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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. The opposite. You don't want to know what your wife really looks like without it.
  2. Find a Muslim girl on your own, hopefully she likes you enough to convince her parents. Easier option - find a revert to marry.
  3. And you sound like a mouth piece for Iranian government's propaganda machine. Reading your posts is like reading some childish and laughable press TV article.
  4. Don't be so harsh on yourself, It's normal, girls like nice things. I would focus on his ambition and work ethic though rather than the gifts.
  5. Because we make them laugh and don't judge them like other women do.
  6. Who cares about gifts? I've never gifted my girlfriend anything and she still loves me to death.
  7. Tough position to be in but at the very least you shouldn't rush into this marriage. It's totally reasonable on your part to expect at least some effort on his part towards something tangible. If he cares about you and his future then he should be able to demonstrate this on some level. You should make this clear and have practical discussions because marriage goes far beyond love and emotions.
  8. So? You are doing the same thing, instead of discussing the aforementioned ill treatment of Muslims in India (which you can do something about), you bring in Pakistan (which you cannot change). It doesn't matter the country, whether India Pakistan or Iran, we generally like to deflect and focus on our adversaries.
  9. As @Sumerian has pointed out, the right approach was to say they did not know and were investigating. To deny was to lie. Also, you shouldn't be looking at other countries when determining what is right and wrong.
  10. They sort of had no choice given the mounting evidence. Also, they kept denying it, stretching this out further would have only led to more embarrassment.
  11. Doesn't quite make sense for the US to engage in an extended military conflict with Iran right now, it will be far too expensive. On the other hand given the recent unrest in Iran, these events could strengthen the Iranian governments position, short of an all out invasion of Iran. Just seems like a miscalculation by US or just sheer stupidity.
  12. There is a shortage of Muslim lawyers in the West and it doesn't need to be haram if you are selective. I wouldn't pursue law as an undergrad though especially in North America, you can pursue law with any degree. I was interested in law school at one point but I have been enjoying CS a bit too much.
  13. Don't feel embarrassed about anything, you are a man. Try and focus on the task at hand which is to figure out whether this woman is worth 60 odd years of your life.
  14. Most mass conversions throughout history were either achieved by force or simply because it was socially/economically the sensible and convenient thing to do.
  15. King

    It's my birthday

    Happy birthday! Birthday celebrations are generally annoying so you aren't missing out on much.
  16. Hardly anyone in Pakistan thinks of Musharraf as a traitor. He is just being labelled as such because technical of terms like treason. This decision could have implications for the military apparatus long term, not sure what those will be.
  17. Yeah, makes sense. UK could have had a decent PM for a change but I guess it wasn't meant to be.
  18. It was Brexit above all else, other issues paled in comparison, even NHS.
  19. Independent journalists with a track record of criticizing corrupt and oppressive states in both hemispheres. For the rest you just have to read between the lines and have historical context. Human rights organizations also operate on agendas but they also do some very good reporting.
  20. And you or your friend in the video don't have personal biases? This guy is a propaganda artist for IRI. No one legitimately critical of IRI is ever going to take you seriously with such a dismissive attitude.
  21. Talk to your teacher, let them know how you feel, it is their job to help you. Don't stress about this too much, you are still young and overtime it will settle down. You should also seek professional help if it is available.
  22. The responses are typical, assigning 0 probability that a Shia leading cleric could have mishandled the situation or God forbid done something wrong. If you start with a blind premise then no amount of evidence will ever convince you. By the way, the excuses are textbook: every victim was a part of some externally backed organization causing trouble and had to be killed. Literally every government that crushes opposition in a brutal way uses the same excuses. It is nothing new. We all know about US/Israeli propaganda and destructive policies in the region. It is easy to parrot the same theories over and over again. It takes a little bit more courage to take a honest look at our own crimes.
  23. Why discuss the crimes of Sahaba then? It is a hypocritical to point fingers everywhere else but never look at ourselves. Of course there is a lot to gain from honest retrospection.
  24. Most people are aware of halal and haram. Not everyone is as practicing as you. You can't dictate how others will have their weddings. You can control your own.
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