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  1. King

    Sexist adverts

    I watched the ad, don't really feel either way about the ad, it is just whatever. It does not insult me anymore than other corporations involved in moral messaging. I don't think most women growing up in the current generation truly realize just how blatantly sexist most environments were for women in the past. We are literally talking a couple of decades ago. Rampant sexism and very one sided. Of course not all men were and are like this, but it was pretty damn prevalent and men who actually stood up for women were ridiculed. Obviously in some respects the scales have turned the other way and men's issues need their due attention, but that is another discussion and not every single ad will comprehensively address all issues/concerns.
  2. King

    Programming help C language

    Haven't used C in a while but send me your code I will look at it.
  3. King

    W.I.M. wimmin

    Hajj I never see you criticizing the harsh judgement hurled at posters who post these topics. How is that not damaging to Islam and its institutions? I would argue it is even more damaging and I hardly ever see you call such things out. To stretch so far as to come up with this theory is just bizarre as there are far easier ways to malign religion and its institutions rather than coming up with these posts. I would take your concerns a lot more seriously if you were a bit more balanced in your approach.
  4. King

    The flood

    Someone respond, don't leave the brother hanging.
  5. Why do women in certain Arab cultures wear revealing clothing in female only gatherings? I would want my wife to dress modestly even around other women.
  6. I don't buy this, she knew very well what she was doing, it has nothing to do with her background and I am almost certain it was calculated. This was a classic attempt to rally the crowd and possibly take over mainstream headlines. Fine, some politicians like to employ such tactics, maybe Muslims should too, personally I think it is stupid and detracts from the message.
  7. King

    Build up to 2020

    lol Bernie isn't too far left. Half the policies he supports were actually supported by old school Republicans. The actual left has virtually no representation in mainstream politics.
  8. King

    Masturbation is killing me

    Here is a secret for you: Almost everyone masturbates [in my humble opinion]. Try your best but realize [IMHO] its not a battle most can win all the time.
  9. King

    Mut'ah taboo needs to end

    @ali_fatheroforphans Do you play Fifa on xbox or ps4?
  10. lol would be funny if you find your Mr perfect and then he dumps you when he comes across your brilliant posts.
  11. King

    Illegitimate Children

    This comparison doesn't make sense. The issue here is holding an innocent muslim child accountable for his/her parent's sins, and that too for life. Even if an illegitimate child grows up to be more pious and practicing than born muslims, he is denied leading prayer and inheritance. This seems fundamentally unjust and unfair. I have yet to hear a single justification for this that doesn't sound absurd, beyond the typical God knows best. In that case we shouldn't be discussing these things anyway.
  12. Yep as always, anything and everything human rights organizations say about Iran is 100% propaganda and lies. Khomeini and his regime never did any wrong. Every single person killed was a Marxist psychopath that went through a fair trial. Very rational indeed.
  13. I played every major team sport for my school. Football, cricket, basketball, American football and baseball. I still play cricket at a decent level and don't have time for other sports anymore. Never got into individual sports that much but they are fun as well, I just enjoy team sports a lot more.
  14. lol this is going to trigger a bunch of females.