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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Salam the three people that rise in Syria are al abqa, al ashab and al sufyani the three groups you’re talking about are after if I’m not mistaken! So al abqa literally means the spotted one, al ashab translates to the lion and al sufyani obviously everyone knows about him... in the hadiths it says al ashab(the lion) will be the governor of Syria/sham at the time.. so is it not weird that Bashar al ASAD(asad means lion) is the president of Syria? Anyways so the hadiths say these three groups will cause a division in Syria, and then other hadiths say that after a big zilzal(earthquak
  2. Speak for urself bro! No one I know that’s iraqi(including myself) thinks of Iraqis the way you do.. ur fooling urself lol actually most Iraqis think negatively about our own people back home!!! Especially the ones in the governmenr who have the chance to help the whole country but choose to launder money lol Idk what rock u live under brother but almost every other Arab country is either more advanced or just more civilized than us! Karbala has wires hanging down to our heads by the holiest places, and Basra has a road that runs from the airport to like(basically the city), that has just garb
  3. The strikes started in Syria officially by the US UK and France tonight
  4. Back to what I was originally saying tho.. the sufyani is coming!!! And the imam is near!!! Does that not make any of you happy/scares? We may have a chance to witness the prophet’s grandson rise and rule!!!
  5. Your arguments are so irrelevant and useless! While you people try and use your stupid biased brains, people are going to die by the thousands in this coming war! It’s time for all of us dumb Arabs, to unite don’t you think? I swear the world has a right to laugh at us Arabs because while we’re waiting for the imam to rise, all the Arab countries are going to war with each other... we actually deserve this.. bcuz we stand against each other instead of together.. sunnis vs Shias is just another victory for the world... the truth is, yes I believe the imam was born alrdy and will rise again and
  6. The sufyani is very near which means the imam is even closer! All that’s left is the zilzal(which is probably going to happen now if these countries attack) and the wall of the masjid to collapse!
  7. You neglect words, and you speak out of your own self-inspired actions. When those 73 million people died, was there a civil war in Syria like todays situation? Was there a king in Saudi Arabia named Abdullah at that time? Was there an Iranian revolution slash Khorassani leader at that time? No i dont think so, thse signs we've been left all started to happen recently. For example, Saddam in Iraq was a sign as well as the first sufyani before the main sufyani rose from Syria/Sham and look whats happeninig. So please, I ask you, dont speak out of your selfish desires. If God willed, he could br
  8. What are you guys talking about. Sufyani hadiths mention his religion being a fake Islam. As I recall, the hadith indicates he will appear ot be a pious Muslim with worshipping signs, but underneath his shirt is a cross coming from the Roman land areas.
  9. (salam) Brothers and sisters, yes things are getting worst in some parts of the world. While some things are getting better for us believe it or not. This conflict in Syria, before it even kicked off (three years ago), people were explaining how long of an event had to happen in Syria/Sham before the Imam rises. And based on some Sheiks knowledge that Ive come across, they dont put numbers, but they claim many many years of Syrian destruction. Not alot of people are relyzing, the Syrian conflict is our proof of the hadiths really being valid and truthful. At the end, when we think everything w
  10. Subhanallah when I read the Quran and hear about def dumb and blindness due to Allah making them like that, it really makes sense by reading ur post. The quran al kareem says ahlulbayt are to recieve highest status and purest purification. The household of the prohet for god's sake. To defend with your life is what really
  11. A dictator lmao! I love how Allah swt can blind ppl so badly. If the syrian regime falls, good luck to everyone... It will b a war zone
  12. its funny how sunnis ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS bring up muta. Just go to the Quran my brothers and sisters. And then realize how dumb your scholars are who make fun of the mutah way, and then their sons are the ones who are caught having sex with women in a haram way. What can you say to that? Let them have sex or let's at least make it as halal as possible and run mutah whom some traditions narate is acceptable. Ha
  13. Either way, he is fighting for his life right now. If he really is on the path of Shia, then he was successful at this point, was he not? I MEAN LISTEN HERE----- HE BELIEVES IN THE 12th Imam, Imam Mahdi aj, and the sunnis laugh at us. This man, who has no background of Islam, was broguht to the light of our Awaited Imam. Makes me wonder, are the sunnis really on the right path? But who am I to judge, I've warded off and on myself. But I will never deny Imamate and their positions in the hereafter. And those who do, good luck when it's the last breath your drawing and your getting closer to wh
  14. about the jews invading syria, i never heard of such a thing, but I believe it is very very possible at this point. All i know is an army invades syria while bashar is still in power, and then an earthquake happens causing a masjid in damascus's walls to cave in, and then great terror and war will begin(meaning the real war, not civil war) and then the sufyani rises, and when he rises, the yemani rises on the same day except on an opposite side. and the khorassani rises as well. This could mean, that one day in the near future, three wars will start on one day... War on syria - sufyani War on
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