getting a job and becoming independent is another option. Both ways it's a struggle finding one or someone lol. Also for college you could try dorming if its safe...looking at everything around you and there before hand though. Also I have a brother like that you mentioned about prayer and going to the masjid on big events.... :cry:...I really have no clue myself how to change someone like that..it breaks my heart. And I feel for you. In my opinion (sorry im editing this over and over again lol) theres certain circumstances to what house a prayer isn't accepted of a certain person. So for instance you have no intentions to listen to all that in your house. And Allah will not account someone accountable if they are struggling for closeness towards Him. MashaAllah it's a great act in Allah's view...don't worry..He will help you.
  10. (salam) I had previously done a topic on here..and I was to embarrassed to look back at it. But I've kinda found my solution and answer to the temporary struggle. I reported the topic because...I felt some people leaving near me could have figured out who it was and were treating me differently? lol. I mean that was just a feeling but as precaution.. :). Not thinking negatively of them...but protecting myself. I Just wanted to thank everyone though who replied to that topic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope you all are having a great summer!!! and InshAllah will have a great fantastic fun filled Ramadan :angel: !!!!!!! My duas go out to you all.
  11. so wait is there a deadline for applications? and how long does it take to get a reply from them? and when do you go there like, September or august?
  12. When does Jamiat Zahra first semester of the year usually start? and are they not accepting foreign students until after 2013?
  13. Salaam, Omg you need to report this as soon as possible. I know what you mean about being "shy" because the same has happened to me..but it didn't get to the point that they said something dirty to me. It just got to the point I had to leave the school. I came back this year in my senior year and switched out of the class that one of the same guys were in..it was a AP English class in high school and I had to take regular English instead because of this guy. but I made the mistake of not reporting this because I was really shy sophmore year of highschool. :/ But the what happened was I had just started hijab back in sophmore year and because of the harrassment I had gone into a fast transition by not wearing makeup, necklaces, bright colors, etc just so they would leave me alone. It didn't really work.This year I told my counselor. Now theres a diffrence no one dares to come close and talk to me in school. There was only one guy who added me as a friend on facebook from school. and the rest don't even dare to come and talk to me. and before I usto get stared alot and now I don't. I think it's because I carry a dua as a necklace around me. which was specially made for me. So I was thinking maybe that is protecting me this year :D. I usto to get so depressed before this about guys looking at me and coming close to me. I actaully prayed to Allah to punish this guy who was harassing me in the masjid...like he had gone too far..I was in pain because of it. Just don't worry, Allah will protect you . All you could do would be that you try not to be alone ever. You need a friend to protect you. And these Jewish men my gosh..I was at the mall once and this 27 year old guy was working at this dead sea mineral store, where all the products were from a river or ocean in between Israel and some other country and I had to step in not knowing & then he was helping me & so the whole time he was just winking at me when my dad was right next to me. He was just saying Arabs come in their store and say "LA YAHUDD,we don't buy," haha. but he knew that he's not aloud to touch my hand so he asked for my dads hand for the demonstration. Which made me happy at least that he knew his boundaries. So I had a level of respect for him..because he was respecting me there. My harassment has never been done verbally after I started hijab. It's been done quietly when I have no clue :(. May Allah protect you. please PM me if you need help getting rid of him. I actually wanted to start niqab at one point because of this. :Hijabi: && hahaha all the popular guys were after me too..haha and they would sit behind me in class and backbite all the girls they were freinds with.
  14. The only waay you could really have a soul mate would be when you and the other person are pious. Piety calls for liking almost the same things and disliking the same. You compromise and live for the sake of Allah (swt) together. But up to a point you can't be the same in everything. Maybe if your life experiences are the same and alot more stuff is the same then it could be true that you are soul mates. I'm 50% sure there could be Soul mates but at the same time (50%) thinking it may not exist in this world.
  15. This is just annoying. My friend lives in Canada and she told me that she can't go to Hawza in Iran now. :(
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