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  1. hadawi you are working for algerianshia? *shock* hes a women hater get away from him!!!!

  2. hey algerian just dropping by to tell u i have spare bricks...

  3. lool murteza!! if im signed in as invisible why can u see me?? loool!! what post?

  4. salam snowy glowy just thought i'd drop in and say hi. how have you been?

  5. salam mystery

    lol havent seen you in a while, just thought i should drop by and say hello! how are you??

  6. hadawi tell algerianshia to make his own sandwich!

  7. salam

    lol no need to apologise lol! its quite amusing isnt it? :D


  8. hey people when you comment only i can see them, so don't worry, if they are not there! they are visible to me!

  9. Salam Psycho!

    just dropping in to say salam.

  10. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TIMA!! inshallah you will have a great day!!!!

  11. salam

    i havent seen you in a while! dont tell me you really unregistered!! *shock*

  12. salam fatoom!

    dont tell me, you were a walking corpse today? lol.

  13. Happy Birthday!!! inshallah you have a great day!

  14. salam sister

    lol, thats what i did when i first started sc. start a topic yourself and comment on whatever member posts on it, it will increase your posts numbers. dw, you're halfway there!! it took me 4 days of obsessive posting to get 50, lol.

    good luck


  15. salam sister

    i am sorry, i dont know when it happened, to tell u the truth, i havent heard of it before. sorry.


  16. salam sister

    yay! ur my friend now! :D

  17. salam sister

    are you mo's little sister?

  18. salam sister

    thanks for asking. im actually having a bad week.....

  19. salam betty!!!

    havent seen you for a while....lol. how are you?

  20. i was talking to a 5 year old? *gasp*


  21. very hot! its getting hotter everyday......i need a portable airconditioner, lol.

    how are you?

  22. of course, i'm an insomniac for a reason right? its 2.30 am....:D

  23. thank you so much for your help! i'll get back to you on those questions lol

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