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  1. too tired to function :donno:

    lol lack of sleep and the boiling heat!!!

    (oo, that rhyms!! hahha!)

    well, temperatures have reached 41 C in the last 6 days here.............thats why no one can function!! then theres the cyclone and floods everywhere...........eeeh!

    its like its judgement day or something...:o

    thoughts - taking a break..........

  2. thoughts.. I have an assignment due today..i should be worrying coz i aint even half way through it!.. but im not unfortunately!!

    I doubt im gonna graduate this year. im everywhere! help plzzzzz


    dont worry, you will finish it inshallah!!! just think about what will happen if u DONT finish it!! lol. good luck!!!

    and u will graduate inshallah!!

    u should have had ur panic attack yesterday, at least u had a day to get it done, lol!! :D

    1500 words is approx. 3 pages....jjust think its not alot, let ur thoughts flow and every time u want to stop and do something, stop urself and focus on that word document!!!!!

    ur life depends on it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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