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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. The quran does tell us that prophet abraham had 12 successors whom god chose for him af they were 12 imams as the quran describes This matter is no different, except these 12 imams were the holders of knowledge. Picture you being the first imam(imam ali) and the prophet(your cuzin) just told you how your going to die and how your kids will die. Would that change your steps everyday? It should shouldnt it? Except these imams are so pure and faithful they kept going even when they knew it was the night death was coming. All of them(members of the family ahlulbait/prophets family) were 72 and each were killed by either the sword or poison. None died naturally. Then you have the bible which I used to read and research which explains the number 12 alot especially about Eliyah(ali in the bible) which comes after the prophet after the messiah. So jesus = messiah, prophet = mohamed & eliyah = ali. The bible has codes for their positions as well, the words are out there, you have to seek the truth IF YOU want to convert. Because Islan promises serious matters, look into its signs and public ways
  2. Yes its true what u have to say There will b a big event in ramadan one year when it starts on a friday and the 15th will be a friday too thats the sign
  3. Do u not read and understand the quran? What does it say about predictions and putting a time on things? Are you saying you hav god like powers astakfurallah!?
  4. Agreed. One can only say inshallah it near and that the events are very clear
  5. What i wrong with this guy i get such a negative vybe from the end of the video
  6. (salam) One thing id like to bring up Sayed hassan said that al qaeda has fallen for a trap and has been allowed to enter syria from all locations for a reason Sufyani is close but how close? Some say the last fitnah is 10-12 years... Or could it be near? Know this my bros an sisters, once bashar is removed which i think is very near, who rthey going to install in syria? Whether u believe in the hadith that says 100,000 kafirs die from a serious earthquake before the rising of sufyani and some sheiks say its a chemical exp not normal earthquake makes sense today with all countries going on about bashar trying to use the weapons eh? They drop it on all those fools(al qaeda) move in to eliminate bahar and my friends, is the beginning of the reign for the sufyani la. He rises in rajab and only lasts 14-15 months THaTs it!
  7. Ok 1 please ban ths zan person because he never gives up on these haram predictions But on top of that he brings hadiths that are from sunni books AND the torah? Anybody else ok with this? Especially IT being the 100th predicition(s) hes made and failed and still WONT give up. Like how do u talk sense to a person like this? Or maybe hes doing it on purpose to misguide us purposely ? Ha! Btw the star is not a star that comes every couple of hundred years do ur research its only came 4 times or 5 so far since abraham days pbuh
  8. Well the star we await, will be one of kind. It will give light like the moon your right Whats insane about it is that it arrives every 5000years or so. It arrived during many big events in the past with previous prophets. The last time well see it is just before the rising of our awaited one aj
  9. Thanks for this Btw i was in iraq not too long ago(last week) and trust me, nobody out there buys what ahmed al hassan does or tries to say. They know hes a fool and a liar
  10. Khamail whatever u have to ask, you may ask on here. The brothers and sisters on here may be able to answer u even better then me.
  11. No its not dig into more research... Yeaterday was my last day in Iraq and I got to visit the capital Bagdad and i visited all the imams wonderful spots including imam ali, hussein, musa al kadim and al abbas. On my way to the airport we drove by one of imam mahdis 4 companions grave and it looked beautiful from the outside. I wish i got to visit his grave as well. So the evidence and truth is there, you just gotta seek it! Wa salam
  12. From his fathers death.. No one is able to pray upon an imams dead body except another imam(and i mean from imam ali #1 to the #11 imam hassan al askari) so when imam hassan al askari died a little boy came and pushed imam hassan al askari's brother aside and everyone was shocked because he was hidden from them due to fear of ppl trying to kill him.. Then he disappeared and only came in contact with those who were chosen and he taught them thing and prepared them + warned them of a delay in his return. In the bible, his glory has been mentioned as well therefore theres no question about it.. When he was a kid he told his companions that to be sure of his return there has to be great conflicts in the middle east especially in syria. He warned his followers that no one will be truthful of meetin him in his major occultation unless they see the sufyani rise in syria. At that time there will be a king of saudi arabia whos name will be abdullah who will take power after his brother named after an animal(his name was fahad) and when u see him from far it looks like he has a lazy eye but in reality theres nothing wrong with his eye(s). Go look at king fahad of saudi before abdullah on google as a small image then press on the pic to zoom in and let me know if ur heart trembled or not. The role of this is that after abdullah dies, saudi royal family will lie to the world for fourty days and hide his death and will kill each other for power between each other(the family). (salam)
  13. No thats not what the mayans predicted fyi their end of the world culd be the beginning to our awaited world.. Maybe the star the prophet and imams spoke of will rise? Aka they may call it planet X? Thats why the prophet said seek refuge in Allah when u see it and save food for a year because the trials and fitnas(problems) will begin to occur. Maybe they'll tie a fake story to the star/planet by using project bluebeam but who knows only Allah is educated in this matter and we can only guess while he perfects and chooses for us the real reality... I hope nothing does happen bcuz y2k was bs too remember!? Salam
  14. Wa alaykoom asalam Please watch sheik jalal's clips on youtube regarding syria.
  15. Roachy why acuse some1 of nonsense like that? Does he look like he knows? Hes just trying to pass info on..
  16. A man like this is a role model we need to all follow! Theres a reason why in Canada and the States we cant walk around with the Hiz flag without being arrested or harrased by cops Apparently theyre terrorists for defending their country.. Then u have moron so-called Muslims calling them Hiz-balshayateen astakfurallah well see our positions in the hereafter allahu alam
  17. Dont feel like that for him hes the devils child bro Its to a point where they want to learn and please their fathers, so its his first lesson to learn
  18. Rebels standing next to a kid as he hit a guy two times across the neck with a sword chopping his head off. Then they picked the head up by the hair and put it on top of his body as they shouted not to get his "dirty" blood on their hands.
  19. I heard theres one Us warship and one from France brother? But ya after a huge earthquake three flags will get raised Al abqa al ashab and al sufyani Abqa from egypt apparently Ashab will be governor of sham(ashab means lion/assad in arabic) Al sufyani from yad al yabis The first sufyani i think will be an army to move in on the president after they drop a chemical bomb on the rebels and blame him and move in Then the sufyani rises on the ashes of the muslims as the hadiths state He rises in the month rajab
  20. Salam alaykoom Love the research but these have nothing to do with this "earthquake" thats to happen in the future. Only Allah swt knows but its not going to be a zilzal its going to be a huge catastorphy meaning chemical bomb? The hadith states 100,000 kafirs die, not believers, meaning they wuld have to drop it on the rebels and blame the president correct? This is what Ive learnt from some ulemma, and it makes perfect sense today. Then the hadith goes on to say that there will be a land that sinks, this means an actual zilzal. Then an army procceeds in to "help" secure the situation. Then the son of the liver eater, the sufyani, rises on the pulpit of Damascus. With todays nonsense going on, allahu akbar an allahu alim, it makes sense doesnt it? Sabhanallah
  21. The third side is the sufyani lanatallah anahu. At this point its unclear who it is but our imams say he comes from Yad Al Yabis meaning Jordan or on Syria side either douma or daraa He comes and dominates both sides meaning bashars army and the rebels
  22. Brothers and sisters, Imam Ali a.s said two armies will go back and forth in al sham until a third side(sufyani) comes and dominates both sides. Wake up
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