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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Thank you and you mind doing the transliteration of that kind of hard to read the text from the computer. JazakAllah.
  2. Salaam, Can someone please give me the arabic of the Hadith of Imam Askari in which the Imam says that signs of a momin are 5; Alamatil Momin Khumsa.... Thank you
  3. I'm sorry I even asked. And I was directly quoting an Alim. People on this website tend to over think things. It was a simple question. And this statement had nothing to do with ghulat. Everyone knows that you still have to pray and stuff.
  4. Salaam, I remember hearing a statement that in the name of Imam Hussain many things that are usually haraam become halaal. For example, eating dirt is haraam, yet in the name of Imam Khak-e-Shifa is not. Does anyone know anyother things that are haraam usually, but in the name of Imam Hussain they become halaal.
  5. Salaam, I needed all the Shiary Possible on Hazrat Abbas. Jithnay be Ashaar app ghazi abbas ke barray mai janthay hai, toh guzaresh hai kay app is post pai dal lhay
  6. This is an awesome list and great book. Thank you very very much.
  7. Salaamun Alaykum, I was looking for a source or hadith that deal with the signs of a shia? Does anyone have any?
  8. Salaam, There is a famous hadith narrated by Yazid Al Joufi: Where he asked Imam as Sadiq about the tafseer of the verse "And amongst his Shia was Ibrahim" And in that theres a famous conversation where the prophet Ibrahim see's light and it was the light of the prophet. Then he sees the light of the Ahlul Baith, and then smaller uncountable lights which were the lights of the Shia. Anyone have the arabic of this hadith>?
  9. If your in the taqleed of Sayed Khaminei, your Jummah replaces your Zohr salaat like it usually does with a Shia imam, but in the taqleed of Sayyed Sistani it does not replace Zohr, so you have to read zohr after Jummah
  10. You wont find a clearer explanation then this from all the viewpoints. It tells our perspective as well as the Christian perspective as well
  11. Salaam, My grandmother gave me a gold coin for my graduation last year and it is pretty much just sitting there. It is pretty much an investment piece. Is it wajib on me to pay Khums on that coin? And at the time when Khums was due for that coin I didn't have the amount the coin was worth because I was a student without a job and only had that coin. So what should I have done in that situation? Thank you for your responses.
  12. Salaam, If someone pays Khums and they don't specify what portion of that Khums is Sehme Sadaat/Imam and they just give the amount of Khums due on them and gave it. Would there Khums be invalidated? And if it is invalidated, what should the person do? Should they repay that Khums money with the niyyat to correct their error?
  13. Haidery are you asking, what are the benefits praying fajr salaat on time? Intentionally omitting prayers is one of the greater sins- http://www.al-islam.org/greater_sins_complete/ [here is a reference to Ayatollah Shirazi's book] And when ghunane kabeerah happens and one doesn't ask for forgiveness for him. Then that is one of the reasons to go to hell. Imam Sadiq even while he was dieng mentioned that the intercession of the Ahlul Baith doesn't extend to those who take prayers lightly.
  14. Salaam, I was wondering if anyone sold Jubba's here or had ways of ordering some from Iran or knew where anyone could buy one? It would be greatly appreciated.
  15. Salaam Brother, On the website al-khoei I saw an english copy of tafsir-e-nmeona of Ayatollah Makaraem Shirazi. I was seeing if anyone had a copy in english just to see if the english is fluent before I buy it .
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