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  1. awesome idea! i wanna do this! i think i may join you iA when i get the chance :) keep it up, salaams
  2. its clearly not a wahabi video if the pictures of "the real Muslims" include women wearing hijabs saying "ya Zainab" and "ya Hussain" ...?
  3. salaams, if its ladies only, will there be an oppurtnity to take off hijab or not? thanks x
  4. economics. glasses or cheese?

  6. LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL! i'd laugh if they ended up marrying eachother :D hahahaha!
  7. who was attacking hp?! its better than all of them put together! let's eat them radhiya! how epic was it? i saw it the day it came out in 3d! was amazing! i wanna see it again! i cried during it lol when snape dies and when harry goes into the pensieve! omg! woah i cant beleive it comes out earlier in aus! the shop is really cool thanks, lemme guess aghaali told you? tc xoxo

  8. yay i feel loved! but it comes out on the 15th for us? where do you live? amnd how come you get it earlier than britain, the land of harry potter?! but yeah, cant wait! :D xxx

  9. melody's gone! you must be happy coz you hated her voice but i thought she was really good! but in the boardroom, they were all good :) im sooo happy tom's still in! :D

  10. no worries :) its because my fam came over from aussie on that day :( exams were pretty bad but only the results will tell for sure :) ive been good thanks too, iA you have fun in iraq! tc

  11. salaam, finished exams at last!

    i cant believe you told me who got fired! ive missed the last 2 episodes :( :( im happy that shes fired though :) how've you been? when are you going to iraq?

  12. im free and liberated and free and liberated and free! :D

    1. Abu'l Khattab

      Abu'l Khattab

      sounds like something only LIBERALS would say..

    2. ElderWand
  13. does anyone else find his continuous car immitations REALLY annoying?!
  14. Salaams, ive had dreams about spiders before and my dad looked it up for me in a reliable islamic book. the interpretation is that if you dream about a spider, people are jealous of you. my dad told me i had to read the mu3awathaat, so i advise you do too! hope this helps, x
  15. salaams, if i wanted to be approached my a momin, id rather he got a female family member to ask me because i would feel shy and awkward talking to a man about marriage. id actually prefer it the the fmaily member spoke to my mum or something because its embarrassing :) hope this helps salaams
  16. thoughts: i can almost taste the end of exams... so close yet so far... its killing me ahhh!
  17. i like mine :) i love sheikh jihad because hes an epic lecturer! sheikh jihad: "Ajeeeeb!"
  18. hahaha okay, im out of ideas :( you live in Japan, your a jedi and yet your black?!
  19. lets form a cookie baking day! :D ooor, we can eat Saraab?
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