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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Its not even funny... These ppl are worse then wahhabis They kill in the name of islam what kind of nonsense is that? And abu moron supports these jews
  2. Wow u are one hardheaded monster When will u come to ur senses
  3. "A star with a luminous tail will rise from the east before the Mahdi emerges. (Muhammad ibn `Abd al-Rasul Barzanji)
  4. Royal Court Announces Death of Prince Faisal bin Saud bin Abdulaziz Al Saud Riyadh, Muharram 24, 1434, Dec 8, 2012, SPA -- The Royal Court announced today the death of Prince Faisal bin Saud bin Abdulaziz Al Saud at the age of 74. In a statement issued today, the Court noted that prayers for the deceased will take place on Sunday 25/1/1434H after Asr prayer at Imam Turki bin Abdullah Grand Mosque in Riyadh. --SPA 19:41 LOCAL TIME 16:41 GMT http://www.spa.gov.sa/English/print.php?id=1056757 The same official source has a very vague update regarding King Abdullah that he was visited by the crown prince and other Saudi officials, scholars and princes who were all reassured by his health. Not very informative...about his health itself http://www.spa.gov.sa/English/print.php?id=1056800 http://www.spa.gov.sa/English/print.php?id=1056801
  5. Thx for ur kind words and I apologize to you and/or anyone else I insulted or may have offended. I find it fraustrating when I try to educate ppl a little and they dont listen, but I guess this is common in life. For years ive been saying to myself how can they possibly drop a chemical bomb on the syrian ppl and move in on bashar and now its so close to happening: http://edition.presstv.ir/iphone/detail.aspx?id=276916
  6. The khorassani has a sign in the palm of his hand. Check. Yemani comes with a yellow flag calling to truth and guidance. Check. Sufyani is still an unknown The king of saudi is said to be braindead in other words his death is very very near My job is to only warn and If im wrong its ok Allah swt will correct it soon enuff. Btw dont critisize me if u dont like my knowledge then pass by peacefully without a single word. Im in Iraq right now and im presenting the iraqi ppls thoughts. Of course u guys culd watch sheik ali korani's youtube videos that describe all im saying and its only to the ones who seek the truth! And ill end it with a salamialaykoom not cheers like whiteboys
  7. Lol at the post above^^ It wont make sense in ur mind bcuz uve been born and raised like that Me on the other hand, ive researched all sects, and it makes more sense seeing 12 12 12 12 all over the bible as well and reading aliya everywhere. This goes to show ancient prophets were preparing their followers for Ali a.s Besides the last Imam is from Imam Alis bloodline not the companions. Personally I dont insult the companions but they were indeed no good at all and they were power thirsty like our modern day yazid omar and muawiya we see(current world leaders). Omar is a whole book of things not one page. Then u have yazid whom I dont even want to start with, after what he did to sayiddna Hussein a.s The truth is Ali a.s was cheated of his rights, and the companions will be held accounted on the great day. Also, the prophet kept their company so he could maintain and keep peace with the word Islam. If he would of pointed and told them ur like this and like that and one day ull do this and that, then things would of turned out very very bad. But instead they turned out the way they should and only Ali was aware of the events thanks to his cousin(the prophet saws) Is it not enough to hear he was born in the kaaba and married the prophets daughter? Are u not aware the prophet took his hand and in front of so many people including abu bakr, he said "man kuntoom mauli fa alian mauli" whoever im their leader, so Ali is their leader". Aisha was indeed what people say she was There are only 5 ppl that were considered the prophets family when they sent blessings upon them and those 5 are in hadith al kissaa The prophet Fatima alzahra Ali a.s Hassan a.s Hussein a.s Thats it. No companions had their positions, and on the great day we shall all stand witnesses, and whoever testifies in his life that Ali should of been the wali(calipha) shall be the winner as our dear prophet told us! Again only God guides us to the truth and if u seek it, u shall have it! Give it a try.
  8. Artat bin Al-Munzir said: "If the Turks and Romans (in alliance) amass their armies and a village in Damascus experiences Khusf (land collapse), and a group of people fall off the western end of their mosque, then three banners will be raised in AshSham: Abqa', As'Hab (reddish, white man), and Sufyani. A man in Damascus will be besieged, then killed with those who are with him. Two men from Bani Sufyan will appear (probably As'Hab and Sufyani), the second one will be the victorious. Once the support armies of Abqa' approach, the Sufyani defeats them. He (Sufyani) will kill the Turks (Russians) and Romans (Europeans) in Qirqisia (an ancient city in Eastern Syria) until the foxes in the land satisfy their hunger from their flesh (of the Turks and Romans)." (Nuaim bin Hammad's Kitab Al-Fitan)
  9. Subhanallah how everytime I explain things we ward off left instead of focusing on the main topic. Leave the nonsens behind and focus on the main idea here, the forces are all moved in on the borders of Syria... This is a huge sign
  10. Lol u fools read my post again. I said the black flags are demanding their rights. In hadiths it says they will demand their rights, they will be rejected and they will wage wars. So dont try to rain ur stupidity on me go somewhere else where someone cares about u. To the brothers that care, only after the zilzal(earthquake) will we be able to tell whom the abqa and sufyani are The hadith states an earthquake that kills 100,000+ in alsham and then three flags rise Al abqa Al ashab Al sufyani Al ashab will be the governer of al sham at the time as historic books claim and subhanallah the sheik ali korani told us ashab does indeed mean asad
  11. The sufyani will rise in Syria after all of this. And yes they will blame the government and move in on them
  12. It doesnt matter if they believe or not, theyll die ignorantly. Hes the reason the world hasnt collapsed, due to his love from God and hell unite us all one day inshallah. Let me ask you this my sunni brothers... Why is a PROPHET(Isa as) going to pray behind an IMAM? In the Quran surat Al Anbiya(the prophets) Allah says we chose imams(talking about ibrahim pbuh). The problem is, they have never been to Iraq ad visited the shrine of Imam Ali, Hussein etc. they dont know the feeling. They dont know that even birds are flying around inside the shrines.
  13. Not curase him i think he just said ali was his wali and that abu bakr had cheated him. And ya he did marry her
  14. Are u stupid Abu Non Muslim...? He studied in The States hes a dog, a puppet, and a fool who wil get killed by his own people. Hes from the Muslim Brotherhood, who are a bunch of salafi fools. Whats this world coming to? But anyways as our imams told us, presidents will come and go all over the middle east(arab spring) And mursi is just another puppet, not different from gadafi, not different from pharoh
  15. Ashadu an la ilaha ilallah Wallah this has been my thought for over a year now Inshallah were wrong but its becoming clearer and clearer The hadith says 100,000 kafirs will be killed meaning the rebels and bashar will be blamed then sufyani comes and doninates all sides The rebels are weak in agreement right now as well
  16. So you know that Imam Ali said when two spears(armies) battle it wont end until a huge sign happens and that sign is an earthquake that kills 100,000 kafirs. Some sheiks say this earthquake is a big chemical blast or something... Now relate our current events... I await your response Asalamu alaykoom
  17. Np brother just keep in mind that Khorassan and the black flags are already among us. The black flags are demanding their rights(nuclear rights) and they are being turned down. Iran. Preparing and paving the way for the master of our time
  18. You serve the ones who you speak harsh about?
  19. You guys are all pathetic. When bashar is removed, and the free syria army gets donimated as well, we all know whos to rise to power Imam AL-Baqir a.s said Al abqa(free syria army), ashab (bashar al asad) will fight and neither will win until sufyani comes and doninates both sides. So for u morons who think bashar collapsing will rid us of problems, think again. After bashar gets killed, the major wars will start and our awaited one will rise. Once this happens infront of ur eyes, i want u to look at urself in a mirror and look at ur pathetic face in shock and then slap urself out of humiliation! Yazeed was a kafir u retard(s)
  20. Wow im getting disgusted from this forum Iran is a target by all countries for a reason Get your facts straight OK? Dont speak nonsense less you be a target of Allahs wrath The iranians are paving the way for our master
  21. Yamani = hassan nasrallah Khorassani = sayed ali khomeini Sufyani = either abdullah of jordan or adnan al aroor Its not that khorassani will be bad, its the fact khorassani and sufyani will be demolitiong each other while yemani will call to guidance and be turned down by a lot of Muslims.
  22. Assist in removing the shah? Wow now I know that u speak nonsense brother sami.. Shah was their puppet, when he failed and the sayed rose to power, the states wentt thru hell
  23. ^^ that is the dumbest thing ive heard my whole life I dont even know u and i have to say what kind of pills r u taking? Everything is talked about in hadiths even Brazil goddamn it do ur research before blabbing nonsense Arabia is just a big sign And zan u are a dajal and Allah has put a seal on ur heart. U speak of ahlulbayt hadiths but forget the most important one saying ppl who set a time/date are liars.. Uve been warned before and ur being warned again, Ina Lillah wa ina ileyhe rajioon have fear of god bro
  24. What are u fools talking about? Both sunni and shia narations from the prophet and imam jafar al sadiq indicate his name will be abdullah who takes power after his brother named after an animal. In order for this to be true there has to be great conflicts in the middle east, specifically in sham(syria) where a big fitna will happen easing the road for sufyani to rise Wake up
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