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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. اللهم اغفر للمومنین و والمومنات و المسلمین و المسلمات
  2. Lool That sounds to be a poem not a hadith. I remember a hadith saying if knowledge is hidden in moon, some people from Persia will achieve that.
  3. #Arabization #Say_No_To_ Rasism
  4. Thanks brothers and sisters for your kindness May Allah accept our little efforts on his way
  5. they are based on Ahadith or the Medical books written by the pillars of this field and of course the wisdom and other sciences. Though it's not just reading a hadith and doing what it says, it's a combination of many other sciences such as astrology, chemistry, philosophy, etc so the raw Ahadith are from the books like Wasaelu shia, Behar, Resalatu Zahabia which is all by Imam Reza about medicine, and the medical books are like the books of Jalinus, Avicenna such as Qanoon, etc
  6. Salam Alaikum to all members, We have started sharing topics about Islamic Medicine in a Telegram Channel, people asked for Whatssap, so we started same group with same info on whatsapp, and then for a better reference we started our website which I'll mention the address below. basically Islamic medicine has a wide and very detailed field concerning human's diseases, physically and spiritually and that's how it defers from Herbal/traditional medicine. if you study this field, you'll realize that today's common medicine is like a new born baby in front of an old scholar! (I hav
  7. salam Alaikum I'm looking for a proper university or college in UK or any European countries where they offer academic Islamic education in Ph.D level and it's affordable or they give scholarship. Though I don't believe there they offer REAL Islamic science, in comparing to the traditional hawza where we are. Any help is appreciated.
  8. salam Alaikum ok, we should not look at this issue as a HOLY thing like hindus. what is there is a MEDICAL issue which is considered in Islamic Medicine . there are SO MANY things in Islamic Medicine which you don't know, such as cures for schizophrenia, heart issues, etc. and the difference between Islamic Medicine and modern Medicine is that Islam's one not only cures physically but also spiritual diseases such as depression, etc. so in this case, ONLY camel's urine is advised for some certain diseases .
  9. salam Alaikum First: As our brothers mentioned, according to some shia and sunni hadiths, the holy prophet (s.a) and his companions used to do sojud on natural things. there is a famous hadith Holy prophet said : جعلت لی الارض مسجدا و طهورا which means that earth has been chosen as the place of my prostration and something for cleanness. here shia scholars say Earth or Arz means the surface of earth which is dust, stone, and anything else which grows naturally on it. it can plants, leaves, etc.so the place of prostration must be natural and it must not be edible or wearable. but sunni schola
  10. Thanks beautiful poem... May Allah hasten in the return of our Imam
  11. No, that's the issue If its qusl of jumah or jinabah for example, doing it more than once doesn't have any effect or rearward since its not an actual qusl So we can't pray with it, Other qusls doesn't have the effect of wudu , I.e we must do wudu after them for praying
  12. This action is asked only once, which means if you want to reach to the reward and thawab of that action, doing it once is enough, and repeating it is not necessary and doesn't have any more reward
  13. There is no limitation for good deedsSo if let's imagine in a Friday you touched a corpse, it was also eed fitr day, also need to Qusl Jinabah, and also you want to do Qusl of juma... A combination of wajib ad mustahab qusls, then you can do one Qusl and the intention of all those qusls.
  14. w. salam Any qusl can be done once, when performed well, it's enough. for eed time, Qusl should be done before noon. for Friday Qusl which is emphasized A LOT, from sunrise till noon is the time, after that from noon till sunset it's also the times but the intention must be Qada, it's narrated from the holy prophet (s.a) that the one who does Qusl of Juma for 40 fridays in a row, his/her body after death will not get ruined . and I have seen many many special people did that and when they found their corpse years later, it was still fresh.
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