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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. i have a feeling i am done not as in my faith but.... as in i.. just dont have the will to live any more.... i have nothing to keep going for i just think its my time im dying and just want a swift death i truly do Allah please let me have my peace..
  2. I dunno the thing is i have already lost every thing i have nothing to lose any more....I want this so bad but i just dont know if i can keep going Allah(swt) gives me strength but i still feel as if i dont have much and this is what i want this and i just dont know how to keep going any more... this pressure that i am facing is too great this weight of the world is coming down on my sholders and breaking me i still have faith but i am really crumbling and dont know where to turn i have no wgere to turn every thing is coming down on me and i am doing my best and i am struggling to keep my mind and my peace i listen to lectures i learn and still dont have my inner peace i know patience and do have it but i am losing my grip on every thing i love and hold close i really dont know what to do.. devote my self and things just get harder it may be a test but it would seem that all test come to a end. This pop quiz this test i am flunking and ive studied too. man.....
  3. I will make this i am set i what i want on what i need i will not let any 1 sway me from my path i just need allahs strength in these times and i seek it and will not stop
  4. The things i will do for my maker...

  5. Salam my brothers and sisters, so to start off dang so many things have gone down and many events have taken place the other day, I realized what it is I want to do in life. People say if you want it it will come true. People say inshaAllah for every thing to happen yes that is very true but i have realized somthing if u want it and truly do i tell my self I will have this i will for the sake of Allah i am but a simple man. BUt even the simplest of men can have dreams and bring them to a reality. THe thing is that, I have alott of study to do alott of broken dreams that i realize will never happen but i am not broken. I want to make change and spread the word of islam to any 1 i can. I want to become a sheikh and a scholar. the reason this has come to me is that i am changed i dont know if some thing snapped in my head in te right way or for the wrong but i will be a man a worshiper dedicated to Allah (swt). I think I can bring change to many yes this may seem like a big dream, and i know i lack knowledge but i have a entire life to learn even if i go tommorow my intentions are set. this may not seem like im being for real or it may seem like im just saying this for respect for personall gain but Allah(swt) knows my intentions, the thing is brothers sisters that i have my priorities set and will never give up. if any one can help me on this path I trully do apreciate it and will not let ur help be in vain The thing i truly want to do even if it is to a small amount of people is to help in the effort to bring peace among the shia and sunni brothers and sisters and offer my help to any one I pray pray pray seems like i dont get help but i am wrong for thinking this i do have help i have a job i may not have friends or family i am alone but i do have Allah I am new to islam still and have much to learn. BUt to me that is the beautiful thing about islam i can learn and have a lust for learning about my maker and our prophets. I want to be so pious i can feel allahs presence. I have my dreams of being a respectable man one that is know for how pious and helpful he is not that i want to be like a publicity thing or a thing of self gain the only thing i care about gaining in my life is paradise and helping others see that paradise is there in the end weather you are shia or sunni. Yes we have our different veiws but think about it we all pray one way or another and in the end we are judged by Allah (swt) no 1 else people may not think alot of me here where i am at or maybe they do but i dont care my family abandoned me and its hard yes but Allah is our family and is always there for us the thing is i really want to give back to him and my brothers and sisters and if any one truly does understand where i am coming from i would trully love your help and opinions and maybe even some good lectures. Thank you brothers and sisters..
  6. im sooooooooooooo cacacacold i wish it was hot here

  7. keep smiling whn i have nothing to smile about and keep strong when i have no more to be strong about
  8. This world blows cant wait till the next 1!!!!!!

    1. timeless


      lol i hear ya!! inshallah we all end up in heaven!

  9. Salam brother's and sister's, How do I keep my Faith, how do I keep believing. I am struggling and fighting my emotions inside of me. Its like every time I pray, thing's just get worse. I keep praying, and asking for help to follow my path. I attend the mosque and try to follow the rule's and regulations Allah has laid before me. It seem's that i am losing every thing i hold dear. I am feeling weak. One bad thing after another. I have repent for my mistake's and deed's that havent been for the good. Yet I still suffer and feel like i am not progressing any where. People tell me to pray stay strong, your a good person, and yet it is like I still have no one but Allah. This still seem's like I am failing at life it's self. I dont know what to do any more. I dont know weather to just give up or keep going. It feel's as if we all have been given a path by Allah, my path is despair and destruction. I dont know any more. As in what am I to do...I dont even really have the support of my family and no longer posesse friend's that i one time had. I am very alone.. I feel t peace but then again I dont...
  10. whats happeinin now? What actions r u taking? In islam...when injustice happens ..one must fight for it... Shes urs n so is the child...

    Beat them up....get some help frm other muslim brothers... U have full right..im sure...some young men will help..ASK around !!!..Tell the maulana..to use his power!!!!!

  11. so tired so tired so exhasted and so incomplete

    1. timeless


      inshallah things will work out!! they are already turning for the better alhumdulliah!

  12. hi

    yes go on ask me ...

  13. i dunno who has read my threads before but my situation has really gotten bad i dunno wut to do ive prayed i know Allah is always there but i have really gotten in the way of some very bad people please brothers and sisters offer my your thoughts and advice and possibly prayers...
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