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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. S. A, I have been having debate with akhbaris on the matter of taqleed, I need strong evidence to support my stand, please assist if someone knows?
  2. Imam Ali a.s didn't disrespect aisha even after she was such a staunch enemy and coz of her thousands of Muslims lost there life... Y don't u follow the same seerah of Ali a.s which he showed to aisha towards Israel...
  3. Ahadith of Imam a.s think otherwise.. These two men are the root cause of all evils.. Had they not usurped caliphate then muawiya, yazeed would never have come into picture..
  4. It's hijaz... Saudi monarchy will soon end which is full of oppression InshAllah
  5. Biggest enemies of aale Muhammad are abu bakr and umar, they laid the foundation of all oppression.. Don't have an iota of doubt on there kufr.. I say curse Israel however much u want but at the same time curse enemies of aale Muhammad... If u don't curse enemies of aale Muhammad citing the reason of peace then cursing Israel is also not justified coz that too hurts feeling of people
  6. Yup when I curse enemies of aale Muhammad, I wud be ape, mi6 agent and Iranians are as if Verse of purification was revealed on them
  7. Yup now a days such a condition are being made shias are made to forgot real enemies of Islam who usurped the haq of ahlebait a.s and are more focused on this media propaganda enemy , lets assume Tomorrow Iran has a deal with Israel like it Had with Americans recently then Israel will be good for all of u
  8. Nope just showing hypocrisy of those people who condemn there own enemies but fail to do it and find excuses for enemies of aale Muhammad a.s
  9. So we can mock enemies of Islam... I don't understand this logic u people claim to mock and condemn enemy of Islam but at the same time don't do it for the biggest criminals of Islamic history
  10. Netanyahu, Trump are personalities, they are also mocked
  11. Ajmaeen covers Israel too, y separate chants for them and saying all those margs
  12. My main aim for this post was if the tabarra of Iran against Israel is not the reason of Palestinians getting killed by Israelis then don't give this lame excuse that tabarra against enemies of aale Muhammad a.s is the reason of shias getting killed and stop doing it for the sake of peace... Then please stop cursing Israel too for the sake of peace
  13. Yup condemn oppression.. Y forget the first oppression which happened after the shahadat of holy prophet s.a.w.s..come out and raise chants against them like you do against Israel
  14. Aisha violated quran, can you please read 'and stay quietly in your houses,' 33.33...so she has disobeyed Allah and his prophet by going in jamal.. And she openly hated Ali as, u can check sahih bukhari vol 3 hadith 761.... And it is a mutawatir ahadith of holy prophet that Ali a.s is with truth and truth is with Ali a.s.. Now any one who opposes him is on batil.. And if you go through the history learn her actions and judge her on the basis of her actions... Even quran condemns her acts surah tahrim earlier verses.. Don't be blind, have a sight and see.
  15. Same with iranian government recruited shias. Curse Iran enemies but not ahlulbayts.. Coz peace will be affected.. Ur cursing of Israel doesn't affect peace in Palestine?
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