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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. My name is Mustafa . I am converted shia , i became shia 5 years ago. I took some education in qom , iran. While my family is sunni i can not find a shia girl in Turkey. I want to marry with shia girl. age 18 to 32 she can be citisen of any country but must come to turkey. i will be a english teacher and now i am biologist. if you want please message to me. i added my photograph.
  2. can you give me the source and complete hadith.
  3. there is no hadith source for this story , if you can find please give the source in hadith books.
  4. In hadith of imam jafar sadiq aleyhissalam says earth will slow down and day will be longer. that is the source tafsiri nuri saqalain , qamer 1-6, vol. 52, s. 333-337-339. but i cant find it . is there a hadith like this ?
  5. Resulullah s.a.a said : who is the enemy of Ali is enemy of Allah. (nesai)
  6. if i was sunni (hafizenallah) i would be wahhabi.because sunni hadith books support vahhabis.(like God is in heaven)
  7. How is the weather turki?

  8. Caferi Bro, Have you left for Iran yet?

  9. someone say why are you using another word beside muslim (like shia) ? how can we reply them ?
  10. if you are accepted tuition is free and also housing and food.

  11. SALAM! Does howza in qom pay for housing, food, tuition? I heard they do. I am also considering to go and study at al mustafa university in qom. I would appreciate some info if you can provide, thanks!

  12. thanks to all my brothers and sisters. it took 4 months.
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