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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. 3 fingers and 2 thumbs? It aint even an accurate figure. :(
  2. Well in my opinion if they get close enough too it or gain control of the surroundings ... i mean whats stopping them really? they have destroyed Janatul Baqi ... thanks to the us Shia the place is still marked and remebere even today ... if wahabis had their way they would have replaced it with a 5star hotel or shopping mall. :donno:
  3. I hope they dont get close to the Shrines Hazrat Zainab a.s. or else things will get out of control.
  4. Mahr is a means of sustenance in case of a sudden death, divorce or other emergency
  5. Peddy! I did the survey,,,, cant believe i jst seen it nw honey :P
  6. Why hve you referenced this hadith? Is not even hujjah on us. Hadith - Muslim #4963, Narrated Abdullah ibn Umar Allah's Messenger said: Every intoxicant is Khamr and every intoxicant is forbidden. He who drinks wine in this world and dies while he is addicted to it, not having repented, will not be given a drink in the Hereafter P.s. im not disagreeing with it
  7. oh no im happy as it is lollll ... bt thnx ^_^
  8. Paki parents always hve issues n i talk from experience :donno: Hopefully things work out for ya :mad:
  9. My calender it says 10 Rabi-ul-thani :/
  10. Whens her Wafat? 10th Rabi ul Thani right? According too: http://www.ziaraat.com/masqom01.php Or is it this week? Kinda Confused :huh:
  11. move to a first world country being doctors it will greatly help you with your careers etc. Also you can fullfill your religious side too without having a constant fear of someone tryna kill you. 1. UK 2. USA 3. Brazil 4. EU i.e. Norway Etc Hope tht helps
  12. errr 300 million + 1 u didnt include me btw -_-
  13. Why are you quoting Sunni hadith to prove your own point? ^^ THey not Hujjah on Shia. @ your second point Imam Mahdi a.s. is the Imam of our time. Your mixing up 2 very different points.
  14. Its important to first establish on what basis was Abu Bakr selected? at the meeting at Saqifah. a) Closeness to the Propht saw? B) ilm (knowledge) c) Bravest d) democracy?
  15. @ labbaik: dude seriously? 2 years and you havnt called him over yet? im also in final year of uni, and my mate got married he called over his spouse (lol i make it sound like some kinda parcel) meh,,,, khair mayb your parents dont want him to come over? Cause im sure his eligable for a spouse visa? Last most important things im gnna say to you is: my parents brought me up from when i was a baby and i couldnt care for myself, if someone raised their voice infront of them or swore at them id probz beat that person blue black. :mad: Imagine if he came over to the UK? Had he fell out with your p
  16. There arent any centres tht cater for english audience completely, but they do hold lectures here n there. One is in city centre other is near cheadle. Hope tht helps :)
  17. Yh the community is really diverse and large. Loads of pakiz, iranian, iraqis even Afghans, so your pretty much catered for :)
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