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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Salaams You might find this useful and educational. https://english.almayadeen.net/articles/analysis/the-flight-from-kabul-and-the-legacy-of-general-soleimani Also to @Abdul-Hadi when you say: "So Iran is working closely with people who think that they are heretics and want to kill them? That doesn't make much sense to me, honestly."; this is both incorrect and invalid. While the Taleban of yesteryear had such tendencies; the revived Afghan Taliban are very different. Read the article where Sayyed Muhammad Marandi explains a lot and if you still have questions; ask. Hopefully that helps. #Labbayk <3
  2. In case you are still looking for this - it can be found here -
  3. Just saying, but do you know how easy it is to find corrupt turbans? They're a dime a dozen, just because someone professes to be a "Shaykh" and appears on a documentary and allegations are made and "he's caught on tape saying something" - this is not proof. Any court or judiciary would throw out such garbage. So, yeah, sorry, you've not provided proof, you've just provided junk. Just saying after all - btw - do you believe everything you see in "documentaries"? Because if you do; then you have far greater problems my dear.
  4. I agree there is a big difference between an infallible and a fallible person. However, I also feel that Quran is a guide; and Quran advises us that in the Prophet of Allah is the *BEST EXAMPLE* - see Quran, Surah al-Ahzab (The Tribes) (33), Verse 21: لَّقَدْ كَانَ لَكُمْ فِي رَسُولِ اللَّـهِ أُسْوَةٌ حَسَنَةٌ لِّمَن كَانَ يَرْجُو اللَّـهَ وَالْيَوْمَ الْآخِرَ وَذَكَرَ اللَّـهَ كَثِيرًا You have an excellent example in the Messenger of God; for anyone who seeks God and the Last Day, and remembers God frequently. Now, last I checked, Allah isn't machavellian; and he doesn't tell you that something or someone is a great example for you - and the word example by definition means one to emulate or follow - and then declare that you are prohibitted from following said example because "you might make a mistake". Mistakes are something that fallibles do; however, when a person mitigates their prepencity for making mistakes by taking care, doing research, understanding, taking wise council, and then trusting in Allah; then that is something that takes us towards the perfection that Allah wants us to aspire to and move towards. To suggest that its not possible because mistakes will be made, is well, frankly that is just ignorant. Based on your ignorant and broken logic, that would mean that well - since a doctor might make a mistake in diagnosing or curing an ailment, we might as well not bother going to a doctor or studying medicine and as a result we will be precluded from making any mistakes. What utter rubbish!! So, while yes, there is a difference between the Prophets and Aimmah (who are infallible) and the senior Maraje, Mujtahedeen and the Wali al-Faqih (who are not infallible as the Aimmah and Prophets are infallible), that doesn't mean that we should just stare in mindless longing at the infallibles and not even make the slightest attempt to follow their pathway. So, actually; having an Islamic Government; even one run by fallible leaders is better than to just sit around and let those who are not just fallible but are enemies of humanity (such as those behind the Zionist entity and the Western ogliarchs) govern and rule over you. The meaning of "establishing the prayer" which is a key component of Islam is twofold; and not just to sit and have a room/place where you pray; rather it is to create the environment where prayer is possible. Prayer has many conditions; amongst them is justice and freedom to pray; this requires a just government. Finally, when the Prophets or Aimmah sent people as their representatives to other places - for example the way Imam Ali sent Muhammad ibn Abu Bakr (the son of Aba Bakr who was raised by Imam Ali, but still the son of the First Caliph of the Muslims, Aba Bakr) to Egypt, Muhammad ibn Abu Bakr was NOT an infallible, but was following the instructions of an infallible. The same way the Wali al-Faqih might not be infallible in and of himself; he is however, following the instructions of the infallible (and when we follow the Wali al-Faqih, we too are following the instructions of the infallible, since Imam Mahdi had categorically said that we should defer to the Righteous Fuqahah - with righteous being the operative word, and also the plethora of qualities, such as their level of learning, awareness, their freedom to operate, their believe and connection to Allah, their level of justice, their stance against those who are unjust and work against the people and usurp their rights and so on. So yeah; but your racism and hatred is so clear I doubt you will even have the comprehension and presence of mind to read what I have written - "persian Ayatullah" - what utter baulderdash - Imam Khamenei and Imam Khumayni are both from Banu Hashim, they are more Arab than most Arabs (if you want to get into the whole "Arabness" nonsense), but before being Arab, like the Prophet, like the Aimmah, they were Muslims and servants of Allah. So yeah; before you come back - try learning about Islam from other than your Zionist masters (using the username 313 means nothing, when your actions and words betray your reality). Sorry but I have a very low tolerance of stupidity; and your point above (if it can even be called a point) is close to the hieght of stupidity. Like I've said before - such absolute stupidity - and whats worse is that the same fools who used to previously speak against Islamic Iran and spew their weak arguments are here spewing the same excrement. Deaf, dumb and blind and its unlikely they will ever return. #Sigh
  5. I see, so that is why Prophet Muhammad established a government and Imam Ali also governed. But off course Islam doesn't have a political component. Honestly there is so much stupidity on this forum, and little or nothing has changed since I used to spend time posting on it, except that this place has been further infiltrated with Hasbara trolls who spew the same nonsense against Islamic Iran, and delude the misguide folk herein. As for the Uygur and this talk of "they are so oppressed". This is a myth. The ones in prisons in China are there because they are affiliated with DAESH. In the prisons of Iraq there are hundreds of Uygurs who had come to Iraq to fight alongside DAESH. This is well documented, but most of the time not in English, so you might want to learn Arabic and other languages, including Farsi, Chinese and Russian - and Hebrew to get the real position of the situation. Why not in English, because it goes against the line of Washington that seeks to demonise China and those who are allied with Islamic Iran, such as Russia. So yeah, understand perspective. Finally, remember, "news" outlets such as the Washington Post, New York Times and such do not constitute news; rather they are outlets that spew lies and propoganda. Such absolute stupidity - and whats worse is that the same fools who used to previously speak against Islamic Iran and spew their weak arguments are here spewing the same excrement. Deaf, dumb and blind and its unlikely they will ever return. #JustSaying
  6. Sayyid Hashim Al-Haidari speaking on the night of Ashura about being true to Imam Husayn and having the Basira to be able to stand for the Husayn of our time. السيد هاشم الحيدري - كربلاء تشهد
  7. In His Name, the Most High Salaams Since the lectures of Shaykh Hamza Sodagar(HA) delivered at the Stanmore Islamic Centre have been "made" unavailable on their website - please find them available here: Video: Shaykh Hamza Sodagar(HA) – Muharram 1436 (2014) – Hujjat Islamic Centre, Stanmore Audio: Shaykh Hamza Sodagar – Muharram 1436 (2014) – Hujjat Islamic Centre, Stanmore Download: 1drv.ms/1ukKSPC Please share, download and upload. These lectures are important - the subject is Imam al-Mahdi(AJ) as the Husayn(A) of our time. Shaykh Hamza Sodagar(HA) covers many important points and insha Allah you will find these lectures enlightening and awakening. With prayers for your success, With Salaams and Dua's Mukhtar ath-Thaqafi
  8. This video shows the destruction and damage to the Mausoleam of Lady Sakina(A), Daughter of Imam Ali(A) by the terrorist elements of US/UK/Israeli/Turkish/Saudi and Qatari backed al-Qaeda and FSA terrorists in Daraya, Syria. May Allah liberate Syria from these evil ones - these Wahhabi, Zionist terrorists who are in reality the offspring of those who sucked on the liver of our Prophet(S), may Allah destroy them and their allies with a complete destruction, and may Allah protect our beloved Syria, with all its good people, honest people, sincere people from the plots of such enemies and terrorists. Ameen Ya Rab al-Alemeen! http://shabbir.hassanally.net/2013/04/07/destruction-of-the-haram-mausoleum-of-lady-sakinaa-daughter-of-imam-alia-daraya-syria and
  9. In His Name, the Most High Salaams Many had warned about such people (i.e. Mr Tawhidi) - and those who mentor and nurture them (i.e. Yasir Habib, Mujtaba Shirazi and others), yet people refused to listen and pay heed to the warnings. The cancer of these faseqeen has begun to spread, yet it is still not too late. Awareness and education is key. Wisdom and appropriate words are key. People should be smarter and realise when an Amameh is either purchased or hereditary, and when it is actually earned through hard work. In both cases the reality of a given situation is evident, yet people - it would seem - choose entertainment over education. Hence they are given such mufsedeen as their just deserts. As people, there has to be a move to keep such mufsedeen as Mr Tawhidi and his associates and those who come from a similar pathway. Mr Tawhidi is not alone as a person who speaks ignorantly and obnoxiously from the mimbar, there are others who in the near past have spoken in such a fashion and will speak in a worse fashion, who have encouraged the young to look down (i.e. look arrogantly) upon both their elders and their parents, who use foul language. Remember as it has been said previously in this forum (not neccessarily on this thread and possibly a number of years ago) - do not look at the size of the person's amameh. Rather, follow the maxim given to us by Imam Ali(A): "Look at WHAT is being said, rather than WHO is saying it" Also, if we work to learn what the Truth is through reflection, study, reading, etc - then we will by extension be able to acertain who the people of Truth are. If we don't know Truth - then it will be impossible to know those who are the people of Truth - and anyone who overtly gives the impression of being such will become in the opinion of the ignorant, a person of Truth. Remember also, that in the last days before the return of our Master(AJ), there will be monkeys upon the mimbar "teaching" the people. We should also adapt ourselves to Islam, rather than attempting to modify Islam to adapt to our whims and desires. With prayers for your success, With Salaams and Dua's Mokhtar
  10. Those who speak ill of Mokhtar ath-Thaqafi(a.s), say that he was after power and such things, do not understand politics and what the situation was in the time of Imam Sajjad(a.s). They must first to understand the connection between Mohammad bin Hanaffiyya(a.s) and Imam Sajjad(a.s), and further more do not understand the connection between Mokhtar(a.s) and Mohammad bin Hanaffiyya(a.s). The reason for Mokhtar(a.s) taking the goverment in Kufa, was to make sure that he had a strong government, before going to destroy people like Shemr,Ibn Sa'ad, Khouli, and others. If you do not know about Mokhtar(a.s) and do not understand political reasoning in difficult situation, please do not make the mistake of saying bad about Mokhtar(a.s). Some sonni people they say very bad thing about him, because he used Bani Zubayr and fought Bani Umayyah and Bani Zubayr, and because he broke the bay'ah with Abdollah bin Zubayr - even if you examine, his bay'a was conditional and the condition was made for misdirection and to take the Zubayris off the real idea of what he was doing. All the time he was in good close contact with Mohammad bin Hanaffiyya(a.s) and Imam Sajjad(a.s). Mokhtar.
  11. Brother I did say to them "Hayya alas-Salaat" - but they just laughed. They are not interested in namaaz, only in doing this blood thing. Rest of year they do not even come to Masjid, but Moharram they come and do this haram blood thing. Second, you say bad things against Rahbar(h.a), okay, you think because you think people who say they follow Rahbar(h.a) do this blood thing. Understand, people who say they followed Imam Ali(a.s) did bad thing too, and just because people curse Imam Ali(a.s) does not mean Imam Ali(a.s) is not correct. Only that it foolish people who curse Imam Ali(a.s). For Rahbar(h.a) same thing. Only foolish people will curse him. Also, Aza is part of Furu for deen - it is from part of Tavalla and Tabarra - not from Usul deen, any person who think it is in usul for deen is silly and knows nothing. Dige harfi nadaram, va agar shoma ham harfi na daree, lotfan javab ham nadeh, agar dobare tohmat be maqaam-e-moazzam-e-rahbari kardeen, pedar-o-madaret ro dar miyaram. Movazeb-e-khodet baash pisar joon, tohmat kardan be rahbar showkhi nist, khat-e-ahmarast. Mokhtar.
  12. This is speech I was talking about. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V9cENIv1xzc&feature=plcp See from 48 min onwards. But complete speech is very nice mashallah. Mokhtar
  13. This will clear your idea for question 1 When you see question 1 is not true - question 2 and 3 are also not true Mokhtar.
  14. The people who were sitting around - did not have any najasat on them - they were sitting around having tea and in fact they *never* come to make namaaz - they are only interested in cutting and blood letting - this is well known. Also anything which prevents you from wajibaat or puts khalal into wajibaat is not allowed - it is haraam - no exception. If a person want read Quran into late night, and they are late from Namaaz-e-Fajr - then even that reading of Quran becomes haraam. This is basic Fiqh rulings not something strange. Anyway I am not someone to discuss a subject like this - it is something that is haram as per the ruling of Rahbar(h.a.) and so the story is finished. If someone must do this blood thing - then they must be ready to answer Allah and Imam-e-Zamaan(a.j.t.f.s). Tamam shod, dige harfi-nist. The speaker who spoke in Luton explained this very clearly and was given a big trouble from those who do this blood thing. Rahbar(a.s) has said very clearly: http://tatbir.org/?page_id=98 If you study that site you will see the truth. Mokhtar
  15. I'm sorry brother, does this cutting of the head become something more important than prayers? I saw at a center I went to for Ashora yesterday, the people who cut their bodies and heads in this way, sitting aorund having tea, while people were making namaaz. There was namaaz-e-jamaat happening and they were not even interested in namaaz - yet they say they love Imam Hossein(a.s) - how is that possible? It is like someone says that Ebn-e-Moljem loved Imam Ali(a.s) - very strange logic for those people, maybe they hurt their head so they do not think proper? Also, tell me, is it permissible to make tohmat (slander) in Islam - is this the way that Imam Hossein(a.s) taught to Moslem people? Mokhtar
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