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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Assalmualaikum, So according to Sayed Sistani, "... It is also permissible to eat such food if the amount of alcohol is very minute, e.g., 2%." I I am not quite familiar with this ruling but my question is, does it mean any food that has 2% or does it have to come from a natural occurrence such as fermentation. I ask because I eat sushi and the soy sauce brand Yamasa adds additional alcohol to their soy sauce for a total of 1.8% alcohol in their soy sauce. Can someone shed some light on this matter? Thank you and Jazakallah!
  2. Assalamualaikum, If one is in prayer while fasting, and he/she cries during prayer from fear of Allah during Quran recitation, then these tears happen to roll down the cheeks and into their mouth, what is the ruling? Do you break the prayer to spit out the tears? Or do you continue the prayer and swallow the tears? Holding in the tears in your mouth until the prayer ends is too difficult (and wierd) to do. Jazakallah!
  3. Salamualaikum, Does anybody know why Islam considers these four holy months sacred if they were considered holy in pre-islamic times? I know Allah says he created them sacred, but when I read about the 4 months, I feel like there is a major influence of pre-Islam (Jahiliyah time) of why they are sacred like no fighting and so on. I guess I am trying to see if these months were known to the people in Jahiliya, than that means they came from an Abrahamic religion that told them of this before they adulterated the religion of Allah since it is verified in the Quran and ahadith. Can't just be coincidence?
  4. Salamualaikum. Does anyone know how long Imam Ali (as) waited until he remarried after the death of Fatima (as)? Also, what is your opinion on your long a widow/widower waits until remarrying?
  5. lol Gypsy. It would be an Islamic marriage so the government does not need to know about it. It is just in the interest to make it any touching halal. And Yes Allah knows our intentions, but even if I have a pure. And I was serious but I did not realize some answers were joking until later lol. Yes, the difficulty of online communication is you do not see our expressions that is why I try to avoid it. I believed Haider because I remember a ruling vaguely about no limit to temporary wives so when he said it it sort of confirmed what I was thinking. and it is always hard to contact my marja, Sistani like never replies so I do what I can. If you can find help find me an answer then please go ahead.
  6. Salamualaikum. I have a few questions on divorce. If there was nothing stipulated before the marriage, what does the ex-wife receive after a divorce from her husband? I basically would like to know the rights of women in Islam during divorce. I am having trouble finding information on it. I couldn't find anything on Sistani's website.
  7. Hi Ruqaya. Why would I not be serious about an answer? If anything, your answer was not helpful at all. If I plan to take care of female orphans when im older and I want to be able to touch them like a parent would, why wouldnt Mutah be an option in this situation when shes an adult? I am not after what you think.
  8. I think if an impure item comes into wet contact with something else, that thing now becomes najis. So impurities transfer through moist mediums. so if the meat is dry like jerky and so is the egg, no najasat transfers. But almost all meat has some moistness to it so if you have doubt, it is up to you whether you want to eat it or not but if you eat it, it is halal.
  9. Salamualaikum, Thank you Haidar! So there is no limit to temp wives.
  10. Myo

    Dog Najasat

    I know I love dogs too. Only reason I had pet cats in the past so I dont deal with the issue.
  11. Now i know your joking ~_~ no slave girls... *Sad panda face*
  12. How do you even go about enslaving a girl in Islam? I dont even know of the rulings of how one becomes a slave in Islam. That would be nice though, enslave all the women since there is no limit to them.
  13. Salamualaikum. I am confused what parts of the dog are najis. I have heard different things such as the entire dog is najis, the hairs that come off are tahir, only its spit/mouth and any other wet areas are the only things najis. I do not know what to believe. In America, many people bring their dogs to malls now and sometimes they will touch my jeans. I do not know if I should wash them or consider it tahir. So what is the ruling to dogs? I follow Sistani but I am open to hear other Ayatullah rulings too, thank you.
  14. i laughed too when i typed my example but it is a serious question lol
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