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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. What else is new here? Individuals gain a following and start talking authoritatively and arrogantly about every topic that is the flavour of the day. It is not a layman vs an expert issue, it is just a general tendency to avoid careful research most of these complex issues deserve.
  2. Okay, so if man forcefully has sex with his wife against her will then he will only be punished by sharia courts if there are injuries or bruises, and even in these cases he can just pay a sum of money and get off. Can you provide a fatwa or ruling from Islamic sources that states forcefully having sex with one's wife is haram or a sin? You seem to be claiming it is and I think you are right but I would appreciate some evidence to the effect. Also, what category of sin would this act fall into? Thanks
  3. No it is not clear, please answer the question I posted.
  4. What is the Islamic punishment for a man who forecfully has sex with his wife after she denies him sex on a particular occassion? Assume in this case there are no bruises or physical marks present. Also assume that it is established beyond any doubt that the sex was forced, through confession or other means. I don't think this is even considered rape in Islam but in any case, what is the punishment? Proper Islamic sources would be appreciated, not personal opinions.
  5. She is not worth it brother. Work on yourself, you have some serious personal issues. Think about relationships later.
  6. There have always been people with homosexual urges in extremely conservative societies devoid of Western influence. There is no conclusive evidence to suggest it is all or even primarily social conditioning. I grew up in an extremely conservative environment in Pakistan and I knew young kids with homosexual tendencies who were socially conditioned to be totally averse to such tendencies.
  7. Technically it is halal to sleep around with multiple partners as long as you follow proper Islamic guidelines. It is true that women with past relationships are perceived negatively but that is a cultural problem for the most part, they shouldn't by default be judged harshly. Such attitudes make it very difficult for eligible good practicing Muslims to marry again. It is reasonable to be a bit suspicious of someone who has had a really high number of sexual partners, but we really should reserve judgement unless we know the details. As for non Muslims, most of them do not have more than 30-40 sexual partners, the average tends to be less than 10. Just to put things in perspective, as far as Islam is concerned, a woman that has had 10 sexual partners (through halal means) and doesn't backbite is morally superior to a woman that is a virgin but backbites times to time, all other things held equal.
  8. This isn't exclusive to non Muslims. You will find just as many if not more judgemental people with weak morals who are Muslims. As Notme mentioned insecure individuals tend to congregate on such internet platforms and their toxicity just feeds off one another.
  9. Any single girl that cooks rice and looks nice.
  10. As a minority of any kind you will generally feel a lot safer and embraced in Canada as opposed to the US.
  11. You need to be able to express such concerns to him, he is going to be your husband. If he has a very difficult time with such reasonable requests then there could be serious problems in a marriage. Being able to communicate at a more honest level is extremely important. The engagement period should be about figuring these discrepancies out and trying to adjust.
  12. Either just be honest with him that you would prefer your talks to not be romantic in nature till after nikkah or just do mutah. You can have a temporary marriage with restrictions in place till your permanent nikkah.
  13. Women make for great leaders, in the kitchen.
  14. I do understand the effect of positive attitudes. There is no evidence to suggest it adds 20-30 years to someones life, all other things held equal. Happily married couples tend to live longer, but not by a huge margin.
  15. They are not theoretical at all, it has to do with reality. What is the likelihood a child will outlive their parents or even die around the same time? The odds are very slim. The age difference among most children and their parents is around 20-35 years. If a woman is marrying someone 20-30 years older then the likelihood of the woman and her husband living into old age together and passing away within the same decade are extremely slim. It is simply a matter of biology. This is not to say that it is impossible for the wife to pass away first or even close to her husbands death but these cases are extreme outliers. When it comes to a 20-30 year age difference in a couple, there is an extremely high probability the woman will spend a lot more time widowed than couples where the age difference is minimal. Of course there are exceptions but that doesn't change what happens in overwhelming majority of cases. I am not against or for bigger age gaps in marriages, sometimes even short lived marriages are more worthwhile than long ones. I agree our communities are very judgemental and people should do what feels right and should not be stigmatized for it. You cannot change human biology however and most normal people tend to age similarly and die off into our 70s and 80s.
  16. How are these statistics misleading? At the end of the day most men and women tend to die around the same age on average, if you marry someone 20-30 years older or younger, the chances are extremely high that the two will die at very different ages. Leaving the other person alone for a longer time than someone of similar age. This is a valid consideration to make. I am not saying it is always a bad idea to to marry someone with a 20 year age difference, it can work out to be a wonderful marriage, but there are added considerations.
  17. Anyone can die at any age but on average Women tend to live into early 80s and men into late 70s in Western countries. If a woman marries a person 20 years older than her then the chance of her being a widow for an extended amount of time is quite high. She will be 50 when he is approaching the average terminal age for men.
  18. Men tend to die earlier than women so a big age difference could mean she might have to live as a widow for a long time.
  19. I wouldn't say Shias are a lot more honest, we don't accept our crimes either. Shia history isn't exactly all pure.
  20. I think this is a bit of a stretch. Muslims have a population problem, a lot of this has to do with poverty, it is not a sign of progress. A huge number of Muslims come from the Sub Continent and Indonesia. The best way to deal with the population problem is education and economic development. If the world powers were actually all that worried about the Muslim population, the last strategy they would employ would be to bomb Muslim nations and economically strangle them. This is what they have been doing, and it has only worsened the population problem and also forced Muslims to move to Western lands.
  21. It is weird though that so many of these mass shootings are from white males. Other segments also suffer from mental illness as well. I don't know what it is, perhaps it is because parts of Western culture are more isolationist or it has to do with the gun culture? In any case, this individual is not representative of whites, westerners or western attitudes in general. NZ/Aus are relatively peaceful countries and we should be careful with generalizations.
  22. Just looking at things on the surface, I would consider leaving, especially if no children are involved.
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