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  1. salam

    lool thank you!! yes its quite amusing and entertaining isnt it? i really like it also. thanks for the comment btw. wasalam

  2. salam!! yes miss you too!! yea uni is pretty busy, so much to do! oh you have exams? inshallah you do well in them!! how are things with you? inshallah well? wasalam

  3. zanooobiii!! shloonich!!!??? where have you been my twin?? havent seen u in ages!!! mishtaqeen!!!

  4. salam sistah!!! how are you??? i havent seen u in ages!!! shinee shako mako???

  5. salam brother

    how are you? i havent seen you in a while, inshallah you are well. happy birthday by the way, inshallah you're day is filled with happiness and blessings. wish you all the best inshallah!


  6. hey hadawi, inshallah you do well in your school work!! dont let anything distract you and study hard. ma ifeedich ay shee ila dirastich! well, sc gets too much sometimes, so tis better to come on less for a while

  7. hey hadawi i havent seen you for a while!! to change your name jusr ask one of the admins to do it for you. i had ruqayah do it for me, takes one second.

  8. i know you are just saying that....:shifty:

  9. yep, 100 years old just a few days ago!!! where is my walking stick??? *holds back and looks around*

  10. salam msm, hope all is well for you inshallah!!! good luck with your studies/work!!

  11. one year old?? wow, thats old!!! lool, i've only been here a month!! but welcome back to sc, hope you enjoy ur time here inshallah.

  12. salam msm, where have u been girl?? miss u!!!

  13. lool dw about it! joking, your new here i presume? dw, people are really nice, just a few that could be weird.

  14. finally!!!!!! i need entertainment!!

  15. pffft!!!! dont flatter urself, u r overestimating your strength pal!!! my bricks are destructive in nature!!!

    hehehhehe, i hope you get a big shock when you arrive *breaks last vase*

  16. omg i thought u were actually complimenting me!!!! and then i was like, 'why that little.............i'll show him'. good thing ur here though, so i can throw this brick at ur head!!!! *throws brick* pfft, ur too scrawny to stand a chance!!!

  17. lool!!!! well, i usually pray about this time of the night, and read a bit! but sc keeps me hooked until fajir!! and since im on holidays, might as well enjoy the freedom!!!

    *hears a bump downstairs* um.....i think theres someone downstairs! *gulp*

  18. lol yes, sc gets interesting, especially when there is chaos in the chatroom, lool.

  19. loool you cant see your comment because only i can see it! hehehehe, i put my defenses up just in-case there are any stalkers about *looks around*

  20. enlight where have you been girl!??? *hugs*

  21. lol yes, congrats on the name change. i am well alhumdulliah and urself?

  22. lool, algerianshia is my inferior, he knows what happens when he disobeys my orders....muahahhahaa

  23. salam Ali, were you previously somewhere110?

  24. recruited?? me?? a spy??? i think you have your soldiers mixed up algerian!!

  25. YOU!!!

    why are you recruiting young girls in your woman-hating regime?? 3eeb alaik!!! *shock*

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