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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. How do u guys claim to be shia? Even the sunni brothers know the hadith about the last ruler of saudi arabia before the zuhoor of our awaited qaem ajf. The king of years will go away(abdullah) And kings of weeks and days will arrive meaning they will slaughter each other for the kingdom. Even Americans are saying were worried about whats to happen if the king would pass away. Imam jafar al sadiq said they will lie and hide the news of his death for fourty days. So if he died last week, give it another 30 day or so and well hear if its true. Salam
  2. its ok sister, people like that should boost our faith upwards even more only the real lovers and followers of ahlulbayt know whats going on with the revolutions today, especially the Syrian one. Only the real followers know that when Bashar collapses, which he will, theres only one person to rule who will only pave the way 9 months prior to the imams return WE REALLY ARE THE CHOSEN GENERATION TO WITNESS SERIOUS STUFF SOON TO OCCUR IF Allah SWT WILLS Syria is going to get ruined and this hadith will keep us in position in the near future so please read it and pay close attention to it “Amirul Momineen (a.s.) said: “When the two spears (two armies)disagree in Shaam, it will not come to an end except with a sign of Allah.” He was asked: “What is it, O Amirul Momineen (a.s.)?” He said: “It is an earthquake in Shaam, by which more than a hundred thousand people will perish. Allah will make it as mercy to the believers and torment upon the disbelievers. When that occurs, you will see the riders of gray horses with yellow banners coming from the west until they stop at Shaam. There will be great terror and red death. Then you will see the sinking of one of the villages of Damascus called Harasta. Then the son of the livers-eater will come out of the Yabis valley to sit on the pulpit of Damascus. After that you expect the appearance of the Mahdi (a.s.).” "In that year there will be lots of disagreements in the whole Islamic territories in the west the first land that destroy would be Syria (Sham), supporters of three flags of Al Ashab, Abqa troops and Sfyany's army, would disagree with each others".
  3. Are u serious? They are trying to prevent the sayed from his weapons EVEN AFTER they were the only ones who defended Lebanon? Al-Imam Al-Baqir "There is no banner better than that of the banner of Yamani, it is the banner of faithand dedication, because he calls to your possessor, so if the Yamani comes out, selling weapons to peopleor any Muslim becomes prohibited, and if the Yamani appears, stand up to him, because he's banner is the banner of faith, and its prohibited for any Muslim to turn away from him, and who ever turns away fromhim, then he's from the people of hell, because he calls to the truth and to the right path). Al-Ghaybah -Mohammad Ibn Ibrahim A' Noâmani p. 264. Btw in hadiths the banner of the Yamani is yellow and has the word freedom or resistance on it, as our imams said. So I say to these kafirs, stand up to the sayed, and good luck!
  4. Jhk u talk nonsense.. Dont stand with the oppressed? Bin Ladin against America? He was Cia genius and was just a puppet to fool retards like you. Stop talking like ur smart and u know things, your posts r random and useless
  5. The egyptian abqa is most likely ayman al-zawahiri the leader of the terrorist orginazation al qaeda the losers taking advantage of syira right now seeking to rule
  6. Jhk u just defended bin ladin in my eyes now u are long lost. Do not try to impress and act smart instead try to learn for once. You still say ameen after i told u the word ameen means statue od and then u say surat al fatiha blessing ur surrounding with the bst of best things, then ucall on the ancient garbage god and u ruin ur chances at understanding or engaging in reality good ridings
  7. Dont argue with this loser JHk. Hes the most ignorant person online.
  8. Yes u are 100% right but Allah says be open minded and always learn before u judge I told u people were guided off when they began adding ameen itsa haram word to say Allah will ask you did abbas0 not warn you many times that it is haran what you are doing? Ameen is the word for an ancient god for the thousand'th time. Is it ok to call upon that god just as long as we think Allah knows we mean him
  9. Ya he omar also burried his daughter alive. Also added the extra hold your hands accross your stomach in prayer. Also cheated ahlulbayt rights. As for JHK you are the most ignorant person ive met online. We just explained to u what ameen means and u continue to argue and confuse urself more. U are blinded to the furthest point on this subject. Kafirs started adding ameen in surat al fatiha
  10. How blind and deviated you are. Rab al alameen not ameen and ameen was an ancient statue. Meaning not Allah but Ameen, statue, do you not listen? This is a sunni plus jew, christian thing. So dont speak out of nonsense and stupidity then try to turn it arouns, pathetic instead of learning you just jump to conclusions and ignore the whole bigger picture. Please xplain to me now what Ameen means sir!!!!!!
  11. Jhk ur post above is nonsense and u believe it? Theres no more prophets son. And ameen is haram to say. Ameen was an ancient statue god that people worshipped and it got included in all religions Amen and then people started saying it in surat al fatiha which is wrong.
  12. The hadith says u do not see the sufyani until you see the westerns come to you (in iraq). They say theres barely no time between the first sufyani in iraq and second sufyani in syria Saddam(sufyani al awal) is gone. Now we see the syrian revolution at the time of the soon to be dispute among the saudis after king abdullahs death from being killed.. Killed, murdered not dies naturally is what our imams said. So how far really allahu alam
  13. You are right but this Syrian revolution is at a rare time. At the time of Iran chaos and King Abdullah of Saudi. Brother we are in the times of the signs, and if Allah swt wills, well see the land sink in baida and well hear the sayha in ramadan.. Also, the star is planet x believe me. It their "end of the world" because WE know this star will give us glad tidings of the return of the 12th Imam whom people misunderstand and think will cause chaos when all he will do is spread peace and love around the whole world.
  14. The syrian revolution is going to fully spill into lebanon jordan palestine and maybe even turkey The region will fall into chaos in a couple of years max
  15. No he is not an agent of the cia nor is he living up to his claims. Hes a lying fanatic who believes his own bull[Edited Out] I think
  16. Why do u keep saying were sufyanis Sufyani is a term for a person from the lineage or bloodline of abu sufyan Does it look like Im the son of the liver eater? The sufyani is enevitable and his sign is occuring now that the us wants a new leading opposition group in syria
  17. No we know sufyani is enevitable And he rises on the same day as the khurassani and yamani The sufyani rises on the ashes of the muslims.. Let me guess why they chose the word ashes and not something like bodies.. Hmm...
  18. (salam) Who agrees that Adnan Al-Aroor, the Salafi Sheik, might in fact be the Sufyani we all are dying to see rise in Syria. The hadiths speaks of three individuals who will divide Syria in 3. Al Abqa Al Ashab Al Sufyani Theres a reason why AL is used before the words abqa ashab and sufyani It represents lineage, family, last name etc. Al abqa I have not come to figure who he is because I have not witnessed him yet(man with a patchy/dotted face) Al ashab in hadiths is the one who will be the governer/ruler of Syria at the time of the conflicst and problems, and ashab means lion in arabic, so its safe to say al-ashab al-lion = al-assad Al sufyani is still unclear too Some people are saying its King Abdullah II of Jordan, some are saying its Sheik Adnan Al-Aroor Only Allah swt knows the real truth and the real facts, but if Bashar's figure is in place and he leads one Army in Syria after the time of the powerfull hammering sound, Then who are Al Abqa and Al Sufyani? Sufyani rises in Rajab and rules for 15 months for the first 6 months after rajab, he will fight, after those 6 months he will rule for 8-9 month with Damascus being his HQ People say December 2012 21st will be the end of the world. Will it really be? Or will it be the beginning to the end of the Tyrant rulers? I think their fear is Imam Mahdi, thats their end of the world. Only thing I can put together for Dec 2012 will be the Luminous star were supposed to see. The Planet X in other peoples words. This star is supposed to come in the month of Safar, which will be in December-January 2012/2013 Bascailly this star is to testify that Imam Mahdi is soon to rise and it brings the news of destruction too, earthquakes, volcanoes, storms etc. Which I think we're beginning to witness as it gets closer. Again, only Allah swt knows, but things are falling into place with the king of Saudi getting very old too! (salam)
  19. Yours words are true brother but there are five signs that are inevitable no matter what occurs. Its strange though how the majors signs seem like they will all unfold soon around our own eyes if rabunah-al-kareem wills it to be.
  20. No it wont be this muharam brcause we havent seen the sufyani, we havent heard the sayha and we havent seen bayda sink into the ground by saudi arabia Btw, hes not shia? Too bad, because the knowledge of the hadiths the imams left behind are starting to reveal truth and we are starting to recognize the signs
  21. Not like this time though Bow lebanon and turkey and jordan are goin to be involved Syria is indeed in a strange state
  22. (salam) Brother who keeps posting stuff about dajjal ahmed al hassan, stop if u lovr Allah and his messenger. The yemani will have a yellow flag and will rise on the same day as the khorassani and sufyani. That means huge events eill be unfolding in syria iran and yemen(or lebanon) Stop misguiding people. Allah does not like dajjals, so pray for right guidance you have warded off the path. This man ahmed al hassan learned and trained off a man who used to claim he was imam mahdi himself as well, until everyone figured out hes a liar. These two men are chosen to take people with them to hell, he should read his own haditha carefully.. Wow
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