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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Salaam aleikum. Dear brother/sister: Please congratulate Nader Zaveri http://www.shiachat.com/forum/index.php?/user/41952-nader-zaveri/ on the following news item: http://www.mercurynews.com/ci_19910579

  2. what you say IS true, but im a [Edited Out]py multi-tasker lol sorry bro, ill just talk to ya on msn lolll
  3. Salams all It is time i move on in life, and deactivate for good on this thing im getting married soon and im also going to go do umra inshallah its time to step into the real world it was a pleasure knowing you all, most of my close friends have my email addy, and those who dont ask ImAli for it lol, im sure she will know who to or not give it to !!! I also ask for forgiveness for those whom i have hurt and insulted, and yesss this includes the wahabi HH, and AliMo40, and his wife too lol... This also goes out to Al-imcool-Mufeed, and anyone else who i was rude towards !!! If you choose to or not, if you decide to wait till the day of judgement or not lol, its up to you, i am doing my wajib ! I would also like to say thank you to all those who have made this site welcoming, fun and well energetic ! All those who are on my friends list, your all champions of SC and for those who i havent got on, im pretty sure your champions too As for the rest of the trolls, professor higgins, hsvegeimatreehugginghippyjan, justice4saudi, satyaban and the other irrelevant trolls whom i havent even noticed nor remembered your name, i truely hope your masters step on your necks and make you realise how insignificant you really are, and also, i hope your kids or grand kids become crazy shiites, who are ten times more blunt and arrogant then me, yet more politicall savvy then ya aba, and more humble then hameedeh Salams all you have all been great I ask for this account deeeeebo to be DELETED , i also have another old account deebo, which is lurking around !!!! Delete delete delete Good Bye Yall p.s in the realist thing i have EVER said on this site, i hope one day we meet, and we are all standing side by side, in the Imam Mahdis a.s army, and we battle for the sake of Allah until then Salamssss
  4. why tripoli you bozo ???? what do they have to do with palestinians ? loll what because they are sunni ? i would hate to break it to you but majority of tripolians hate them too... naher al bared ring any bells ? shu did u think they were shiite or christian lebanese soldiers who went into that camp ? lollll seriously worry more about cows roaming the streets, before you try to behave like you know what goes on in lebanon lol @ go to tripoli lollll
  5. ummm there is a bit of a difference between domestic voilence and belting your maid, compared to strapping c4 to yourself in a market place, mosque, or wedding and letting yourself go, waiting for your oh so 72 virgins lol bad comparison trolls, btw i love how you guys all stick together i bet you all pat each others backs too thinking your good lol... the first people that need to be belted are the palestinians !!!! Iran & SYria for YEARS helped them out, only for them to turn their backs, because Qatar has opened their hearts to them lol poor palos, no wonder why they have no land !!! they get pimped out 24 7 by their own bretherin... shame shame shame in other words he is a terrorist lol
  6. Ban this fools please !!! Clearly he is an Indian lol he even says sheesha like most noobs do , I'm suprised he didn't say hookah lol He has nfi what's going on and thank God Ya Aba is back in action finally a mod with some steel caps ready to boot these mischief makers off site... U know those pilgrims are being interrogated by Mossad CIA right now .......?????? Pretty sad going Justice cries Syria just hasn't gone to help them yet which is kinda soft if u ask me
  7. Regardless of who it is he makes some good points
  8. Your kidding me right ? whats your definition of a military ? something recognized by the UN ? the Dhalai Lama sucks up to the US for support against China, and the pope LOL well if he wants a hit done, or a nation invaded, all he has to do is say so ! Trust me there is no shortage on Christian fanatics on this planet ! FAILED REPLY
  9. Najaf never has been quiet People are just deaf that's the difference in all honesty Salams
  10. lol they wont be able to film anything interesting !!! if you get to any areas in the jnoob and your an outsider, a van will rock up, goons will throw you in the back, blind fold you and take you for interrogation... This is the Jnoob im talking about In the Dahyeh there are some areas, that even LEBS are not allowed to walk around with a camera lol or even if you look sus, a pick up will come, and pick you up lol... It happened to my cousin, he was going around the dahyeh filming like the tourist he was lol... poor bloke just got back from the hajj too, then BANG, a van rocks up and took him away lol until they cleared him, deleted all photos and sent him on his way if they want to film freely in the jnoob, they will have to be escorted/need-seek permission !!! But yeah i cant wait either, im going in 2 weeks, I MIGHT EVEN BE IN IT LOL salams
  11. for some stupid reason i cannot upload photos !!! i think it may be google chrome, ill try mozilla then ill show mine, but im going to delete it after a week lol gimme a few mins
  12. Well you dont seem to get our point, on basically EVERYTHING on this site... It really beats me as to why you waste your time here, other then filling your work hours, so you can bring some food to the table... Its normal, alot of people sell their soul to the devil, and in this case, your clearly doing work for Israelis and Americans, British, and in general the Dajjal, whether it be your opinion on so called "Justice" , or Syria, or the first 3 Caliphs !!! Basically your a mouthpeice for the enemy, and that enemy is the same one who opresses 70% of the world through greed and imperialistic adventures !!!! All greed of coarse It seem that even according to some views, definately not ours (Islam that is) that monkeys evolved, why cant you ? Thanks buddy, now its funny how you STILL havent gone to help your bretherin in Homs... Why dont you have free palestine ? oh thats right, dont want to upset your masters... :) now disappear for 3 weeks, while posting on other sites, being the troll you are, then come back here and reply in the usual manner that you do Salam
  13. Hameedeh, please stop being humble, shut up, and take your mod position there is no other way of saying it then ban me for speaking to you in such a manner lol salam
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