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  1. awesome idea! i wanna do this! i think i may join you iA when i get the chance :) keep it up, salaams
  2. its clearly not a wahabi video if the pictures of "the real Muslims" include women wearing hijabs saying "ya Zainab" and "ya Hussain" ...?
  3. salaams, if its ladies only, will there be an oppurtnity to take off hijab or not? thanks x
  4. economics. glasses or cheese?
  5. Salaam! how did your GCSE results go :D inshaAllah they went well :)

  6. I haven't seen you in FOREVER!


  8. Sadly, I didn't watch it, every time I tell my brother he's like, "tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow." I mean it's been tomorrow already! Lol alright, 7 Elders! :D

  9. I want your Polyjuice Potion!

  10. LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL! i'd laugh if they ended up marrying eachother :D hahahaha!
  11. we're gonna rip them apart limb by limb! muahaha! The pensieve part is so sad, and how snape's telling dumbledore to protect lily..waaaahhhhh :'( and when he goes to her house and holds her dead body *sobs hysterically*

    nah, i asked mushu where you were, so he told me :) xx

  12. who was attacking hp?! its better than all of them put together! let's eat them radhiya! how epic was it? i saw it the day it came out in 3d! was amazing! i wanna see it again! i cried during it lol when snape dies and when harry goes into the pensieve! omg! woah i cant beleive it comes out earlier in aus! the shop is really cool thanks, lemme guess aghaali told you? tc xoxo

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