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  1. King

    I can't stop this one sin :/

    Chess being haram makes 0 sense but it is what it is.
  2. King

    The Firestorm on Ilhan Omar

    You may have this a little backwards. Criticism of Israel has been considered anti-semitic for quite a while now. If anything, there are a growing number of American Jews who are either indifferent or increasingly disillusioned with the state of Israel, they do not identify with Israel as strongly as their predecessors did. There has been an extreme minority of Orthodox Jews that have been critical of Israel for decades but the new wave of indifference over the past decade or so has been driven by a younger and more liberal crowd.
  3. King

    Masturbation issue

    I did skim through some of it. I think it is mostly fine as long as a disclaimer is placed mentioning that the post might contain more explicit details. If it is not un-Islamic then it shouldn't be removed as sometimes people do not have other means to discuss these issues. We are all mature enough to read a disclaimer and not read on if we will feel uncomfortable. As far as children are concerned then I would argue there are countless other threads on topics such as slavery, homosexuality which would all be off limits as they are potentially a lot more damaging. It is an online forum, you cannot restrict all these discussions.
  4. King

    Masturbation issue

    There is nothing wrong with discussing private parts and diseases if it is done in a scientific and serious manner. Just because it is not appropriate in our cultures does not mean these details should not be discussed. As far as I am aware there is nothing unislamic about it, it is a cultural issue we should overcome.
  5. It would be pretty weird for Google to undertake a project like this. Controversial topics are just naturally more popular. At the end of the day it is just algorithms and they have severe flaws, especially when it comes to determining what individuals are really interested in watching.
  6. If you have strong computer science and math fundamentals with decent problem solving skills then you can pick up any language and technology. If you have the time then I would focus on the fundamentals first. For desirable AI/Data science jobs good mathematical skills are a must. If you are short on time then web development has the lowest barrier to entry and there are lots of jobs available. Web development, especially at scale can be quite challenging and involved but 90% of engineers are not solving those kinds of problems. To get into security certifications are extremely valuable as its not a common skillset.
  7. If your life and safety would be in danger then you should not go. God surely would never fault you for it.
  8. Yes it gets boring, especially if you are a guy. You should look for other qualities in a woman beyond how exciting she initially appears, it will all wear off.
  9. King

    Older and younger sisters

    Young or old women generally just do not like each other.
  10. The recipe for a successful marriage is hearty meals that take the whole day to prepare with tender love and care.
  11. King

    Freedom of opinion

    I feel this site needs to get more moderators to catch up with the times. At least someone who has elementary level knowledge of mental health issues and online abuse/bullying. It is easy enough to warn and ban people for uttering the wrong word or breaking some rudimentary site rule. People shouldn't be able to get away with extremely cruel personal remarks cloaked in Islamic slogans. The same goes for a lot of racially insensitive remarks about Whites or Jews.
  12. You should be put on moderator watch for spamming an entire thread and making false accusations against members here.
  13. King

    Breaking His Months of Silence

    In case you missed it, she did mention him being friends with and backing what even many Shia's consider to be a tyrant responsible for countless innocent deaths. Also it is not fair to suggest she said Nasrallah himself killed someone innocent, from what she has posted you cannot conclude as such.
  14. King

    Breaking His Months of Silence

    Except that is not what she said. She mentioned the killing of innocents, did not explicitly mention Nasrallah was directly responsible, just implied guilt by association, which is a completely different thing.
  15. King

    Breaking His Months of Silence

    Maybe she is talking about the countless innocent killed under Assad and the fact that he is very supportive of Assad.