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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Sallam o alaikum brothers and sister :) I am an Afghan Male who migrated to Canada 2 years ago and i got to know a Colombian girl and we did mutah with eachother and I really used all Islamic rules and laws.. she is here in Canada since 2002 and she has and had alot of friends mostly from chechenya which they are WAHABIES.. Some days ago she asked me that if i become muslim what do i have to do and what I cant....her main problem is with cloths which i am a bit against it and this prevents her of becoming Muslim .. she is saying that if one day i become muslim will i be able to wear JOUPE until knee only somedays not everyday ?????!!! I told her NON Because if you become MUSLIM you will become a Shia and our role Model is LADY ZAHRA (SA) and we cant because i am grown up like that AND I am latin and for me culture is first then Islam WHAT SHOULD I DO ..... She is saying that I feel Islam in my heart and i know that its a true Relgion... I want helpful advices please please.....
  2. Salam o alaikum Today i went to to meet my Christian friend in his house and we were together suddenly his mom called us to come and eat they know that I am Muslim and their mother is also a convert but WAHABIE so we sat on the table after some minutes she brought rice mixed with chickens i wasn't able to say anything or make an excuse and I was lost what to do if i say i dont eat they will become angry and stuff like that but in my heart i was like o my Allah forgive me now what should I do I really hate my nasty mouth Help please
  3. I want from Quran not HadiTH Hadith can never reject the Quran YEAH MAY Allah GUIDE ME TO BE A BETTER SOLDEIR OF IMAM E ZAMAN (AJTS) sunni scholar mulla saad ud deen taftazani mentions saying of umar in his book SHARAH MAQASID “there are three things which were there in the era of holy prophet asws, but i forbid it, and declared them haram; these are muta’a-tun-nisa, muta’a-tul-haj, and hayya ala khair ul amal” [sharah maqasir, vol 3, page 512, printed beirut] YA ALI MADDAD http://ahlubait.wordpress.com/2011/02/12/mutaa-adhan-and-umar-opinion-of-sunni-scholar/
  4. Mutah is in Quran Surah Nisa Aya 24 Bring me a verse which it says that Mutah is forbidden then i will stop practicing Mutah :) We Follow Prophet Muhammad (saww) Not Filthy Umar
  6. Salam o alaikum brothers and sisters I get to know this Catholic girl since she added me in facebook and we knew each other through facebook about 4 months ago she said that I love you and we fall in love with each other because of halal and haram i did mutah with her and we are still in Aqeed e mutah but she is saying to marry me and I am not sure what to do I indirectly told her hat I am Shia Muslim and read about Islam because I want a Muslim wife because of culture and everything and the differences between an Asian and a Latin girl.. So if she become Muslim Should i marry her since she Is not a Virgin She had like 2 boyfriends before (one of them was a Muslim which he cheated her ) she Smoked Marijuana and now she is not doing I told her not eat pork & drink wine so she stopped it and also wearing cloths which shows the body What should I do Please Help me I appreciate your helpful answers Eltimase Doa
  7. [ 26279 ] 1 Ü ãÍãÏ Èä íÚÞæÈ ¡ Úä ãÍãÏ Èä íÍíì ¡ Úä ÃÍãÏ Èä ãÍãÏ ¡ Úä ÇáÍÓä Èä ãÍÈæÈ ¡ Úä ãÚÇæíÉ Èä æåÈ æÛíÑå ÌãíÚÇ ¡ Úä ÃÈí ÚÈÏÇááå ( Úáíå ÇáÓáÇã ) Ýí ÇáÑÌá ÇáãÄãä íÊÒæÌ ÇáíåæÏíÉ æÇáäÕÑÇäíÉ ¡ ÝÞÇá : ÅÐÇ ÃÕÇÈ ÇáãÓáãÉ ÝãÇ íÕäÚ ÈÇáíåæÏíÉ æÇáäÕÑÇäíÉ ¿ ÝÞáÊ áå : íßæä áå ÝíåÇ Çáåæì ¡ ÞÇá : Åä ÝÚá ÝáíãäÚåÇ ãä ÔÑÈ ÇáÎãÑ æÃßá áÍã ÇáÎäÒíÑ ¡ æÇÚáã Ãä Úáíå Ýí Ïíäå ÛÖÇÖÉ . 1 – Muhammad b. Ya`qub from Muhammad b. Yahya from Ahmad b. Muhammad from al-Hasan b. Mahbub from Mu`awiya b. Wahb and other than him [from our companions – in al-Kafi] all from Abu `Abdillah Úáíå ÇáÓáÇã regarding the believing man who marries the Jewish woman and the Christian woman. He said: When he comes by the Muslim woman then what does he have to do with the Jewish woman and the Christian woman? So I said to him: He has desire for her. So he said: If he does it then he is to forbid her from drinking wine and eating pig meat, and know that there is a deficiency upon him in his religion. http://www.*******.org/hadiths/marriage/prohibition-by-kufr/permission-to-marry-the-kitabi-woman-when-out-of-necessity
  8. Salam o alaikum I Already asked this question but i want to get more info if you could help me in this case I know a girl she is Christian and I told her about mutah (I asked the Question here in shiachat) rules and regulation and she accept agreed that we will do mutah inshaAllah, now I want to know that what are some conditions which i tell her that she should to accept.. Example> Going out with her non mahram friends and shaking hand with them or kissing (we don't live together ) Eating haram Meat such as PORK yeqqqq :( Beef or mutton ) Drinking wine or beer Thanks alot
  9. Because I love her and I should be free to go out with her not for sexual desires or lust , Other wise its really easy to go out and do whatever I want , but why I shouldn't obey my lord and prevent the sin + show her that what Islam really is n will try to convert her and add one more SHIA person in our shia listès :D Lolz But I want one ;)
  10. Salam o alaikum brothers and sisters I Need some Versus of holy Quran or Masoomens saying about Mutah which it could Explain mutah clearly to a Christian girl I newly got to know her I sent her the site Mutah.com and I told her to do a study first and do google search and ask from your SHIA friends she has lots of BAKRY friends and asked it from them, they told her thats it not good and blah blah I met her yesterday and she was saying that its not a good thing after I explained it to her she has accept it but she said i want more information regarding this whether I should I accept it or not. I want some good to send to her if you Brothers and Sister got I will really appreciate it
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