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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. اللهم اغفر للمومنین و والمومنات و المسلمین و المسلمات
  2. Lool That sounds to be a poem not a hadith. I remember a hadith saying if knowledge is hidden in moon, some people from Persia will achieve that.
  3. #Arabization #Say_No_To_ Rasism
  4. Thanks brothers and sisters for your kindness May Allah accept our little efforts on his way
  5. they are based on Ahadith or the Medical books written by the pillars of this field and of course the wisdom and other sciences. Though it's not just reading a hadith and doing what it says, it's a combination of many other sciences such as astrology, chemistry, philosophy, etc so the raw Ahadith are from the books like Wasaelu shia, Behar, Resalatu Zahabia which is all by Imam Reza about medicine, and the medical books are like the books of Jalinus, Avicenna such as Qanoon, etc
  6. Salam Alaikum to all members, We have started sharing topics about Islamic Medicine in a Telegram Channel, people asked for Whatssap, so we started same group with same info on whatsapp, and then for a better reference we started our website which I'll mention the address below. basically Islamic medicine has a wide and very detailed field concerning human's diseases, physically and spiritually and that's how it defers from Herbal/traditional medicine. if you study this field, you'll realize that today's common medicine is like a new born baby in front of an old scholar! (I have proofs for my claim in case somebody needs more info) so far the great scholars in Islamic medicine have cure for ALL diseases you can imagine since their source of information is Ahlul Bayt. there are so many things and details to say, but briefly I can say that diseases such as Hepatitis, schizophrenia, diabetes, etc which has NO proper cure in Classic medicine have got cured in this field and I know people with diabetes who was told to cut his leg, or a lady suffering from schizophrenia or a middle age man suffering from Hepatitis C were cured perfectly by following some simple prescription of Islamic medicine Experts. There are beautiful medical advice and teachings of Ahlul Bayt in this field which we may have not heard or if seen, never pondered on them. in nut shell, you can join our channel or group and enjoy learning these topics P.S the purpose of doing these projects is just introducing the beautiful teachings of Ahlul bayt in the field of medicine to others Whatsapp Group link: https://chat.whatsapp.com/FhSjV847xIYLRLJVyTQRHW Telegram Channel: https://telegram.me/med4all our website: http://www.tabeab.com/
  7. salam Alaikum I'm looking for a proper university or college in UK or any European countries where they offer academic Islamic education in Ph.D level and it's affordable or they give scholarship. Though I don't believe there they offer REAL Islamic science, in comparing to the traditional hawza where we are. Any help is appreciated.
  8. salam Alaikum ok, we should not look at this issue as a HOLY thing like hindus. what is there is a MEDICAL issue which is considered in Islamic Medicine . there are SO MANY things in Islamic Medicine which you don't know, such as cures for schizophrenia, heart issues, etc. and the difference between Islamic Medicine and modern Medicine is that Islam's one not only cures physically but also spiritual diseases such as depression, etc. so in this case, ONLY camel's urine is advised for some certain diseases .
  9. salam Alaikum First: As our brothers mentioned, according to some shia and sunni hadiths, the holy prophet (s.a) and his companions used to do sojud on natural things. there is a famous hadith Holy prophet said : جعلت لی الارض مسجدا و طهورا which means that earth has been chosen as the place of my prostration and something for cleanness. here shia scholars say Earth or Arz means the surface of earth which is dust, stone, and anything else which grows naturally on it. it can plants, leaves, etc.so the place of prostration must be natural and it must not be edible or wearable. but sunni scholars say it includes anything natural and artificial such as carpets, etc. second: there is an interesting narration in sunni sources same as shia sources, which says once some companions of the holy prophet (s.a) came to him and complained that when they are prostrating, the stones are hot because of the sun, and it's difficult for them to prostrate/ The holy prophet told them to hold the stones in their hands so it cool down and they can use it, so this shows that if it was not important to pray on natural things, He could just tell them to pray on a piece of cloth. third. there are so many narrations advising to use the soil of Karbala for prostration. Forth: apart from all these issues, recently scientist proved that : nowadays in our daily life human is under attack of any kind of harmful signals from electronic gadgets,etc. which causes loosing appetite, headaches, loosing temper easily, etc ( in Islamic medicine it's called increasing SODAA) and the best solution they found which reduces these harmful signals from our body which is mostly in our head, is to put the forehead a few minutes everyday on the ground/floor a natural surface, so that these armful energies and signals moves to the earth, same as what we do for sky lightening. they connect the antennas to earth using a cable called EARTH which moves the energy to the earth and it doesn't destroy houses, etc. ws
  10. Thanks beautiful poem... May Allah hasten in the return of our Imam
  11. No, that's the issue If its qusl of jumah or jinabah for example, doing it more than once doesn't have any effect or rearward since its not an actual qusl So we can't pray with it, Other qusls doesn't have the effect of wudu , I.e we must do wudu after them for praying
  12. This action is asked only once, which means if you want to reach to the reward and thawab of that action, doing it once is enough, and repeating it is not necessary and doesn't have any more reward
  13. There is no limitation for good deedsSo if let's imagine in a Friday you touched a corpse, it was also eed fitr day, also need to Qusl Jinabah, and also you want to do Qusl of juma... A combination of wajib ad mustahab qusls, then you can do one Qusl and the intention of all those qusls.
  14. w. salam Any qusl can be done once, when performed well, it's enough. for eed time, Qusl should be done before noon. for Friday Qusl which is emphasized A LOT, from sunrise till noon is the time, after that from noon till sunset it's also the times but the intention must be Qada, it's narrated from the holy prophet (s.a) that the one who does Qusl of Juma for 40 fridays in a row, his/her body after death will not get ruined . and I have seen many many special people did that and when they found their corpse years later, it was still fresh.
  15. Salam alaikum Islamicly, In this case its obviously its not allowed to use that money and you must return it. If you returned the money and then the cashier gave it to you , then its halal or else its like you have somebody's money without their permission, however if its their fault
  16. w.salam A 1- As you know Khums applies on ANYTHING EXTRA which remains at the end of year ( saved money, extra food, clothes, etc which you have saved, not those you use) so now the total amount remained at the end of year, assuming it's 4800 bd, either saved in the bank or have plan to save, you should pay 20% of that, which is 960 bd. And when you paid the khums of a certain money,saving,food,etc, you don't need to pay its khums next years. A2- Khums of each year if counted for that year. as soon as you paid the khums of one year, anything comes after that, is counted as the next year's khums. so just to make it clear, if you have $100 remained extra at the end of year, so you should pay $20, but if it's in a situation that $100 is remained but you need it and have plan for it, then it's no longer needed to pay its khums. what I've learned about benefits of khums is that it makes your wealth pure and blessed. though some people try to spend the last penny of their money one day before Khums year ends, so that they don't need to pay any khums, there are other people I know that as soon as they get their salary, they set their khums aside each month, hope you've got your answer
  17. you asked about Islamic rules and Islamic rules is ran in Islamic government. in non-Islamic countries they have their own laws and they don't follow Islam's rules, there for a Muslim is treated as a Non-Muslim. and Yes, the first option for any murdering is forgiveness of the victim's family. either deliberately or not, if they forgive, the murdered would not be punished. Quran actually admired and encourages that sure this is the right of the victim's family, but if they forgive it's better.
  18. If they are unable to pay the blood money, then their family are supposed to pay it, and if none of them can pay it, then Islamic government pays it from Baytul Mal ( the Islamic account).
  19. if a criminal wants to be punished in Islam, they must have these 2 features: Being Adult and Wise. there an insane person who has committed a crime/sin can not be punished. so in this case if he/she kills a Muslim, it's counted as an UN-DELIBERATE action and therefor they must pay the Diah or blood money to the family of the murdered Muslim.
  20. salam Alaikum Definitely no one can do anything without Allah's permission, but there are some stones which contains certain abilities. such as reducing high blood pressure, increasing immunity, and sometimes physical and spiritual abilities. like the ring you have is from the family of Aqiq which is Mustahab to wear. having physical or spiritual effect for a stone makes sense but bringing luck or protecting against evil eye doesn't make sense and it's just things to encourage people to buy that.
  21. The details of many rules is not mentioned in Quran.like it says we have to pray , but the details how many rakah we must pray is not mentioned in Quran So we need to get the details from hadith. Now Quran talks about the punishment of a thief, and we see that according to ahadith, this rule has some conditions. What I meant that the punishment of thiefs is clear, it was according to Quran and Hadith. So its not tazeer, its a clear rule
  22. Quran says: وَ السَّارِقُ وَ السَّارِقَةُ فَاقْطَعُوا أَيْدِيَهُما جَزاءً بِما کَسَبا نَکالاً مِنَ اللَّهِ وَ اللَّهُ عَزيزٌ حَکيمٌ if the stealing had 12 conditions, they cut his/her fingers of both hands. or else first must get the consent of the one whose property is stolen and must return the money they had stolen.
  23. salam Alaikum Tazeer in Fiqh means the punishment which Hakim of Shar'e or Muslim judge decides for the one who disobeys Islamic rules. the difference of Rule and Tazeer is that for a sin, if God has mentioned the limitation of that punishment, it's Hukm or rule. and if the punishment's limitation is not mentioned, it's Islamic judge who decides about the limitation of that punishment. example: in Sura Noor verse 4, Allah says those who accuse a Muslim of a sin, like adultery, etc.and can not bring 4 witnesses must be punished and lashed 80 times. Here is where the punishment and its quantity clear . but if somebody accuses a Muslim of a sin in indirect way, like insulting him/her for not being a Halal child, here if it's proved for the Muslim judge he can set 74 lashed for the insult-er. or like the punishment for a thief is clear but if a thief tries to steal something which causes scaring people, but can't be succeeded in his job and get arrested, Muslim judge can punish him/her with Tazeer for scaring people and making the area unsafe by sending him/her to jail.
  24. Haha.. you Akhbaires... I'm wondered how you claim you know Ahadith, and you don't see it necessary to know the ilm of hadith ! if all the people study the ahadith, without knowing the validity of hadith, not knowing Ilm ul rijal, nor Family of Hadith, nor the situation hadith was said, then everybody will understand their own way of hadith and will follow their own understanding of Islam. like what Protestantism in Christianity did, told people to go and read bible by themselves, anybody understood anything, that's fine. you can't dive into the ocean without equipment. The Ahadith which is about moral, Ahkam, Aqaid,etc is quoted in our majalis by all our sheikhs, and they just translate it for people. that's what people need to know and that's what expect them to know and act according to it. what you people expect others to do is that they close the gate of their mind, no Aql, no thinking.That's obviously not what the imams(as) wanted. I remember your sheikh Muhadith Bahrani in his book Muqaddamatul Hadaeq says: "if there were a contradictory between Aql reason and Hadith, if you found another hadith which can solve that Aql reason, fine or else you've to REJECT the Aql reason" it means like if your Aql is saying 2*2 is 4 and you found a hadith saying 2*2 is 5, if you couldn't fine any other hadith which proves 2*2 is 4, then sorry, you've to accept that 2*2 is 5 ! that's his own example as a Aql reason...
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