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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. what you say IS true, but im a [Edited Out]py multi-tasker lol sorry bro, ill just talk to ya on msn lolll
  2. Salams all It is time i move on in life, and deactivate for good on this thing im getting married soon and im also going to go do umra inshallah its time to step into the real world it was a pleasure knowing you all, most of my close friends have my email addy, and those who dont ask ImAli for it lol, im sure she will know who to or not give it to !!! I also ask for forgiveness for those whom i have hurt and insulted, and yesss this includes the wahabi HH, and AliMo40, and his wife too lol... This also goes out to Al-imcool-Mufeed, and anyone else who i was rude towards !!! If you choose to or not, if you decide to wait till the day of judgement or not lol, its up to you, i am doing my wajib ! I would also like to say thank you to all those who have made this site welcoming, fun and well energetic ! All those who are on my friends list, your all champions of SC and for those who i havent got on, im pretty sure your champions too As for the rest of the trolls, professor higgins, hsvegeimatreehugginghippyjan, justice4saudi, satyaban and the other irrelevant trolls whom i havent even noticed nor remembered your name, i truely hope your masters step on your necks and make you realise how insignificant you really are, and also, i hope your kids or grand kids become crazy shiites, who are ten times more blunt and arrogant then me, yet more politicall savvy then ya aba, and more humble then hameedeh Salams all you have all been great I ask for this account deeeeebo to be DELETED , i also have another old account deebo, which is lurking around !!!! Delete delete delete Good Bye Yall p.s in the realist thing i have EVER said on this site, i hope one day we meet, and we are all standing side by side, in the Imam Mahdis a.s army, and we battle for the sake of Allah until then Salamssss
  3. why tripoli you bozo ???? what do they have to do with palestinians ? loll what because they are sunni ? i would hate to break it to you but majority of tripolians hate them too... naher al bared ring any bells ? shu did u think they were shiite or christian lebanese soldiers who went into that camp ? lollll seriously worry more about cows roaming the streets, before you try to behave like you know what goes on in lebanon lol @ go to tripoli lollll
  4. ummm there is a bit of a difference between domestic voilence and belting your maid, compared to strapping c4 to yourself in a market place, mosque, or wedding and letting yourself go, waiting for your oh so 72 virgins lol bad comparison trolls, btw i love how you guys all stick together i bet you all pat each others backs too thinking your good lol... the first people that need to be belted are the palestinians !!!! Iran & SYria for YEARS helped them out, only for them to turn their backs, because Qatar has opened their hearts to them lol poor palos, no wonder why they have no land !!! they get pimped out 24 7 by their own bretherin... shame shame shame in other words he is a terrorist lol
  5. Ban this fools please !!! Clearly he is an Indian lol he even says sheesha like most noobs do , I'm suprised he didn't say hookah lol He has nfi what's going on and thank God Ya Aba is back in action finally a mod with some steel caps ready to boot these mischief makers off site... U know those pilgrims are being interrogated by Mossad CIA right now .......?????? Pretty sad going Justice cries Syria just hasn't gone to help them yet which is kinda soft if u ask me
  6. Regardless of who it is he makes some good points
  7. Your kidding me right ? whats your definition of a military ? something recognized by the UN ? the Dhalai Lama sucks up to the US for support against China, and the pope LOL well if he wants a hit done, or a nation invaded, all he has to do is say so ! Trust me there is no shortage on Christian fanatics on this planet ! FAILED REPLY
  8. Najaf never has been quiet People are just deaf that's the difference in all honesty Salams
  9. lol they wont be able to film anything interesting !!! if you get to any areas in the jnoob and your an outsider, a van will rock up, goons will throw you in the back, blind fold you and take you for interrogation... This is the Jnoob im talking about In the Dahyeh there are some areas, that even LEBS are not allowed to walk around with a camera lol or even if you look sus, a pick up will come, and pick you up lol... It happened to my cousin, he was going around the dahyeh filming like the tourist he was lol... poor bloke just got back from the hajj too, then BANG, a van rocks up and took him away lol until they cleared him, deleted all photos and sent him on his way if they want to film freely in the jnoob, they will have to be escorted/need-seek permission !!! But yeah i cant wait either, im going in 2 weeks, I MIGHT EVEN BE IN IT LOL salams
  10. for some stupid reason i cannot upload photos !!! i think it may be google chrome, ill try mozilla then ill show mine, but im going to delete it after a week lol gimme a few mins
  11. Well you dont seem to get our point, on basically EVERYTHING on this site... It really beats me as to why you waste your time here, other then filling your work hours, so you can bring some food to the table... Its normal, alot of people sell their soul to the devil, and in this case, your clearly doing work for Israelis and Americans, British, and in general the Dajjal, whether it be your opinion on so called "Justice" , or Syria, or the first 3 Caliphs !!! Basically your a mouthpeice for the enemy, and that enemy is the same one who opresses 70% of the world through greed and imperialistic adventures !!!! All greed of coarse It seem that even according to some views, definately not ours (Islam that is) that monkeys evolved, why cant you ? Thanks buddy, now its funny how you STILL havent gone to help your bretherin in Homs... Why dont you have free palestine ? oh thats right, dont want to upset your masters... :) now disappear for 3 weeks, while posting on other sites, being the troll you are, then come back here and reply in the usual manner that you do Salam
  12. Hameedeh, please stop being humble, shut up, and take your mod position there is no other way of saying it then ban me for speaking to you in such a manner lol salam
  13. as my friends from the Geto Boys say " U gotta let a hoe, be a hoe" lol
  14. Yeah i agree, screw the EU, they tried to get nasty with the Russians once, till they cut off their gas, and they came running back !!! Cut them off now, and trust me selling them for 10 dollars less, they will end up getting plenty of buyers, besides, they can use whatever currency they want, the EU and US is not as strong as it used to be so bye bye petro dollars Seriously but, I dont know what the next move is, but its very frustrating !!! Iran is playing it smart i know, but they are also starting to look very VERY soft !!! The Shia EVERYWHERE are being attacked from every corner, and its time we strike back !!! I think if they let a few more chinese vanguard missiles into afghanistan, it might make them change their tone a little !!! Either way, time to step their game up... Israelis and US/EU are getting away with TOO MUCH these days ! I say we take Saudi lol i cant wait till we have all that high tech US junk worth 60 billion in our arsenal, because the Saudis will run and hide, like they did in Bahrain against a few kids with molotovs ! The Houthis have always been belting them, and like Noah said, time to start giving them some gadgets !
  15. Diplomats in Brussels said the EU foreign ministers would officially adopt the measures later Monday that were hashed out by the 27 ambassadors. The measures include an immediate embargo on new contracts for crude oil and petroleum products while existing ones are allowed to run until July. "I am confident that the EU will give a resolute answer today to Iran's refusal to fulfill its international obligations on the nuclear programme," German Foreign Minister Guido Westerwelle said ahead of the official adoption by the foreign ministers. Foreign Secretary William Hague urged Iran to "come to its senses" and resume negotiations on its nuclear programme after Britain, America and France sent six warships through the highly sensitive waters of the Strait of Hormuz. He said the EU oil embargo was part of "peaceful and legitimate" measures and not designed to trigger conflict. RELATED ARTICLES Warning to Iran: Western warships sail through Strait of Hormuz23 Jan 2012 HMS Westminster sails to Middle East to add security23 Jan 2012 New economic sanctions prepared for Iran21 Jan 2012 Iran's options if they find themselves on end of a military strike20 Jan 2012 EU prepares unprecedented attack on Iranian economy20 Jan 2012 Britain bans Iran's Press TV from airwaves20 Jan 2012 Any bid by Iran to block the Strait of Hormuz at the entrance to the Gulf, through which 20 per cent of the world's oil exports pass would be "illegal" and "unsuccessful", Mr Hague warned. Mr Hague said an oil embargo was designed to persuade the Iranian government to launch "meaningful" talks with the international community on its nuclear intentions. Britain, America and France delivered a pointed signal to Iran, sending six warships led by a 100,000 ton aircraft carrier through the highly sensitive waters of the Strait of Hormuz. The naval deployment, led by an aircraft carrier, defied explicit Iranian threats to close the waterway. It coincided with an escalation in the West's confrontation with Iran over the country's nuclear ambitions. The EU embargo on Iranian oil exports, amounts to the most significant package of sanctions yet agreed. They are also likely to impose a partial freeze on assets held by the Iranian Central Bank in the EU. Tehran has threatened to block the Strait of Hormuz in retaliation. Tankers carrying 17 million barrels of oil pass through this waterway every day, accounting for 35 per cent of the world's seaborne crude shipments. At its narrowest point, located between Iran and Oman, the Strait is only 21 miles wide. But Monday's ramping up of measures reflects concern that Iran is developing nuclear weapons under the guise of a nuclear energy programme. Mr Hague commented: "These (sanctions) are peaceful and legitimate measures. They are not about conflict. "I hope Iran will come to its senses on this issue and agree to negotiate." He added: "Any attempt to close the Strait of Hormuz would be illegal, and I believe would be unsuccessful." Mr Hague said an oil embargo was designed to persuade the Iranian government to launch "meaningful" talks with the international community on its nuclear intentions. Europe's foreign policy chief Baroness Catherine Ashton also insisted the sanctions were needed to bring Iran back to the negotiating table. An offer to Iran three months ago to begin new talks has gone unanswered, she pointed out. But concern remains that sanctions designed to hit Iran will inevitably hit some EU member states as well. Last month, Admiral Habibollah Sayyari, commander of the Iranian navy, claimed that closing the Strait would be "easy," adding: "As Iranians say, it will be easier than drinking a glass of water." But USS Abraham Lincoln, a nuclear-powered carrier capable of embarking 90 aircraft, passed through this channel and entered the Gulf without incident on Sunday. HMS Argyll, a Type 23 frigate from the Royal Navy, was one of the escort vessels making up the carrier battle-group. A guided missile cruiser and two destroyers from the US Navy completed the flotilla, along with one warship from the French navy. All three countries retain a permanent military presence in the Gulf, but a joint passage through the Strait of Hormuz by all of their respective navies is highly unusual. The flotilla will have passed within a few miles of the Iranian coastline. A western official denied this was a provocative move intended to increase the pressure on Iran. The goal was simply to "illustrate international resolve" to guarantee free movement of shipping through a vital artery of the world economy, he said. A Ministry of Defence spokesman confirmed that "HMS Argyll and a French vessel joined a US carrier group transiting through the Strait of Hormuz to underline the unwavering international commitment to maintaining rights of passage under international law." The spokesman added that Britain maintains a "constant presence in the region as part of our enduring contribution to Gulf security". Royal Navy warships have been patrolling the region continuously since 1980. Abraham Lincoln's entry into the Gulf came in defiance of an explicit warning from Iran. Earlier this month, General Ataollah Salehi, commander of the country's armed forces, threatened to respond with "full force" if any US carrier ventured into the region's waters. "We don't have the intention of repeating our warning, and we warn only once," he said. The Islamic Republic then held a naval exercise in the Strait of Hormuz. More Iranian military manoeuvres, code-named Exercise Noble Prophet, are expected in the waterway later this week. Another carrier, USS Carl Vinson, has been in the Gulf and the surrounding region for several months. Abraham Lincoln's arrival means a return to the two-carrier deployment that America has retained in the area for many years. Each of these Nimitz class vessels carries a complement of fighter aircraft with more striking power than the entire Iranian air force. Their presence widens the options open to Western governments should Tehran attempt to retaliate for tighter sanctions by harassing international shipping lanes. Iran could do so by laying launching attacks using warships or land-based anti-shipping missiles. Each of these threats could be countered using carrier-based aircraft. However, officials believe that the balance of forces against Iran makes any such move against the Strait of Hormuz highly unlikely. Iran has an interest in talking up the possibility because this can raise oil prices and increase its own revenue at a time when its economy is in severe difficulties. One official added that no government should dismiss these threats, pointing to Iran's actual disruption of shipping in the Gulf in the late 1980s. Another option that would fall short of launching classic military strikes would be for Iran to lay mines in shipping lanes. All US warships deployed in the Gulf, the Red Sea and the western half of the Indian Ocean are controlled by US Fifth Fleet headquarters in Bahrain. The Royal Navy also has a small permanent staff based in the Gulf kingdom. http://www.telegraph...il-embargo.html Dude wth is going on right now ? How is Iran going to deal with this ? its blatant aggression, and its all the stupid Arabs Khaleej fault for giving the US a green light ! Seriously, just do a test already lol, im sick of this fatwa and illegal and what not, forget WF, split politics from religion, test a nuke, tell the US to get **** and then continue on in life !!!!! Its not rocket science Its soo damn frustrating i dont know how to feel about this !!!
  16. last time these 3 ganged up on someone, they got pumped by the viet cong !!!
  17. ^^^ lol i dont even think Allah wants him lol, let Malak al mowt and his crew take care of him, and just send him down south towards Maalik !!! lets see how his leg recovers there Yallah im off to work salams
  18. I WOULDNT of done that, i hope his damn leg falls off if anything, he should stay away from the snow, thats what LEBS do not SAUDIS , im pretty sure it doesnt snow it KSA (i could be wrong) but im pretty sure it doesnt He should stick to racing camels in the desert !!! hahahah suck S**t hahahahaha Salams
  19. he has done really well !!! alot better then 90% of Muslims out there !!! May Allah grant him whatever he deserves !!!
  20. Time is a concept created BY GOD, that we are BOUND TO nothing else., nothing more, nothing less, He isnt bound by anything, and yes time is one of them ! So is phsyics and whatever else you would like to throw into the equation Your question contradicts itself , If "God created time", when did this happen? Was there a time before which there was no time? It also appears for God to be the cause of anything, God needs to temporally precede the thing. If the thing in question is time itself, "God created time" is self-refuting sorry bro but your questions leaves no time nor space for a correct answer, because its an invalid question ! Its like counting your fingers on one hand 1 2 3 4 5 then on the other backwards 10 9 8 7 6 5 + 6 = 11 therefore we have 11 fingers lol salams
  21. How ? by getting some salafis to cut my fingers off before the match ? Oh i know, you will have a belt of C4 strapped to you, and threaten to blow us all up, if you DONT win the match ! Then of coarse if i beat you, im an aggressor Dude ill hand your ass to you in ANY street fighter, ANY day of the week !!! now stop trolling and trying to derail this topic
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